Mario Movie Casts Stand-Up Comedian

Sebastian Maniscalco will be Foreman Spike in the Mario movie

Acclaimed Stand-Up Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco will be playing the role of Foreman Spike in the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie by Illumination. The Italian comedian and actor accidentally confirmed in an episode of Bertcast that he was going to record his lines for the movie. Foreman Spike is a very old and obscure character in the Super Mario Bros universe that hasn’t made an appearance in a lengthy period of time. Further details about the Mario Bros movie have been very tightly knit by Illuminations and an actor letting something important to that extent just slip might prove to be troublesome for the company.

Super Mario Bros is getting another movie adaptation in the form of an animated movie.

The animated feature film is slated to release sometime next year although there hasn’t been a definitive release date as of right now. This is the second time the Super Mario Bros are going to be featured on the big screen, their last appearance in a proper film was back in 1993 in the movie Super Mario Bros which is widely regarded as not only one of the worst video game movies ever conceived but also straight up one of the worst movies ever made. If there’s any merit to watching that movie today it’s purely based on whether or not you would enjoy looking at an explosive car crash that only proceeds to get worse every passing second and then one of the tires bounces back and hits you in the face for being stupid enough to bother looking at it for so long. So if there’s anything to be hopeful about in this case and knowing the curse of terrible video game movies, it’s that the bar is lodged so deeply into the ground it might as well be considered a crater.

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