The Outer Worlds 2 Developer Auditioned For “Major NPC” Roles

Obsidian Entertainment supposedly held "live voice actor auditions for major NPCs" between June and August, according to an employee's profile on LinkedIn.

The Outer Worlds is a stylish and Fallout-inspired game, as well as an award-winning single-player roleplaying game from Obsidian Entertainment. Explore the edges of the galaxy as you explore a space colony and sway your character to become a new person entirely. In the colony’s corporate equation for domination, you are an unfortunate variable.

With the announcement of The Outer Worlds 2, the production team is working at an all-time high to deliver the best content it can, but the production team is not the only team. Recently, there seems to have been new information about voice actors seemingly revealed by an employee’s profile on LinkedIn.

The Outer Worlds 2
Obsidian Entertainment recently auditioned for voice actors for “major NPC” roles. | Source: Patrick Albert V./LinkedIn

According to Patrick Albert V., the Narrative Design Intern at Obsidian Entertainment, the company was auditioning for live voice actors for “major NPC” roles for The Outer Worlds 2 supposedly between June and August, meaning that many of the voice actors may have already been hired and have completed some or a major part of the voice acting needed.

The employee specifically stated that he got to experience utilizing in-house tools to implement dialogue-based gameplay in The Outer Worlds 2. He also carefully analyzed and took down direct feedback during live voice actor auditions for “major NPCs.”

He also worked on the scripts around six times until he found the perfect one. He also wrote, scripted, and designed a non-player character that was directly supervised by the Creative Director of the project, and on the lighter side, he created various ambient dialogue conversations along with flavor text for a variety of minor items.

It is unknown how much of the voice acting is completed, but by looking at the sheer amount of details given by Patrick Albert V., we can assume that much of the work has been fulfilled. Considering that The Outer Worlds has a large amount of non-player entities, the voice acting needs to be at the highest level for the most authentic experience.

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