Perfect Dark Reboot Is In Good Shape, Suggests Industry Insider

Industry insider Jez Corden says the the game is coming along really well

Reboots and remakes are the biggest trend in entertainment media nowadays. Everything from major films to tv shows is getting a reboot in one form or another. Gaming is no exception to this rule and we see remakes of older games all the time. 

So many games have been getting the reboot/remake treatment recently. For example, a complete remake of The Last of Us is coming out next month and the original game only launched 9 years ago. One other old game getting a remake is Perfect Dark and this title will also serve as a reboot of the series. 

Xbox has console exclusivity for the upcoming science-fiction game and will see its release alongside Windows. Perfect Dark has been in development for some time now and the team has many changes throughout it. Now, we have an update on how the game development is going and it sounds positive.

Development on Perfect Dark is actually coming along really well according to industry insider Jez Corden. He broke this info to the masses while talking on his Xbox Two Podcast. So, we finally have some good news about the reboots development.

Jez Corden said that someone reached out to him and said that Perfect Dark is coming along really well. Hence, it seems like the game is finally in good shape after so long. With recent changes in the development team, it is easy to see why that is. 

Original developer The Coalition joined hands with Crystal Dynamics in September 2021 to co-develop the game. Since then, many developers left the studio due to slow progress speed making fans fearful about the reboot. But, it seems like both of the studios have finally brought the Perfect Dark reboot on track. 

Players are really happy about this new development. The reboot is one of the most anticipated games from Xbox releasing in the next few years or so. Hence, to finally hear some good news about Perfect Dark especially after Crystal Dynamics sale

Everyone is hoping that the game will release quickly now and in 2023. But, nothing is confirmed as of yet and there is no official release date from Microsoft. Not even a gameplay trailer for Perfect Dark has come out yet. 

So, we will probably have to wait a bit more to see the game on our Xbox consoles. The news around Perfect Dark finally seems positive so that may well be sooner rather than later. 

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