Microsoft Allegedly Developing New Xbox Controller With Touchpad

Microsoft could catch up to its competitors soon.

Both Sony and Microsoft have released alluring controllers for their next-gen consoles, but Sony has primarily dominated the controller game with its innovative features. The Xbox controllers, on the other hand, have only seen incremental enhancements in recent years and still carry the same beloved charm from the Xbox 360 days.

However, the scale may soon balance out as Microsoft is apparently tinkering with some inventive ideas for its next controllers, as disclosed in a new rumor. The fable stems from the latest XboxEra Podcast streamed on Youtube where the popular insider, Shpeshal Nick, announced the alluring prospect. 

Major Takeaway

  • Microsoft is ostensibly prototyping a new Xbox controller with innovative features, such as an integrated touchpad and haptics technology.
  • The controller is currently in the in-house testing phase, as revealed by the popular insider Shpeshal Nick in the recent XboxEra podcast episode on Youtube.
  • The rumored Xbox controller is seemingly different than the one with a touchscreen we have recently seen spreading ablaze in the community.
  • Microsoft has revealed no official details for the alleged controller, and we may not hear anything for a long time.

As per Nick, Microsoft is prototyping a new Xbox controller with fan-favorite features, such as a touchpad and the new “HD Rumble” haptics-like technology. Microsoft is currently in-house testing the alleged controller with the rumored attributes, and nothing official supports the brewing rumor so far.

YouTube video

Nick revealed some details he heard from sources about an innovative controller in the works by Microsoft. During the stream, Nick elaborated, “They’re internally prototyping and even possibly In House testing a new Xbox controller with a touchpad and HD Rumble.” 

The current Xbox controllers already use the Rumble technology, but it is much more primitive than the haptics used by PlayStation controllers. The HD Rumble may shape up to be a substitute for the haptics we are used to seeing in DualShock and Dual Sense controllers.

The aforesaid features already exist in Sony’s controllers and they are not new by any means. However, Microsoft is finally planning to include them in the following Xbox controllers. We could even see Microsoft take the intended features and improve them to exceed the current competition in its upcoming Xbox controllers.

It is worth noting that the discussed controller is different than the one sighted in a recently-popular Microsoft patent. The patent featured a controller with a touch screen; Nick made it clear that it is not the same controller as the one shown in the patent.

The illustration reveals an Xbox controller with an LCD screen.

Adding the touchpad and haptic are well-renowned to boost immersion in the games that fully utilize it by a mile. Popular AAA titles like Ghost of Tsushima are a perfect example. Microsoft’s forthcoming AAA games on the Xbox Series S and the Series X could also make use of the new elements to a great level if it gets implemented.

Xbox controllers have not seen a prominent design change since a few generations ago; the rumored controllers may finally bring forth a major shift in the current prevalent layout.

However, we suggest taking the rumor with a hefty chain of salt. It is not unlikely that Microsoft decides to scrap the idea; it may never leave the testing phase at all. Nick also warned us in the live stream in case Microsoft decides not to proceed with the new prototype.

The insider said,

Whether or not this controller sees the light of day or not, I don’t know. Just, all I’ve been told is there’s some prototyping and testing going on with both haptics and a touchpad in an Xbox controller.”

What are your thoughts about Microsoft supposedly prototyping a new Xbox controller with a touchpad and haptics? Do you think the new controller can compete with its competitors on the same level? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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