KRAFTON Inc. Hiring For Development Of Unannounced AAA Title

More job listings sighted over the last few weeks.

In our article a few weeks ago, we mentioned how an unannounced AAA title is in the works at KRAFTON Inc. Their Battle Royale title, PUBG is a worldwide success that kick-started the genre that is still evolving with each game that adopts it. PUBG came out on other devices after its immense success, planting itself to be one of the highest-selling titles in the gaming industry. A couple of weeks ago, the game went free to play on PC and consoles.

A while ago, we stumbled upon recent job listings of PUBG mobile. They are hiring for several positions, most notably for Level Designing and Weapon Artists for the unannounced project. This project is speculated to be PUBG 2 by the community; however, it could be a whole game altogether. KRAFTON Inc has made it clear through their listings that they are brewing an AAA project.

PUBG Hiring For Level Designing

A few hours back, PUBG put up a job listing for the level designer position in the company’s Amsterdam studio for an unannounced project. The description for the job listing reads:

“As a Level Designer, you will be responsible for designing, prototyping, and implementing a variety of design tasks within UE5. You will be joining the project at the very beginning and having an opportunity to make a significant contribution to its development.”

KRAFTON is utilizing the features of Unreal Engine 5 to good use. It is technologically ahead of its predecessor, so more and more game companies are exploring its capacity. 

Job listing for the Level Designer position at KRAFTON’s Amsterdam studio in the Netherlands. | Source: KRAFTON

Moreover, the job listing mentions that the candidate should be comfortable with UE5. This unannounced project is in the very beginning, as mentioned. The employee will be accountable for shaping immersive maps and alluring levels that captivate players. Level designers are expected to craft tangible worlds that immerse the players in the game. However, it needs to be implemented to fall together like a jigsaw puzzle. 

As expected, heaps of experience are required to lead such a position. It is made apparent that KRAFTON is working on a title of action/shooter genre, as they stated:

“Extensive knowledge of current titles, specifically in Action/Shooter area, as well as works of art, such as movies, architecture, or visual arts, to be used as a reference for crafting and communicating original ideas.”

Experience requirements for the job are listed below: 

Requirements for the Level Director position at KRAFTON’s Amsterdam studio in the Netherlands. | Source: KRAFTON

Further Job Listings:

There are dozens of job listings opened for this unannounced project. Another one that caught my eye is Weapons ArtistThe description reads:

“As a Weapon Artist, you will craft a wide array of weapons and equipment for our upcoming AAA project. You will ensure that each item is excellent in its detail, realism, and quality, contributing massively to the overall look and feel of the game.”

Job listing for the Weapons Artist position at KRAFTON’s Amsterdam studio in the Netherlands. | Source: KRAFTON

A weapon designer is expected to create a realistic arsenal with recoil that feels genuine and satisfying. The satisfying sound of each bullet shot makes the experience that much better. Furthermore, weapon skins make using arsenal more rewarding. It’s only natural to need extensive knowledge of real-life arsenal to apply for this position.

This title is an alluring mystery for all of us. Considering the success that PUBG has bathed in, we can only expect good things to come. A dozen job listings are up; some are recent, while others are a few months old. The development was first revealed in September; we may hear more about it this year. They give us an idea about what’s to come for this AAA title. What are your thoughts about these listings?

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