Crystal Dynamics And Eidos Montreal Aiming To Launch 5 AAA Games By 2028

The recent Embracer Group's acquisition is going to prove fruitful for gamers.

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  • Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal are seemingly planning to release five AAA projects before March 2028, as noted by Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors in the recent quarterly presentation.
  • One of these projects is expected to be the unannounced Tomb Raider game under Crystal Dynamics, which is rumored to be announced this year. It will be published by Amazon, and the giant conglomerate only recently acquired the rights to the whole IP.
  • Perfect Dark reboot is another one of the games included in the list, which is under development at Crystal Dynamics. Its development was reported to be in good shape last year.
  • A new Dues Ex is also highly rumored to be in development under Eidos Montreal, but official details for it are almost non-existent.

Embracer Group is known for recently acquiring a number of studios to add to its arsenal, the latest being Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. The massive buyout last year spelled uncertainty around the frontiers of the gaming sphere, but it seems the studios are going to toil hard to release five AAA projects before March 2028.

As initially reported by VGC, the parent company Embracer Group has said that the Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal studios are planning to release 5 AAA games before March 2028. Lars Wingefors, the CEO of Embracer Group, articulated the glad tidings in a recent Q3 earnings report on Thursday.

Lars Wingefors noted AAA games to 100 full-time developers fueling the development during its peak stage. Such titles must also be driven by a prominent market budget, with high expectations for its sales. Embracer Group expects AAA titles to roll over 2 million units to make up for all the work that goes behind creating them.

The ambitious goal seems almost idealistic, but if achieved, it will boost the companies’ popularity to the moon. The CEO has not revealed more details specifying the five projects, leaving a lot of rumors in the gaming industry. However, three of the projects can be highlighted that is brewing under Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. 

A new Tomb Raider game has been in development under Crystal Dynamics since the last decade, with Amazon being its publisher. It is seemingly already in full-scale development, and its official reveal is expected to arrive during the summer months in the E3 event this year, so it is likely planned before the noted 2028 mark. 

The giant conglomerate has shown a lot of interest in the franchise. Amazon has only recently acquired the rights to the whole Tomb Raider IP, and we may see more large-scale projects in the series follow up soon.

Perfect Dark reboot is another one of the titles that are seemingly confirmed to be in development under Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative. The studio took the lead on it almost a whole year ago, and the details surrounding the project are still lacking. However, the rumors last year have suggested that its development is in good shape.

Moreover, a new Dues Ex project has also been reported to be in development under Eidos Montreal, but again the info around the title is highly scarce. According to the accredited insider and Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier four months ago, a new Due Ex project is seemingly in the skeletal stages of development.

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have only released three large-scale projects in the last few years, including the recent Marvel’s Avengers, but they were unable to reach the set thresholds. However, the transition to release such an ambitious amount of high-budget AAA titles before 2028 could spell a major change for the companies.

On the other hand, Embracer Group is chasing an even vaster scope, aiming to release up to 19 AAA games in the next three years. The official news regarding the projects is almost non-existent, but we may hear more from Embracer Group in the coming months.

What are your thoughts regarding Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal planning to pump out five AAA titles before March 2028? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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