Honkai Star Rail Healers: Best, Skills & Playstyle

Learn about the ranks of all the available healers in Honkai Star Rail right now in version 1.0

Honkai Star Rail Healers are critical in sustaining the team’s health and survivability, offering exceptional single-target DPS and AoE healing abilities, damage mitigation, and unique support effects. Each healer character has a distinct set of skills and synergies, allowing them to cater to various team compositions and strategies. However, not all healers are created equal, as listed in the Honkai Star Rail tier list, and some stand out as the most valuable and reliable choices. 

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Key Takeaways
  • Besides DPS, Shielders, and AoE characters, Honkai Star Rail Healers are the next best thing you can offer your team.
  • Here are a few benefits of having a healer on your Honkai Star Rail team: 
    1. Essential for team survivability: Healers restore health and ensure the team’s continued ability to fight.
    2. Damage mitigation: Some healers offer support by reducing incoming damage or dispelling enemy buffs.
    3. Unique support effects: Healers can provide additional benefits such as energy regeneration or revival.
    4. Adaptability: Different healers cater to various team compositions and strategies, enhancing overall performance.
    5. Improved battle success: A capable healer increases the likelihood of overcoming difficult challenges and battles.
    6. Investment value: Prioritizing and investing in top-tier healers ensures a strong and balanced team.

Honkai Star Rail Healers Comparison Table

Following is a summary of the best healers in Honkai Star Rail:




Bailu is one of the Lightning element Honkai Star Rail Healers, serving as a versatile healer with unique abilities. Known as the Abundance, Bailu excels at protecting and supporting her team with exceptional healing skills.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1319
DEF 485
ATK 562
SPD 98

Best Skills

  • Singing Among Clouds: Potent single-target heal also heals random allies with diminishing returns.
  • Felicitous Thunderleap: Powerful Ultimate that heals all allies and applies or extends the “Invigoration” effect.
  • Gourdful of Elixir: Talent providing ally protection, healing upon taking damage, and a one-time revival healing.

Best Team Healer Playstyle For Bailu

To maximize Bailu’s healing potential, I always focus on her single-target and AoE healing abilities while managing the “Invigoration” effect on teammates. Use “Singing Among Clouds” to heal individual allies and provide additional support to random teammates.

I can not stress enough to make the most of her “Felicitous Thunderleap” Ultimate to heal the entire team and apply or extend “Invigoration” as needed. Utilize “Gourdful of Elixir” to protect allies and ensure they are well-supported during battle. With her Eidolon abilities further enhancing her capabilities, Bailu can adapt to various combat scenarios and support her team.


  • Strong single-target and AoE healing
  • The “Invigoration” effect provides additional support and energy regeneration.
  • Unique talent offering damage mitigation and revival heal


  • Reduced healing effectiveness with multiple heals from “Singing Among Clouds.”
  • Relies on proper management of the “Invigoration” effect for optimal healing
  • It may be challenging to master her diverse abilities and Eidolon enhancements

Bailu Is 2nd Best Healer & Here Is Why?

Bailu is a top-tier healer in Honkai Star Rail due to her remarkable healing abilities and unique support effects. Her “Singing Among Clouds” skill offers potent single-target healing, while her Ultimate, “Felicitous Thunderleap,” provides invaluable team-wide healing and “Invigoration” management.

With her “Gourdful of Elixir” talent, Bailu offers damage mitigation and a one-time revival heal, ensuring her allies are well-protected during combat. Additionally, her Eidolon abilities enhance her healing prowess and provide damage-boosting effects. Bailu has solidified her status as the 2nd best available versatile and powerful healer in Honkai Star Rail.



Natasha comes as one of the top-tier Honkai Star Rail Healers under the Physical element, renowned for her healing abilities as a skilled doctor. With a kind demeanor, she conceals her fierce determination to protect her teammates and ensure their survival.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1164
DEF 507
ATK 476
SPD 98

Best Skills

  • Love, Heal, and Choose: Potent single-target healing with additional heal-over-time effect.
  • Gift of Rebirth: Powerful Ultimate that heals all allies, providing substantial team-wide recovery.
  • Innervation: Increases Outgoing Healing when healing critically low HP allies, significantly boosting her healing effectiveness.

Best Healer Playstyle For Natasha

As a dedicated healer, I believe Natasha excels at keeping her team alive through her targeted and AoE healing abilities. To maximize her potential, prioritize her healing skills to provide consistent support to allies in need. By monitoring allies’ HP and utilizing her “Innervation” talent, Natasha can provide clutch healing to those in critical condition.

I position Natasha strategically to make the most of her “Hypnosis Research” technique, weakening enemies and reducing incoming damage to the team. Coordinate with teammates to ensure their survival while effectively using Natasha’s energy regeneration and Eidolon abilities to further enhance her healing capabilities.


  • Exceptional single-target and AoE healing
  • Innervation talent provides bonus healing to low HP allies
  • Hypnosis Research technique weakens enemies, mitigating damage


  • Lacks direct offensive capabilities
  • Relies on strategic positioning and timing for optimal healing
  • May struggle against enemies with healing reduction effects

Why Is Natasha the Best Healer Available Now?

Natasha’s healing prowess makes her the best healer in Honkai Star Rail. She possesses a unique combination of powerful single-target and AoE healing abilities, ensuring that individual teammates and the entire team receive the necessary support.

Natasha’s “Innervation” talent increases her healing output for allies in dire need, proving her effectiveness in clutch situations. Additionally, her “Hypnosis Research” technique weakens enemies, mitigating damage for her team. With her Eidolon abilities further enhancing her healing potential and survivability, Natasha stands out as the premier choice for players seeking a reliable and potent healer in Honkai Star Rail right now.



Luocha is a mysterious foreign trader who is on the Honkai Star Rail Healers list, with a unique playstyle centered around his medical prowess. Note that Luocha was available during the Beta testing of Honkai Star Rail, and the information provided here is based on that version. He is expected to return soon, maintaining the same skills and playstyle.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1125
DEF 460
ATK 640
SPD 101

Best Skills

  • Prayer of Abyss Flower: Heals a single ally and grants Abyss Flower stacks, with an automatic heal under certain conditions.
  • Death Wish: Dispels enemy buffs, deals AoE damage, and gains Abyss Flower stacks per dispelled buff.
  • Cycle of Life: Consumes Abyss Flower stacks to deploy a healing Field, providing additional healing when allies attack enemies.

Best Healer Playstyle For Natasha

As a healer, focus on managing Luocha’s Abyss Flower stacks and the strategic use of his Field. Utilize “Prayer of Abyss Flower” for targeted healing and stack generation, and ensure allies’ HP is maintained with automatic healing when needed.

Use “Death Wish” to dispel enemy buffs and deal AoE damage while gaining additional Abyss Flower stacks. Deploy Luocha’s healing Field with “Cycle of Life” to provide supplementary healing to allies during combat. Maximize Luocha’s Eidolon abilities to further enhance his healing and support capabilities, making him a valuable addition to any team.


  • Strong single-target healing with automatic activation under certain conditions
  • Unique healing mechanic with Abyss Flower stacks and Field Deployment
  • Dispels enemy buffs and deals AoE damage with Ultimate


  • Relies on careful management of Abyss Flower stacks for optimal healing
  • Healing Field limited to 2 turns, requiring precise timing
  • May require a learning curve to master his abilities and Eidolon enhancements

Why Luocha Will Become The Best Healer Soon

Luocha’s unique healing mechanics and playstyle set him apart as a top healer in Honkai Star Rail. His “Prayer of Abyss Flower” provides powerful single-target healing, while “Death Wish” dispels enemy buffs and contributes to his healing prowess by generating Abyss Flower stacks.

The strategic deployment of his healing Field through the “Cycle of Life” ensures allies receive additional healing, further enhancing his supportive capabilities. Coupled with his Eidolon abilities, Luocha demonstrates a dynamic and adaptive healing style that can cater to various combat situations. This solidifies his status as a to-be formidable healer in Honkai Star Rail.

In conclusion, Honkai Star Rail healers are indispensable, providing vital health restoration, damage mitigation, and support to ensure team survivability. By choosing the right healer, players can enhance their team’s performance, adapt to various combat scenarios, and secure victory in challenging battles.

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