The Witcher 3 Patch 4.03 Brings A Swath Of Fixes On PC And Console

Patch 4.03 is on its way to address ray-tracing issues on PC and beyond.

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  • Patch 4.03 for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has arrived, tackling many ray-tracing-related woes on PC. This update fixes issues pertaining to vegetation shadows, object shadows, lightning issues, and performance.
  • As for console-specific fixes, one notable improvement is the inclusion of a feature that allows players to see which account is logged in. Furthermore, PlayStation 5 players utilizing Performance Mode can bid farewell to the dark stripes or shadows on Geralt in the inventory screen.
  • In addition to these and several other bug fixes, Patch 4.03 will resolve several quests and gameplay-related issues across multiple platforms.
  • Nintendo Switch players, too, have reason to rejoice as a new Cross Progression system has been implemented to replace their previous file integration with Steam or GOG clouds. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 4.03 is now rolling out, solving numerous PC and console-specific issues. This comprehensive update aims to tackle a wide range of ray-tracing-related problems that have been plaguing PC players. As for console players, the patch addresses performance issues specific to their platform and introduces several quality-of-life changes. 

Among the several changes for the PC version, the more prominent is the resolution of the problem involving ray-traced vegetation shadows that were caused depending on Geralt’s proximity and angle. The patch addresses the occurrence of shadows at the edges of objects when enabling or disabling ray-traced reflections. Players would no longer see purple splashes appearing on the screen as they ride Roach through water puddles.

Moreover, the patch has fixed an issue on certain AMD GPUs, where the DirectX 11 version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seemed to crash upon launch or when loading a save file. Players should also no longer witness lightning issues with screen space reflection when ray-traced global illumination is off. Aside from other performance improvements, the patch has also added support for Intel Xe Super Sampling.

Visual Changes - PC and Next-Gen Exclusive
Visual Changes – PC and Next-Gen Exclusive.

Players can now see which account is logged in on the console via the Cross-Progression pop-up. The patch has also fixed an issue for PlayStation 5 players utilizing Performance Mode, where shadows and dark stripes appear on Geralt in the inventory screen. Freezes/Stutters when autosaving the game on next-gen should no longer occur. Players won’t be bothered by performance drops while using Witcher senses in Beauclair and Novigrad.

Quests & Gameplay Changes - Available on All Platforms
Quests & Gameplay Changes – Available on All Platforms.

Once Patch 4.03 is released, players across all platforms can look forward to a series of quests and gameplay changes that will enhance their gaming experience. Moreover, we shall also see the addition of the community-made mod ‘Next Gen Script Fixes’ by Sergeanur on PC and next-gen exclusives. This mod introduces a wide range of QoL changes and bug fixes tailored to enhance the overall quality and performance of the game.

Nintendo Switch players also receive a change as the previous method of saving files and integrating them with Steam and GOG clouds will now be replaced by a new and improved Cross Progression system, introduced on other platforms with Patch 4.00. This ensures that all players achieve a unified experience across multiple platforms. Remember that this system requires you to have a GOG account, regardless of your PC platform. 

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