Yuzu Successor Suyu Is Exploring Strategies To Avoid Getting Sued

The team is trying to get out of a legal grey area.

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  • The successor of the Yuzu emulator, Suyu, is exploring various strategies to navigate legal waters.
  • It wants to steer clear of any initiatives that could be illegal, like piracy, to avoid getting sued by Nintendo.
  • Changes like needing your own keys, avoiding step-by-step guides, and banning piracy are already underway.

Switch emulator Suyu is the replacement for Yuzu who wants to continue its legacy for years to come. In an interview with Suyu’s Discord moderator, Sharpie, conducted by Ars Technica, it was revealed that the devs are currently navigating the legal gray area. The goal is to ensure that Nintendo does not sue the emulator. Therefore, the team has employed various strategies to maintain a clean record. 

Suyu currently exists in a legal gray area we are trying to work our way out of. There are multiple plans and possibilities for what to do next. Things are still being organized and planned,” says Sharpie.

The team has since consulted with someone who has legal experience to ensure it is not breaking any rules. As a result, piracy is banned, step-by-step guides are avoided, and the emulator is completely free of cost. Additionally, gamers have to use their keys to ensure further safety.

The Switch Emulation Scene Continues To Grow Despite Nintendo’s Crackdown

Nintendo has always held a harsh stance against the Switch emulation scene. However, it has not stopped the likes of Yuzu—and now Suyu—from providing gamers with tools for emulation. In my opinion, gamers’ persistence in keeping these projects alive will continue to thwart all attempts by Nintendo to get rid of Switch emulation. Another project will always attempt to fill the void, after all.

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For those out of the loop, the Yuzu emulator was taken to court earlier by Nintendo over concerns about piracy. Both parties reached a mutual agreement to settle the lawsuit for a hefty sum. The emulation team was to pay $2.4 million to Nintendo over damages. However, two open-source Switch emulators were born to replace Yuzu, namely Suyu and Nuzu. But the latter was soon taken down, either by Nintendo or the team behind it.

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