Nightdive Studios Working To Release 5 Games Next Year

Studio's founder asks fans to suggest a title they would like to be remastered next

The indie game developer Nightdive Studios is best known for bringing back old favorites that have fallen by the wayside due to company closures or being incompatible with modern hardware.

The developers leave a lot of games un-remastered, either because they are no longer as relevant or because doing so would be onerous. Many of our favorite titles are still only available for older consoles.  But the good thing is fans’ passion to get their hands on those games again and that too on modern consoles.

For that, certain indie developers work to bring back nostalgia by remastering good old games. Remakes have the ability to bring back fond memories for die-hard fans while also drawing new gamers to an age-old tale.

Major Takeaways:

  • The founder of Nightdive Studios revealed in a tweet that they’re set to release 5 titles in 2023.
  • Stephan says one of the teams is still in the exploration stage and urges fans to vote for their favorite title, that they would like to see remastered.

An example of such indie developers is Nightdive Studios. Since its establishment ten years ago, Nightdive Studios has successfully released a number of remasters or improved iterations of well-known games from the past, many of which even are regarded as abandonware.

In a recent tweet, founder Stephen Kick announced that Nightdive studios are set to release about 5 titles in 2023. Stephen also says one of their teams is in the “exploration stage.” By that, he means they’ll let the fans decide the next project team will take up. 

In addition, he includes a poll in his tweet for followers to vote on which area of development the studios should pay the most attention to.

Stephen will continue to take the titles that you guys post in the comments while the poll is still running. Your favorite 90s game that you probably miss on your current console might get on Nightdive’s next remastering project.

Nightdive Studios has been working on the long-awaited remaster of the 1994 sci-fi first-person adventure game System Shock for the past few years.  The System Shock remaster was announced nearly seven years ago, in 2015, and went through a Kickstarter campaign the following year.

Preorders for the System Shock remake went live in January 2021 in expectation of a potential debut in 2023, even though the game has already had a number of delays.

Stephen Kick also tweeted a photograph of many popular first-person shooter games in August of this year along with the message, “We’ve remastered 4 of these… a couple more are on the way.”

The titles on the list that Nightdive Studios has already contributed to are PowerSlave Exhumed, Blood: Fresh Supply, Quake, and Doom 64.

Nightdive has already shown interest in remastering the first Unreal, among the other games in the image. Given the recent release of Unreal Engine 5, it would be intriguing to see Unreal make a comeback using the most recent version of the software.

However, the company isn’t just drawn to first-person shooters. Eternal Darkness, a psychological horror game that was first launched for the GameCube in 2002 and has since gained cult status, is another title that Nightdive would want to remaster.

Stephen Kick tweeted that the studio and Nintendo have discussed remastering some of its games, including GoldenEye, numerous times over the years. Kick disclosed on Twitter that Nightdive had been working on a pitch for that game for a year but had never got the opportunity to deliver it.

We’ve had discussions with Nintendo over the years about remastering a number of their games and they always get gun shy working with 3rd party developers even after @NightdiveStudio released the first N64 games on *their* platform.

-Stephen Kick (@pripyatbeast) February 16, 2022

Which classic title would you like Nightdive Studios to remaster? Let us know in the comments.

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