GTA 6 Online Playtested by Famous Twitch Streamer

Keep a pinch of salt nearby

As we’ve entered a brand-new decade after multiple generations of the Grand Theft Auto video games, it’s only logical to expect the new entry in the franchise soon now. Rumors and speculations have been circulating like wildfire for a very long time with one claim coming in after the other.

Quite recently, however, Rockstar finally broke the ice and dished out some semblance of hope regarding GTA VI. The NYC-based developer said that “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway” while advising the fans to wait until further notice. This has given relief to some extent, although we’re still not quite sure on the exact release date of the much-anticipated free-roam title. 

The latest unofficial buzz regarding GTA VI though seems to come from a fairly famous Twitch streamer with more than 10 million followers on the renowned platform. xQcOW, otherwise known as Félix Lengyel, has built quite the reputation for himself as an ex-professional Overwatch player. Thanks to  

In these latest times, the 26-year-old has taken to Twitch yet again to talk about his recent experience with GTA VI online and this was first reported by Tech4Gamers. The gamer initially felt reluctant to disclose the key information, saying things like, “So, chat… I played a little bit of an undisclosed title.” He went on for a while, trying to say what he actually needed to in code words, but really couldn’t put up with keeping secrets then. 

He finally spilled the beans, saying that he wouldn’t care if he went to jail for this, and claimed, “I was playing Grand Theft Auto VI Online.” xQcOW claims that Rockstar Games has already finished developing the next-gen IP and that it’s set to have the “most advanced lifelike role-playing mechanics of all time.” 

According to xQcOW, fans can expect bank-robbing mechanics and the ability to pretend as a policeman. In addition, Rockstar seems to have said that they want GTA VI to have true roleplaying lifelike fidelity. What this can possibly mean is a total reinvigoration of this series, definitely unlike anything we’ve ever had the privilege to see before. 

All of this information was caught on Lengyel’s live Twitch stream, but that has since been taken down. This is where another user comes in with fairly decent foresight, we must say. Zimited managed to record the video and upload it to YouTube in due time. Give it a watch below before that too gets wiped from the face of the platform.

YouTube video

It bears noticing that anything coming out of xQcOW’s mouth isn’t carved in stone and you shouldn’t jump to believe all of what he has claimed. With that said, he does have a previous record of inadvertently making the Overwatch 2 loading screen come up on his desktop, as you can see for yourself in this clip here.

Still, we cannot say for sure what parts of this leak are true. The most sensible approach as of yet is to keep waiting for official news from the developers themselves and take this information in with a pinch of salt.    

Any ideas on what to think of this leak? Do let us know down in the comments section. 

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