Ubisoft Paris Hiring For An Unannounced AAA FPS Project

Could a new Ghost Recon be on its way for the next-gen consoles?

When it comes to releasing AAA titles consistently, it’s fair to say Ubisoft takes the crown. Ubisoft has been a prominent bunch of developers amidst giants of game studios. The concurrency of this team is unmatched. However, they have always clung to a “safe-formula” policy. They use the same yet effective formula in their AAA titles. 

Ubisoft Paris Working On An Unannounced AAA FPS Project

In a recent article, we covered Ubisoft Mainz studio hiring for an unannounced title. We are led to believe that both titles are separate. Those job listings did not specify the genre of the game. The one we are about to cover does suggest the exact genre. 

This FPS title is more likely to exist within an existing IP because no detail about a new IP was unveiled. It could be another installment in the Tom Clancy or other FPS series. 

Ubisoft Hiring For Senior Level Designer Position

I came across job listings that caught my attention. Ubisoft is hiring for a senior-level designer position in one of the adverts.

Reporting to the Lead Level Designer of a team of four level designers, you will be in charge of the world building part of one of our unannounced AAA projects, a first person shooter.

A senior-level designer builds up the basis of a project. Levels in FPS titles must be immersive and smooth, so players traverse the maps velvety. They are expected to define level designs on the world of the project and partake in the design of mechanics and prototype level design elements of the project. 

Ubisoft Paris Hiring For An Unannounced AAA FPS Project
Job listing for the Senior Level Designer position at Ubisoft studio

As seen from the listing, Ubisoft is looking to create “Elaborate level designs.” We can assume that the project is in the relatively early stages after going through the job listing. 

Ubisoft Hiring For Senior Game Designer

A mist of speculations surrounds a lot about this title. Only these job listings can give us clues regarding this mysterious title. Ubisoft is hiring for a senior game designer position.

You will join a team working on one of our unannounced first person shooter AAA projects. As a Senior Game Designer you will be in charge of designing and implementing new features. You will actively work on coordinating the differents teams in order to deliver in time the great features you will work on. 

A senior game designer is responsible for creating and implementing new elements. The employee is expected to envision, prototype, enhance and execute distinct and ingenious game features and notions inclined with the visionary path. Predict and crack the issues and hurdles that come in the way of development. Ubisoft wants to push the 3C features even further from the second listing. 

Ubisoft Paris Hiring For An Unannounced AAA FPS Project
Job listing for the Senior Game Designer position at Ubisoft studio

Both these listings specify that this AAA title is most likely to exist within an established IP. We have discovered two job listings on this title thus far. From the previous pattern of Ubisoft Paris, we are inclined to believe that a new Ghost Recon might be underway. The last two entries were released only after a two-year gap. However, that’s purely speculation at this point. What are your thoughts regarding these listings? Let us know in the comments below!

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