Elden Ring Fans Could Be Setting Themselves Up For Disappointment With The DLC’s Size

Fans are unsure what Miyazaki meant when he said it'll be as big as Limgrave.

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  • Elden Ring fans are unsure about the size of the game’s upcoming DLC.
  • Comments from lead developer Hidetaka Miyazaki have only added to the confusion. 

Ever since FromSoftware teased the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer earlier last month, fans have been going nuts with theories and speculation about the DLC’s many bosses, weapons, and features. While there is a lot to be excited about in the trailer, one element has stood out, especially among fans. That’s the actual size of the DLC.

The DLC has been cooking for more than two years. And fans are truly expecting something massive awaiting them. But this anticipation could be a bit misguided. Especially if you consider something that Miyazaki recently revealed in an interview he did with Eurogamer. The developer compared the size of Elden Ring’s new DLC with Limgrave, the very first area in the game.

Fans are now speculating what this means and potentially setting themselves up for disappointment.

Fans Think Miyazaki Is Underselling The Size

Some fans think this is another case of Miyazaki trying to lower fans’ expectations, only to overdeliver come release. Prior to Elden Ring coming out, he said the game’s campaign would last around 30 hours. Anyone who’s played the title knows the first playthrough can easily span over a hundred. As such, some folks think that the DLC is surely larger than Limgrave, and Miyazaki is simply trying to keep the true length under wraps.

Here’s the thing. If this situation is true, then I’m sure fans are in for a pleasant surprise. But if it turns out the DLC is in fact the same size as the developer has claimed, then it’ll likely come as a shock to many. After waiting so long, some folks are even expecting the DLC to be similar in length to a sequel. Which, if you ask me, is a tad unreasonable.

The Size of Limgrave Is In Question Now As Well

To further justify the “it’s about as large as Limgrave” comment by Miyazaki, some fans have also called into question just how big Limgrave really is. In-game, Limgrave is largely represented by its two sides, East and West Limgrave.

Limgrave map in Elden Ring.
Limgrave map in Elden Ring.

But did you know that the Weeping Peninsula is also technically considered to be a part of the zone? It’s true that when you warp using Grace, Weeping Peninsula does come under the “Limgrave” heading. That said, whether Miyazaki was including it as a part of his Limgrave estimate for the DLC’s size is still unclear. To further add to this speculation, some fans have also begun adding Siofra River, the underground area beneath Limgrave, to the zone’s size.

While I can see the Weeping Peninsula argument, Siofra River being considered a part of Limgrave feels a bit optimistic to me. The underground areas are regions in their own right, and I don’t think it’s fair to lump them alongside Limgrave. All in all, there is a lot of unclarity regarding just how big the DLC will be. Miyazaki did say there will be around 10 bosses in it.

But is that 10 Remembrance bosses, or does that number include Field bosses too? If it’s Field bosses too, then it’s sorely lacking. Even Limgrave, in the base game, had about 24 bosses. But 10 Rememberance bosses sounds too unrealistic. I mean, the entirety of Elden Ring had about 15. So there’s certainly a lot of confusion as to just how big the DLC will be.

Most fans are choosing to be optimistic to a rather insane degree if you ask me. At the end of the day, what matters more is the quality rather than the sheer size. Keep in mind the fact that FromSoftware rarely disappoints with the DLC content in their titles. So I don’t think Elden Ring will be any different.

Plus, The Sheer Size Of The Map Isn’t the Only Important Factor

This time around, FromSoftware is changing how they carry out zone design. In the base game, the “open world” areas of Elden Ring are laid out differently from the more linear Soulslike “Legacy Dungeons”. The difference in level design is quite obvious from the moment you step into one.

However, now, FromSoftware is taking a completely different route. Miyazaki explained that the team is going to mix things up. This means that you’ll have smaller Legacy Dungeon-type areas intermingled with the larger open world. The difference won’t be nearly as visible anymore. As a result, the map will likely feel much more denser this time around.

YouTube video

And even though it might only be as big as Limgrave in terms of sheer size, you can likely expect it to be much more packed with content. Much of Limgrave is just an open area in the base game. But that will likely not be the case for the DLC.

And From What We’ve Seen, There Are Multiple Locales

The trailer gave fans a taste of what’s to come. And it’s pretty clear that there are multiple different-looking places in the DLC. Fans got to see a Twilight-shaded Forest, a large castle, a blue underground area, and much more. This amount of difference in visuals would only be possible if there were multiple regions involved. Again, this is mostly speculation. But considering FromSoftware’s history, it seems possible.

Some of the locations players will visit in Shadow of the Erdtree.
Some of the locations players will visit in Shadow of the Erdtree.

The price tag for the DLC is also a hefty 40 bucks. So fans are certainly expecting something decent to chew on. We’ll likely find out more details about Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree as we get closer to the DLC’s release. Until then, it looks like fans will continue to decipher the smallest details from the trailer and Miyazaki’s interviews. Hopefully, the DLC doesn’t disappoint, either in quantity or quality. 

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