Multiple Games Have Been Teased For Apple’s VR Headset; Likely To Be Showcased AT WWDC23

The headset will be unveiled next week on June 5 at WWDC.

Story Highlights

  • Multiple developers have teased their games for Apple’s upcoming VR headset.
  • No Man’s Sky and Beatsaber are two games hinting at their availability for the headset.
  • The headset is rumored to cost thousands of dollars, making it the most high-end VR headset available.

Next week, Apple will showcase new products at WWDC 2023. Among the new hardware show on June 5 will reportedly include Apple’s new VR/AR headset, a device that has been rumored for years. Rumored to be called “Reality Pro,” It is expected to be a high-end device with limited production and a price tag that could be in the thousands of dollars, making it the most high-end VR headset of all. 

Some game developers have already begun teasing their games for this device (why wouldn’t you want your games to be available on the most high-end VR device ever made?) with some big names in gaming potentially having their games available for the headset.

First, Hello Games, the developer of No Mans Sky, and the company founder Sean Murray tweeted out emojis of apples. While this may not mean much to most, other game developers have not been so subtle. No Mans Sky is available on VR on multiple platforms, including the PSVR 2. It makes sense for the game to come to the Apple headset as well. 

Beatsaber developer was less subtle. Jaroslav Beck, founder and creator of the popular VR game Beatsaber had this to say about June 5th, the day of WWDC 2023. Beatsaber is a popular game that is available on virtually any VR headset, including PSVR2, Oculus, and more. 

It was also rumored that legendary video game developer Hideo Kajima, creator of franchises like Metal Gear and Death Stranding was spotted at Apple Park earlier this month, according to Bloomberg Correspondent Mark Gurman.

UploadVR, a news site focused on VR/AR gaming was invited to attend WWDC 2023, the first WWDC the company was ever invited to. Apple is going all in on hinting that this device will be announced next week. 

Apple’s headset will likely be the most high-tech ever made. Reality Pro will reportedly have no controllers but will use hand and eye tracking to control movement, unlike other VR headsets that require a controller. A new Apple OS, called RealityOS is also being made for the headset. WWDC is an event focused on developers, so it is likely we will see a lot of software for the device.

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