Some Fans Aren’t Too Impressed With The Grand Theft Auto 6 Teaser

A difference of opinion or a lack of teaser content?

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  • The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 has left some fans rather unimpressed.
  • Some people believe it looks more like a GTA V DLC and lacks substantial content.
  • In just 18 hours, the trailer surpassed 75 million views and 8 million likes.

Following the monumental release of the first teaser for Grand Theft Auto 6, some fans aren’t too impressed by what the trailer had to show. Taking to GTAForums, user Flatneckies talked about how the game portrays itself as a cartoon with the entire footage itself coming off as a silly, over-the-top parody. Elaborating on the statement, they stated that this video reminded them of GTA Online rather than a brand-new installment.

Some fans aren't astronomically impressed by the Grand Theft Auto 6 teaser trailer.
Some fans aren’t astronomically impressed by the Grand Theft Auto 6 teaser trailer.

One user replied to the post and commented on the social media reels presented in the teaser of Grand Theft Auto 6 which they found “pretty disturbing.” Aside from that, they found the overall trailer fairly pleasing due to knowing the present-day setting influenced by internet culture beforehand.

Another user pitched in and agreed with the OP’s opinion on how GTA 6 looks like a DLC for its predecessor owing to the various visual themes. Expanding upon their comment, they stated, “As of right now, my impression is that they are continuing with the more light-hearted tone V took, rather than going back to IV’s gritty drama.

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Elsewhere, people in the community are talking about the trailer highlighting how out of touch the world appears to be with American culture. User MetroFloaty made a post that goes over Grand Theft Auto 6 doubling down on the “party” culture and other themes that are commonplace in Florida as any other GTA title.

Grand Theft Auto VI

While some expressed their sadness about the current state of affairs in the West, one user commented on the clear difference between the teaser for GTA 6 and other Rockstar trailers. They wrote, “I think it’s less that people are ‘out-of-touch’ or that people think Rockstar is poised or that it doesn’t seem like GTA. Sure it’s real, but so is the absurdity of LA, however, it wasn’t as apparent when featured as Los Santos in the first V trailer. Compare this trailer to other Rockstar trailers and there’s a clear difference.”

After seeing the trailer, I found myself wondering about the content it actually teased. It felt rather lacking and didn’t seem to fulfill part of its purpose. Garnering views and riling up the fanbase was inevitable but in comparison to the first teaser of GTA V, Grand Theft Auto 6 seemed to be devoid of any substantial plot teases. Just the simple addition of a monologue by Lucia would have had a profound impact on the entire thing.

Before the official reveal, the footage was leaked online and prompted Rockstar to proceed with a rapid change of plans. The trailer was uploaded to YouTube well before the expected hour but despite the setback, Grand Theft Auto 6 broke records as it soared past 75 million views and 8 million likes in just 18 hours. The game is set to arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025.

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