Hearthstone Patch 27.2 Brings Battlegrounds Season 5 And The First Official Twist Season

The massive update brings a wave of new content.

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  • Hearthstone patch 27.2 brings both Battlegrounds Season 5, the first official Twist season, the first ever-direct-to-Wild expansion, and much more.
  • Battlegrounds Season 5 brings over 30 new minions, 7 opponents, and many anomalies for players to master. The anomalies are a new chaotic seasonal system.
  • The massive update also brings a new hero, Thorim, Stormlord, whose passive lets you discover a tier 7 minion after spending 65 gold.

Hearthstone patch 27.2 is now live and is quite the big update; we see the arrival of Battlegrounds Season 5 the return of Twist season, and the first-ever direct-to-Wild expansion. There are also over 30 new minions, 7 opponents, and many anomalies coming in the new Battlegrounds season. Aside from the huge wave of new content, the update also brings several bug fixes and game improvements.

First and foremost, Battlegrounds Season 5 is here, bringing with it over 30 new minions7 opponents, and anomalies. These anomalies are game-changing effects that will be randomly assigned to each player at the start of the game. Every player in the game gets the same anomaly for that game. Moreover, any rewards that players have yet to claim from Battlegrounds Season 4 will automatically be claimed.

Back to the anomalies, their appearance rate varies, with some being more common than others. It should also be noted that some minion types and heroes will not be offered for particular anomalies applied to the player. You can see the set anomaly when picking your hero. There will be new anomalies added each week, and the update will come with an initial pool of anomalies to get things going.

Anomalies Coming Throughout Patch 27.2.
Anomalies Coming Throughout Patch 27.2.

The new hero Thorim, Stormlord, has also made his way into the game. His passive will allow you to discover a tier 7 minion after spending 65 gold at the start of the game. This hero will be offered every game for the first two weeks after the launch. Hero Cariel Roame (Conviction) has received some changes, now giving 2 friendly minions instead of 3. Kurtrus Ashfallen (Glaive Ricochet) will now allow you to get a plain copy of one of the three minions (previously four) you purchase once per turn.

Moving on to the minions, there are tons of new minions, the details of which can be found on the official website. Aside from that, 50 minions have been removed from the minion pool, and several others have received changes to further balance them. Armor levels have also been updated, the full list of which can be found organized in a table in the official patch notes

The Battlegrounds Season 5 track, with the Season Pass, features 40 levels of rewards. These include a Legendary Strike, an Epic Bartender, 8 Rare Emotes, 6 Epic Emotes, 6 Rare Hero Skins, 12 Epic Hero Skins, and 5 Legendary Hero Skins. The new Hearthstone expansion, also the first-ever direct-to-Wild expansion, Caverns of Time, has also made its way into the game. It includes card reprints, card cosmetics, and new cards. It will launch on August 31. It brings 147 cards, 113 of which are buffed reprints, and 34 are brand-new cards.

Hearthstone Patch 27.2 Bug Fixes & Game Improvements.
Hearthstone Patch 27.2 Bug Fixes & Game Improvements.

Twist will now officially be launched on September 1 and bring with it the Wonders format, a throwback to the early years of Hearthstone. It will include all expansions from Legacy through Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, along with the new Caverns of Time set. It will not include Legacy Core or Classic.

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The legal sets included in this season are Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins vs. Gnomes, The League of Explorers, One Night in Karazhan, Legacy (not Core or Classic), The Grand Tournament, Whispers of the Old Gods, Caverns of Time, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and Blackrock Mountain. It should also be noted that the Demon Hunter or Death Knight classes will not be included in this, as they were not out yet during the Wonders era.

Hearthstone Patch 27.2 Duels Updates.
Hearthstone Patch 27.2 Duels Updates.

Not only will some cards get buffed, as mentioned above, but there are a few cards that will be adjusted down in power to balance the power scaling. Moving on, the new in-game event, Battle of Ahn’Qiraj, will allow players to complete several quests and get rewarded for doing so. The Heroic Tavern Brawl will also return on September 6, this time on the Wild side

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