Visual Concepts Working On A Multiplayer Open-World Driving Game

Could we see a new Midnight Club being announced?

Back in 2019, people noted through job listings that Visual Concepts was working on an open-world driving game. The studio posted several job listings relating to the game. The listings were for a level and world designer, a props artist, and a software engineer. Visual Concepts described it as a “new vehicle-based, open-world project.” Other info included a mention of missions and other typical vehicle game stuff like physics and collision. Since then, we haven’t heard much about the game. But, recent job listings have brought some new info to light.

Visual Concepts is actively hiring for the game and now has a significant license. It’s a AAA title that will target multiple platforms according to the new jobs listed. The current job listings are of a Producer, Senior Technical Artist, Senior Build and Automation Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, and Senior Software Engineer for multiplayer. Now, let’s see what info these new hiring calls contain.

Firstly the listing for the producer goes on to say, “Our Foothill Ranch studio is looking for a seasoned Producer to join our development efforts on an unannounced, open-world driving game with a major license. This AAA title is targeted at multiple platforms.

Visual Concepts Is Actively Recruiting For Their Open-World Driving Game
The job listing for the game producer present on LinkedIn.

After that, the post for a Senior Build and Automation Engineer says, “Our Foothill Ranch studio in California is seeking a Senior Build and Automation Engineer to join our development efforts on an exciting new game using the Unreal Engine!”

So, this game uses the Unreal Engine, as the listing says. Other notable info is that the Foothill Ranch Studio in California is making this new game. In addition to this, the listing further tells us about the major license the game has. The title is also made for multiple platforms, as the post says.

The Senior Software Engineer job also says, “This game brings a new direction for Visual Concepts, involves driving in an open world, and will be fun for all ages.

So, that is also something worthy of note. There is another job listing that gives us some new info. Visual Concepts is also hiring a Senior Software Engineer for a multiplayer network. The job listing says, “Within this role, you will be focused on ensuring the moment to moment networked multiplayer experience is the best it can be.

Visual Concepts Is Actively Recruiting For Their Open-World Driving Game
The new listing for the Senior Software Engineer

So, the game will have an exciting multiplayer mode, by the looks of it. The Technical Artist job also has similar info about the new game. LinkedIn employees said the game has been in the works since 2019. That is in line with the original report in the game back in 2019. So, it’s safe to say this racing game is a few years into its invention.

So, what could this game be? Some fans hope this is a new Midnight Club. But others speculate this may be a sequel to WWE Crush Hour. Both racing games are under 2K ownership, so both are possible now. On top of that, the listings mention that the game is fun for all ages. However, only time can tell what this mystery racing game is. Hopefully, we will get some official news about the game very soon.

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