Marvelous Inc. Is Working On A DAEMON X MACHINA Sequel, Says Producer

A sequel for DAEMON X MACHINA has been confirmed by Kenichiro Tsukada.

DAEMON X MACHINA is a third-person action game developed and published by Marvelous Inc. The game was announced during E3 2018 but rumours for its release had already started surfacing back in 2017. It was originally released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in September 2019 but was later released on PC in February 2020, too.

Earlier today, Marvelous Inc. celebrated the second anniversary of DAEMON X MACHINA in a livestream hosted by Kenichiro Tsukada and Ken Awata, one of the directors of the game, in which they played the game on the Nintendo Switch. However, near the end of the livestream, Kenichiro Tsukada talked about the future of the franchise, confirming a sequel to the game that’s under development.

While both Kenichiro Tsukada and Ken Amata talked in Japanese during the entire livestream, Kenichiro Tsukada roughly said, “It’s not an announcement, but I want to make a strong declaration at the end that I will make the next work, like “2”. I am motivated and need time to think about various tests or the next thing, so I think it will take some time, but I would like more new people to join, and the content of the game itself will change gradually. So, it changes with the times, so what kind of thing should I use? That’s why I want to start from here. I made a declaration, but it will take some time.”

It’s now confirmed that a sequel to the 2019 third-person action game is in the works by Marvelous Inc. However, we are not certain as to when we can expect this sequel to release. Kenichiro Tsukada stated that the game will take time before it’s ready for release but he didn’t mention any deadline. Hopefully, we get to hear more from the company on this soon!

DAEMON X MACHINA may not have been the most prominent game for the Nintendo Switch but it did get a lot of attention when it was released. Currently, you can try the game for free on the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo Switch Online membership until 19th September.

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