Take-Two has 3 Unannounced Ports/Remasters in Development

3 of these 6 remasters have currently not been announced.

In a conference slide from Take-Two, it is shown that there are 6 new iterations of previously releases titles currently in development. Keep in mind all these titles are simply just re-releases of past games and not sequels or new entries in their respective franchises. The 3 of these titles that have been confirmed are listed to be:

  • Grand Theft Auto V – Expanded and Enhanced for Gen 9 consoles (Rockstar Games)
  • Grand Theft Auto Online – Standalone (Rockstar Games)
  • Kerbal Space Program – For Gen 9 Consoles (Private Division)

Following is the actual slide from Take-Two themselves:

Take-Two has 6 ports/remasters in development planned for this fiscal year.

The last three of these titles are not known at this point, Though I do wish that at least one of these three titles turns out to be Red Dead Redemption 1 which would frankly be a very reasonable thing for Take-Two to do so considering the overwhelming success of the PC ports of both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. One can also hope that Take-Two is finally going to do something with the Max Payne trilogy after all these years but that’s solely just wishful thinking because I think we can all say this is likely going to be another re-release of the classic GTA titles.

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All of the following titles are confirmed to be launching this fiscal year with Grand Theft Auto V’s Next-Gen versions coming out on November 11 this year. It should also be clarified again that while “New iterations” might imply a sequel or a new game, these are solely remasters/ports of old Take-Two titles so anyone hoping for something on Grand Theft Auto VI or that Story DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 that doesn’t exist should sit back rest assured that neither of them is going to be announced anytime soon.

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UPDATE: Industry Insider and VGC Editor Andy Robinson has also cited on Twitter that some of these 3 titles are almost certainly going to be GTA releases. Considering what we’ve previously seen one of them is almost certainly going to be a re-release of the GTA trilogy bundling GTA 3, GTA VC, and GTA San Andreas together as we’ve already seen on the PlayStation 4. Whether or not there could also be a remaster of GTA IV is not confirmed yet.

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