Blizzard Entertainment Will Supposedly Change Into Insight In 2022

Blizzard Entertainment will be dissolved in early 2021, claims a rumour!

As of recently, Blizzard Entertainment has been in hot waters due to harassment and abuse accusations. Since July, many of the company’s employees have come forward with their horrible experiences working for it. Earlier this week, the company lost two of its major sponsors, Coca-Cola and State Farms, for the Overwatch League over the recent harassment lawsuit. Now, a rumour posted on one of the company’s forums claims that Blizzard Entertainment will be dissolved and become Insight at the start of 2022, among other speculations.

A thread posted on the MMO-Champion website states, “Blizzard Entertainment is being dissolved early 2022. It is going to be replaced by a new team called Insight that be a more direct part of the renamed Activision Insight. Much of Blizzard, though not all, will be sacked and replaced with new employees for Insight.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment will become Insight in 2022 (Leak/Spoiler) | Source: MMO-Champion

Since the speculation doesn’t come from a confirmed source, it shouldn’t be taken that seriously. However, considering the rough year that the company has had so far, Blizzard Entertainment might want to get a fresh start to its defamed reputation. The thread also states that BlizzConline 2022 has been cancelled, which means that a real-time event can be expected instead.

The thread also claims that “Diablo IV has 3 planned expansions” and “a remake of the original Diablo is in the works”. It also claims that Diablo Immortal will be ported to PC and console a year after its release on mobile, and that an “untitled” Diablo PvP game will starts development when the company turns into Insight next year. “The Diablo team, like Hearthstone team, will be mostly unaffected by the company shifts,” it states.

Additionally, the rumour states that a Warcraft mobile MMORPG project has been under development since 2019 and will continue to be finished under the reformed company and that the game will be focused on attracting an audience from China. The game will also supposedly be separate from the upcoming PC MMORPG. The thread also claims a new Hearthstone spin-off game coming out soon, which will be based on the Auto-Battler mode added.

Overwatch 2 is also claimed to be cancelled since the franchise doesn’t seem to draw any attention now. However, Overwatch will supposedly receive the maps and characters planned for the sequel but not the PvE modes. A Netflix Original television series based on the franchise is also speculated to be in the works.

“StarCraft is completely abandoned in any way shape or form. There are no plans for new RTS or MOBA of any kind,” also mentions the thread. These are huge claims for a random thread, so do take this “leak” with a grain of salt, as there is no tangible credibility or confirmation for it.

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