New Halo Infinite Weapon VK78 Commando Spotted At Halo Event

The new weapon will be coming to all platforms soon.

Halo Infinite has over twenty weapons that are extremely unique and different from each other. While everyone mostly likes these weapons, the game seems to be lacking newer weaponry. This is because some of the weapons in this title were present in previous entries as well.

Seeing as how the weaponry in the game is lacking a lot of diversity, the team revealed a new weapon called the VK78 Commando at the HaloWC 2022 Community Stage. 

Major Takeaway:

  • The new weapon is called the VK78 Commando.
  • It focuses on more mid-range combat rather than combat that occurs in CQC.
  • The weapon was revealed at the HaloWC 2022 Community Stage

The VK78 Commando is an automatic tactical rifle, which deals kinetic damage. It is a precision weapon, meaning it is capable of inflicting headshots on unshielded targets, killing them instantly, granted you are able to actually hit a moving opponent.

Although automatic, it has a relatively slow rate of fire. The weapon has a single zoom level and is most effective at medium to long ranges, so taking fights up close might feel sluggish and is extremely ill-advised.

Although faltering in close quarters due to weaker aim assist, it racks up in overall damage output. It has significant recoil when fired consistently, which can make the weapon difficult to control and aim if you don’t consider the recoil at longer ranges.

The Commando is a fairly common weapon in multiplayer, being found frequently in weapon pads on multiplayer maps, or scattered around campaign levels. Ammo for the weapon is usually plentiful, as a result.

It holds a very reliable 20 rounds in its magazine in total, seeing as the weapon has a slower fire rate, the mag size won’t affect it by that much.

This redesign of the weapon is a very unique thing to see, as we never really saw the team work on older weaponry. With all this in mind, the possibility of more weapons seems abundant. However, if the development team keeps experimenting with older items rather than implementing new things into the game, it might not please the community as much as it would hope to do so.

The weapon may be unique on some fronts, but adding yet another slow fire and high damage weapon is barely enough to get the game back on its original tracks. With problems on the surface and in its community won’t be fixed unless the team takes major strides to improve on it.

Aside from that, these recent leaks assure us that 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios won’t be leaving Halo Infinite any time soon, despite the recent decline that the game has seen. However, all of this is just speculation at the moment, so do take this information with a grain of salt.

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