Apple’s Upcoming VR Headset Has No Controller, It Turns You Into One

Unlike other players in the VR game, Apple's Headset will not require you to use controllers to interact with the UI.

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  • Apple’s VR headset will release without controllers according to rumors. 
  • Consumers will use their eyes and hands to interact with the UI.
  • A virtual keyboard is also in the works to replace controllers.
  • These are rumors, and we will find out the truth when this rumored headset launches.

Virtual Reality headsets are slowly becoming more commonplace as the years pass by. But, a headset is yet to give us the sci-fi movie VR experience where we have nothing but the headset. Now, Apple is apparently close to doing this with its new and still unofficial headset.

According to an insider, the headset will not have controllers like most other headsets as Meta Quest do. Instead, you will be able to interact with the virtual world by using your hands and eyes. Hence, it will completely abolish the need for touch controls. 

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With Sony‘s PS VR2 about to come out, the competition in the VR market is going up. Even though the Meta Quest headsets from Meta still rule the market, things don’t always stay the same. And, the upcoming Apple VR headset is about to make sure of that. 

One thing that has kept virtual reality headsets from mimicking sci-fi movies is controllers. Headsets need this feature to let the users interact with the UI, and is a necessary component. But, Apple is about to change this forever and remove this feature if rumors are true. 

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is responsible for releasing this info to the masses. He is a reliable source of Apple info, and his leaks about the company have been almost always spot-on. But sources can be wrong sometimes, so as of now this is just a rumor. 

Apple VR headset
Apple’s VR headset will be the first to mimic what we saw in Ready Player One.

According to Gurman, Apple’s VR headset will come without controllers when it launches. This feature will set it apart from the headsets of companies like Meta, HTC, and Valve. Hence, Apple’s product will have the edge over the other headsets due to this innovation.

Gurman explains how Apple is getting rid of one of the main components of VR headsets. Instead of making users buy controllers to interact with virtual worlds, Apple will allow them to use their hands and eyes. So, the company’s headset will be the first VR headset without controllers in the world.

He further explains that consumers can just reach out their hand to open any app they like. Afterward, they just have to pinch their thumb and index finger together to open it. Meaning no external physical device will be required to perform functions.

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But, this is not all, Apple is also replacing controllers with virtual keyboards inside the headset. Users can type in their commands on this VR keyboard, removing the need for controllers. However, this won’t be done at launch, and Siri’s speech-to-text function will be required to meet the typing needs.

Apple’s idea is no doubt fantastic, but it is just a rumor at this point. If this does turn out to be true, however, it will be the first headset to be completely virtual. Such a feature is alone good enough to give Apple a marketing edge over other headsets in the market.

There is still no confirmation from Apple regarding the existence of this headset. But, Gurman is certain it will release later this year with a price tag of $3000. We can only hope it comes with this revolutionizing no-controllers feature and it’s sooner rather than later.

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