Nintendo Switch Was 2022’s Best-Selling Console In The UK

Despite the top place, the handheld saw a decline in overall sales in contrast to 2021.

It is no surprise that Nintendo has managed to create a console that has gone toe-to-toe against various behemoths in different generations. The Nintendo Switch has flourished for half a decade and only now has begun slowing down its conquest in a multitude of regions around the globe.

The little giant has aged beautifully and continues to sell like hotcakes on sales. Despite its sales not peaking like the old days anymore, the portable still proves to be a worthy competitor to next-gen consoles in many countries. Nintendo Switch reportedly gained the title of the most-sold console last year in the United Kingdom.

However, the handheld achieved this feat and dominated the competition while suffering considerable blows in its sales as well.

Major Takeaway

  • Nintendo Switch has beaten the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series family to claim the title of the best-selling console in the United Kingdom last year.
  • The Switch achieved the feat whilst suffering a decline of 28% in sales. The PlayStation 5 received a nearly 33% reduction in sales while the Xbox Series family dropped the least with only a 15% decline in console sales.
  • Software sales reduced to an overall 6% compared with 2021, while hardware sales saw the roughest drop, falling down by a huge 29% last year. published a new report that underlies the gaming hardware and software charts in the United Kingdom last year. As noted above, the Nintendo Switch rose above the competition and became the best-selling console. However, its sale saw a notable decline; the total sales decreased by nearly 28%.

Nintendo Switch’s surprising victory was not earned by factors of popularity and favor alone. The Switch is quite a prevalent commodity in the UK. The better availability of Nintendo’s portable likely ascended it to the first spot. That is how despite the Switch’s steep fall of 27.5%, it still ended to be the UK’s most popular console last year.

On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 consoles, alongside the Xbox Series X and the Series S, are all suffering from limping stock issues that have contributed to the unavoidable decline in their sales.

Out of the two, Sony’s next-gen console was struck the most by stock deficiencies for the majority of the year, and sales stumbled down by nearly 33% in contrast with 2021. 

Jim Ryan mentioned multiple times last year that Sony is working on the improvement of PS5 stock issues last year. The second half of 2022 saw an adequate replenishment of retail shelves in various parts of the globe, and it will only improve further this year.

As per the report, the Xbox Series family sat in the third spot by taking the hit of a nearly 15% reduction in console sales. Microsoft’s next-gen consoles were also struck by the jaws of low supply. However, the tower of power did comparatively better than its rivals in this regard, with sales down nearly by 15%. 

The UK saw a plethora of turmoil in 2022, and the different statistics reflect the societal events. The game sales, alongside console sales, have seen a substantial drop in the number of total units sold.

Software sales reportedly declined to 6% compared to 2021, and hardware sales saw a massive reduction of 29%, with all platforms suffering a decrease. A total of 2 million consoles were rolled out in the United States in 2022.

On the software side, FIFA 23, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which beat Elden Ring to occupy the third spot, achieved the top third places in the most-sold games category respectively.

Most of the games’ sequels appeared to have sold better than their predecessors. For instance, FIFA 23 sales saw an increase of 4% compared to the FIFA 22 counterpart.

The newer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reboot has performed heaps better than the stagnant, COD: Vanguard, seeing a staggering 67% increase. Lastly, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sales saw a rise upwards of 36% in contrast to 2021’s Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

What are your thoughts about the aged Nintendo Switch still dominating the console market in the United Kingdom over the other contenders? Do you think that the low sales were due to the handheld falling off or because of societal factors? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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