Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay, Modes, and Operators

New official gameplay overview trailer showcases the upcoming co-op game!

In June, Ubisoft revealed its upcoming spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege during the Ubisoft Forward event, Rainbow Six Extraction. Since then, fanatics of the franchise have been anxiously waiting for further information from the company regarding the game. Yesterday, Ubisoft released the official gameplay overview trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, which contained insight as to what the new game is like.

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Rainbow Six Extraction will feature a 3-player co-op PvE experience with a completely new narrative and cross-play. Unlike the previous Rainbow Six Siege, the adversaries won’t be terrorists but rather alien creatures called the “Archæans”. This will provide players with an entirely new experience, unlike what we’ve seen in previous Tom Clancy instalments. Furthermore, the dynamic variables of each mission will change every time, which means that the game will put more focus on tactics and communication than raw abilities.

Rainbow Six Siege Extraction
Promotional in-game screenshot from Rainbow Six Extraction. | Source: Ubisoft Store

There are also 18 different Operators that you can choose from and each one will have its own abilities, progression paths, playstyles and customisation options. “Create new entry points with Havana’s sticky explosives or find cover using Capital’s smokescreen, and yes, Tachanka’s Mounted LMG is back,” says Ubisoft. This provides players with more than 800 possible combinations for their team.

Rainbow Six Extraction
18 different Operators to choose from in Rainbow Six Extraction. | Source: Ubisoft North America

“The alien threat has resurfaced… in San Francisco, New Mexico, Alaska and New York,” says Ubisoft. These will be the 4 main regions in the game and will have 12 large-scale maps, all of which are at least three times bigger than most Rainbow Six Siege maps, according to Ubisoft. “You’ll fight through ruined casinos and hotels, overrun research centres, and a ravaged liberty island with objectives, enemies and modifiers that change with each playthrough,” it further states.

Not only will each mission be completely unpredictable but each map will also take players through many environments which, from what it seems like, will have an impact on the objectives and how they must be accomplished. In addition to this, the game will also feature traps to contain enemies and an option to revive teammates that go “MIA”, as Ubisoft suggests. However, this will require you to risk your own life to save your fallen teammate!

Rainbow Six Extraction
Re-enter the containment zone to save fallen teammates that go “MIA”. | Source: Ubisoft North America

There are also 25 different Gadgets to choose from, each of which has a certain use to escape or counter adversaries, such as the Field Wall, which will block any parasite projectiles coming in your direction, and Glue Grenades, which will temporarily slow down the enemies’ movements. Moreover, the game gives you complete freedom to plan the missions however you feel like — passively or aggressively.

Rainbow Six Extraction
25 different sorts of Gadgets to choose from in Rainbow Six Extraction. | Source: Ubisoft North America

Additionally, there are 13 different sorts of enemies that you will face in the missions. Each of these enemies has its own abilities and random mutations, which makes the missions unpredictable and uncommon. With progression, you’ll also come across the “Proteins”, which are parasites that imitate the forms of Operators and, perhaps, their abilities, too (not confirmed).

13 different sorts of Archæans with different abilities and random mutations. | Source: Ubisoft

The progression system in Rainbow Six Extraction is also rather unusual. Every time you or your team completes an objective, you’ll have the option to either extract your progress or go forward to confront tougher enemies and, consequently, earn better rewards. However, going forward does carry a significant risk. Unfortunately, we don’t know what that risk is, for now, but we can assume that you may lose previous progress or have to start all over again.

You’ll also be able to upgrade your Operators’ abilities and weaponry by completing objectives. This will improve their abilities and, as a result, you’ll be able to defeat stronger adversaries. You can also unlock permanent items with each new milestone, such as new cosmetics, maps, Operators, and even narratives. There is also a ranked mode in the game for players that want to compete with others. However, we aren’t certain how that’ll work, at the moment.

Rainbow Six Extraction will feature a ranked mode for competitive players. | Source: Ubisoft North America

For now, we don’t have much information about Rainbow Six Extraction from Ubisoft outside of the official gameplay overview trailer. Hopefully, the company will reveal more details about the narrative and the features of the game as time goes on. The game was set to release on 16th September but got delayed to sometime January 2022 in July to give Ubisoft more time to ensure that the outcome is worthwhile.

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