Spain Will Reportedly Be “Pioneer In Europe” In Regulating Loot Boxes

The country is going to be one of the first to regulate video game loot boxes.

Being a gamer in the current generation is a great thing. You get amazing video games all year round and the industry is going in a forward direction. Even with this peak performance, there is something in the gaming world that almost every player dislikes.

At the top of this list, by a mile, are loot boxes and microtransactions. It’s really hard to find any player that likes paying money to get things in-game. However, even with the criticism, this feature is increasing day by day. Recent news from Spain, however, gives players some hope in fighting this cash-grab scheme. 

Spain Consumer Affairs recently announced in a tweet that it will legislate and regulate loot boxes in the future. According to the official account of consumer affairs, the country will be a “pioneer in Europe” regarding the regulation of loot boxes and microtransactions. Hence, strict action against the mechanic is now finally coming from the consumer authority in Spain.

Although, we’re not exactly sure how Spain will be a pioneer in this. Other countries in Europe have already placed restrictions on loot boxes. Belgium and the Netherlands have banned microtransactions in video games but the latter turned this decision around. Maybe Spain will take it a step ahead by taking some legislative measures to regulate the use forever.

Players have made it clear many times how they dislike in-game assets, like NFTs and loot boxes. However, companies still press on with these things because they do bring in a lot of revenue. There is no way of stopping companies from doing this but this regulation might certainly help a lot.

Not much is known about how the Spanish Consumer Affairs will enforce this regulation, as of yet. We don’t know if it will put a complete ban on loot boxes or just regulate microtransactions in games. Spain taking action will, hopefully, start a chain, so other countries can get in on it and regulate the mechanic in one way or another.

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