Hideo Kojima Hints At Two Projects Currently In The Works

And a possible anime on the way too?

Many around the globe are curious about the legendary game designer Hideo Kojima’s next step. Auteur developer of games like the Metal Gear Solid series and a recent release called Death Stranding has been a target for rumors by people trying to speculate what his next game will be. Hideo Kojima hints at two projects that are currently in the works and fans are excited to see what new project Kojima is working on.

Hideo Kojima has been recognized for never going with the flow; instead, he created his flow. He has been the first to jump on the bandwagon of risky trends that became popular. Now that I think about it, he may have been the reason for the popularity of those trends in the first place.

Arguably, the Metal Gear Solid series is his most famous achievement, credited to popularizing stealth video games. In its early days, the Metal Gear Solid series was held back by the limitation of consoles. He had to compromise and limit his imagination in the worlds he crafted. But it changed as the series evolved like in Metal Gear Solid V. A series painted on by visible pixels on the screen altered into fully realized and immersive.

His latest work, Death Stranding based is based on an apocalyptic world. It was the first game developed by Hideo Kojima‘s team, Kojima Productions. The game did not receive extreme recognition like some of his other works because it was a unique formula, but it was still enjoyed by many of the players. 

Hideo Kojima’s Revealed Projects

“Ludens” statue in the Kojima Productions office

According to a tweet by Genki_JPNHideo Kojima appeared on a special episode of the Japanese radio show NHK studio talking about the “wonderful world of game music” and teasing his upcoming projects a little bit. He revealed that he is working on a AAA title that is a “very experimental project.” With the same author who called it “Radical” in a tweet. He claimed that everyone would want to play it. This short statement is enough to excite us for what is to come. Hideo Kojima is known to experiment, after all. 

Furthermore, he also talked about a project that is neither an open-world experience nor a shooter game. But he is having difficulty hiring staff from overseas due to the ongoing global pandemic. He claimed that it is understaffed. Shedding further light on Kojima Productions, The LA branch is busy working on “dramatic works, films, and Anime.” It may be an original IP or based on Death Stranding itself, for all we know. Kojima has shown interest in creating movies and even launched a division in his company that focuses on this field.

It’s unclear whether this AAA project is related to any of his previous works. But Death stranding two may end up becoming a reality because of its success. According to Norman Reedus (who played the game’s main character Sam Bridges), a Death Stranding sequel was discussed. 

Despite facing complications, Hideo Kojima is sure about his plans for the future. And we can’t wait to see his experiments turning into a reality. All that remains to be seen is his next projects and what platforms they will emerge on.

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