Sony May Put Your PlayStation Trophies Into An Interactive Trophy Rack Using AR

All that grinding would feel more worth it.

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  • A new Sony patent wants to add your PlayStation trophies into a trophy rack using AR tech.
  • It wants to introduce a better way of interacting with trophies. It claims that current methods are dull.
  • The players will be able to see and interact with each trophy. You could also chuck it across the room.

Sony is among the leading conglomerates bringing innovation to the gaming industry. To achieve that, it has secured a slew of unique ideas. A new patent published by the company now wants to add your hard-earned PlayStation trophies to an interactive trophy rack using AR. In other words, you could see all your trophies from the games on a frame that can be placed anywhere in your room. 

The legal doc dubbed “INTERACTIVE AUGMENTED REALITY TROPHY SYSTEM” will scan a surface to find one or more anchor points to determine where to place the rack. The players could touch, grab, and even throw the trophies across the room. Sony will help turn your achievements into interactive objects that can grow over time to fill the whole rack, giving a sense of accomplishment never felt by winning trophies before.

Providing users with a shareable and immersive experience of their virtual world achievements may be accomplished through the use of AR. AR may provide users with virtual trophies signifying their accomplishments that they can touch, hold, manipulate, or even throw against a surface in a realistic environment,” reads the patent.

The new Sony patent will add a virtual trophy rack anywhere a player wishes using AR tech.
The new Sony patent will add a virtual trophy rack anywhere a player wishes using AR tech.

The trophy rack will boost the worth of the achievements. Currently, they are limited to digital space in the form of icons, or they can be physical and hard to move around; the Sony patent intends to solve that exact dilemma. It argues that icons showing the milestones are unworthy of showing their significance. Additionally, physical trophies won via eSports competitions make it harder for everyone to see them unless they are present.

Often achievements and milestones are represented by small icons on an achievement page showing the user’s accomplishment. While a user’s achievement page is often viewable by other users, small icons fail to impressively represent the difficulty and significance of the achievements and milestones.”

The new system proposed by Sony will allow us to show our trophy racks to each other. It will make each trophy feel more significant while allowing us to view them in front of anyone.

The flowchart image shows a step-by-step process of how a user would place the trophy rack.
The flowchart image shows a step-by-step process of how a user would place the trophy rack.

It is not the first time a patent has made me rub my eyes because of how unexpected it is. Another legal doc published earlier explored the idea of making eSports spectators participate and help their teams. Additionally, the company wants to tackle cyberbullying by shielding players in a bubble during VR gaming sessions. 

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