Twitch Streamer Says Square Enix Offered 70% Less Than Her Quote For Forspoken Content

Milady Confetti thinks Square Enix was underpaying her severely.

Story Highlights
  • The Twitch Partner and streamer Milady Confetti claims that Square Enix reached out to collaborate for Forspoken content and tried to exploit her by giving her 70% less than she initially offered.
  • The Twitch streamer alleges the lowball offer was because of "multiple levels of misogynoir." The streamer will not support Forspoken moving forward and called out Square Enix for trying to lowball her for content.
  • Confetti noted that the company would not have done the same with white creators in any other game and she was offered significantly less amount because of her race.
  • Many users have supported the Twitch Partner, and others have called out the streamer instead for allegedly creating a political issue.

Forspoken is an upcoming open-world action-roleplaying entry that features the main character, Freya, getting transported to the fantasy world of Athia. It features interesting, fast-paced gameplay where the character can use parkour to trek the vast open world. However, the title has been riddled with controversy ever since its reveal.

It appears another controversy is looming over the title, and Square Enix has been alleged to be the culprit. The company has been called out by a Twitch Partner and streamer, Milady Confetti. The streamer claims that she was severely lowballed in the official offer she received from the company regarding producing Forspoken content.

The Twitch streamer iterates that Square Enix reached out to her to collaborate for Forspoken content, and she initially gave an offer. The company then replied with a deal that was quite less than what she had quoted. Milady Confetti alleges that Square Enix offered 70% less than what she had proposed concerning streaming the game.

The streamer notes that Square Enix tried to lowball her with the offer due to her race, indicating that Square Enix was trying to exploit the black women creators.

Milady noted, “I just wanted to let yall know I wont be supporting Forspoken due to multiple levels of misogynoir […] How do you have a Black Woman protagonist & then offer to under pay BW creators?

The video further elaborates on the situation; the streamer claims that she will not be supporting Forspoken. The creator also focuses on the fact that Freya, the main character of Forspoken, is a black woman, yet Square Enix is still paying black women significantly less.

The Twitch partner also clarifies Square Enix would not have done the same with white creators in any other game.

I guess I should have expected this with a game starring a black woman that is written by all white people or from a company who a few months ago one of their lead game devs said I don’t want black people in my final fantasy game.

The streamer is referring to IGN’s recent interview with Final Fantasy 16’s producer, Noaki Yoshida, where he addressed a lack of black characters. The producer noted the reason to be realism and ethnic diversity mirroring real-life medieval Europe.

Our design concept from the earliest stages of development has always heavily featured medieval Europe, incorporating historical, cultural, political, and anthropological standards that were prevalent at the time. […] Due to the underlying geographical, technological, and geopolitical constraints of this setting, Valisthea was never going to realistically be as diverse as say a modern-day Earth,” said Noaki.

Several people have supported the take of the streamer on Twitter and other social media. Many users claimed the exploitation of black women for content to be all too common in the gaming industry.

A fellow Twitch Partner, Raven Asmodeus, wrote, “What an absolute shame. And the fact that they have no problem cashing in on Black women. Wish I could say I was shocked.

On the other hand, some have disagreed entirely with the Streamer’s accusation. Another Twitter user, Playful Fruit, called out the streamer for making the game a “political battleground.”

The user noted, “Games are not a political battleground for you to police and virtue signal. Games are games. You’re trying to make a moral issue out of something that has nothing to do with morals, this isn’t a high school lesson plan (IK u wouldn’t know, u didn’t graduate.)

What are your thoughts about the Twitch streamer and content creator Milady Confetti claiming to get a lowball offer from Square Enix to create Forspoken content? Do you think that the gigantic company was trying to exploit the streamer? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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