343 Industries Is Working On Another Halo Project, Says Industry Insider

Jez Corden is "pretty sure" that the company is working on something for Halo aside from Halo Infinite.

Fans of the Halo franchise have been getting a lot of content in the past few months. Halo Infinite launched in the November of last year and players have been busy with this game. Alongside that, a new television show based on the franchise also had its premiere last month and has been going on since then. So, the fans are having a lot of fun watching their favorite game expand into other media. Now, even more content could be coming for the players, according to an industry insider.

343 Industries may be working on a new Halo project that is separate from Infinite according to the accredited industry insider, Jez Corden. The industry insider said that he wasn’t completely sure about this but believes it may be true. While talking in a new episode of his podcast, Jez Corden said about this new project, “I’m pretty sure 343 is working on another Halo project that isn’t Halo Infinite. I’m fairly sure. Not a hundred percent.”

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As he says, he almost thinks that this is true but isn’t as sure of it as he may like it to be. Interestingly, this project isn’t linked to Halo Infinite at all, according to Jez Corden. When we consider the lack of content the game is getting, this all seems very weird. Developing a new project when the current one is in a tough place makes no sense.

Players have been complaining about the lack of content in Halo Infinite since the game’s release. It’s not enough to keep the fans onboard and the cooperative aspect isn’t getting too many updates. So, starting work on a new game amidst this doesn’t seem fair to Halo Infinite players. Working to improve that game should be the top agenda for 343 Industries.

Maybe we will see more content for Halo Infinite in the future from the developer. However, the current state of the game is very dire and players aren’t happy with the upcoming seasons. Even with all the Halo Infinite controversy, fans are excited about this upcoming new Halo project.

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