Embracer Group Rumored To Have Acquired Risk Of Rain Developer

Rumors were stirred after Hopoo Games bought 8.9 million stocks of the Embracer Group.

Embracer Group is in the middle of massive expansion. And continuing with the recent spree of acquisitions the Sweden-based game developer and publisher has apparently acquired another studio. That rumored studio is America-based Hopoo Games.

The rumors became afloat after social media users discovered that Hopoo Games has recently bought 8.9 million stocks of Embracer Group.


  • Embracer Group is rumored to have bought America-based Hopoo Games, the developer behind the Risk of Rain series.
  • The rumors started after a Twitter account, Gamer&Trader, discovered that Hopoo Games had bought shares in the group.
  • The supposed purchase may have happened through Embracer Group-owned Gearbox, the publisher of Risk of Rain 2.

The discovery of the purchase was made by a Twitter account by the name of Gamer&Trader. They went searching on the Embracer Group holdings’ stock list. There they saw that the Hopoo Games had bought 8.9 million stocks of the group. This effectively placed the the studio in 23rd position on the list of owners of the group.

Embracer Group Holdings’ stock list

Hopoo Games is mostly known for developing the Risk of Rain series. The first game of the series, Risk of Rain 1, released in 2013, was a platform-based shooter game.

The second game of the series, Risk of Rain 2, was published by Gearbox owned by Embracer Group. While staying true to the core concepts of its prequel, the game saw the gameplay change to third-person. It was released in 2020.

Hopoo Games buying shares did not spark those rumors by itself. What made it intriguing is the fact that Hopoo Games is not big enough to be able to hold shares in Embracer Group without some sort of merger.

And some are speculating that Embracer Group may have acquired the studio through Gearbox. Given their history with Hopoo Games, it seems plausible.

Recently, Embracer Group has been on an acquiring spree. Just 2 months ago, the group completed the purchase of Crystal Dynamic, Eidos, and Square Enix Montreal. The studios were previously owned by Square Enix, who sold those studios to save its other game sales.

Of those acquisitions, the Embracer group shut down Square Enix Montreal just a week ago. The move came after the group was said to be solely focusing on PC and console games. The shutdown studio was a mobile game developing studio.

Embrace Group has not made any comment regarding the rumors.

What do you think? Is there any substance to those rumors? Or is it just typical internet here say? Give us your opinions down below.

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