The Day Before Developer Calling For Volunteers To Help With Projects

Fntastic has added a new page to its website, asking for volunteers to help with its projects.

One of the most highly anticipated titles coming out next year is The Day Before. Besides being a survival horror game, it is also an online multiplayer with up to five players in one game. Among these five players, four will be survivors while one player will hunt them down.

Due to this exciting game premise, The Day Before caught everyone’s attention. It became a massive hit on Steam and is the most wish-listed game currently on the storefront. Everything about the game looks top-notch and the hype for this Dead by Daylight-esque game is real.

However, the developer, Fntastic, has been running into some problems while developing this game. Recently, The Day Before got delayed by almost a year to 2023 because of a shift to the Unreal Engine 5. Now, the developer is requiring much more help in finishing its online title, according to a new update. 

Fntastic has added a “Volunteer” page to its website and is asking for help to finish The Day Before. On the website, it says that the idea for this comes from the company’s own culture of helping out. Players will be able to participate in the process and there are two types of volunteers.

The first type is a full-time volunteer that will get money for working on with the company. However, a limited number of spots are available for this job and candidates will obviously get financial compensation for working. Although, it is sort of confusing that a full-time employee on The Day Before will be a volunteer and not a team member.

Part-time volunteers are the second type and their participation in the project is a bit dubious. First, candidates won’t get any money for doing work in this role and, instead, will obtain rewards, codes, and participation certificates. Work in this role includes translating and moderating The Day Before and it will apparently make players feel included.

Seeing how MYTONA, a Singaporean publisher of mobile free-to-play games, is funding this project and backing Fntastic, not paying the volunteers is a bit weird. The Day Before is no small game and has wide-scale and really high standards. Hence, making such a big game with a team so small that you need more help is very unusual.

We know how many delays The Day Before has already gone through and it’s now being shifted to Unreal Engine 5, so asking for help makes a lot of sense but not paying the volunteers who will be doing a lot of work isn’t a good look. Hopefully, everyone involved in the project does get fair compensation and the game comes out well.

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