Honkai Star Rail: How To Get Kafka

Kafka is a 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail & she will be unlocked in a limited timed event soon.

Honkai: Star Rail allows players to control Kafka, a character with a 5-star rating. Kafka is one of the initial heroes that players can use in the game. She’s so calm and cool, can kill enemies with her lightning element, and is acquired through limited-time banners

Key Takeaways
  • Acquire Kafka through limited-time banners with in-game currency.
  • Valuable for story and suitable for any team, especially for beginners.
  • Honkai: Star Rail’s Gacha system features discounted banners for character acquisition.
  • Upgrade Kafka with materials like Voidranger: Reaver drops and Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff.
  • Kafka’s attacks deal Lightning DMG, and her Ultimate provides debuffing effects.
  • The Technique “Mercy Is Not Forgiveness” immediately attacks with a 100% base chance to Shock enemies.

How To Unlock Kafka

To acquire Honkai: Star Rail’s Kafka, players need to go through the standard procedure of obtaining any 5-star character– by making use of the title’s gacha system called Warping.

However, Kafka is not currently available in Version 1.0 and cannot be obtained through the Beginner Warp or the Standard Warp Banners.

How To Use Kafka

how to get kafka honkai star rail ATK Intro Fight scene
Intro Fight scene

Honkai: Star Rail’s Kafka follows the Nihility Path, which means she excels at debuffing enemies. She has the ability to inflict damage-over-time (DoT) effects on enemies, which can significantly boost her team’s overall damage output by multiplying the damage of any other DoTs in action.

  • Kafka’s Lightning element makes her an excellent damage dealer, adding versatility to party composition.
  • Valuable for any Honkai: Star Rail team, especially for players learning turn-based RPG mechanics.
  • Kafka is not limited to inflicting DoTs; she can deal significant damage, enhancing her team’s power.
  • Integrating Kafka into a party and using her combat skills effectively debuffs enemies and boosts team performance in battles.

How To Upgrade Kafka 

To level Kafka up to Level 80, players will need to gather various Ascension materials. These include Voidranger: Reaver drops, Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff, credits, and EXP items like Traveler’s Guides, Adventure Logs, and Travel Encounters.

  • To max out all of Kafka’s skills, players will need Voidranger: Reaver drops, Calyx drops, Echo of War drops, and credits.
  • Activating all of Kafka’s Trace materials will require Voidranger: Reaver drops, Calyx drops, Echo of War drops, credits, and various Obsydian items.
  • Players must gather all of these materials to unlock and maximize Kafka’s full potential in Honkai Star Rail.

Skills Of Kafka

how to get kafka honkai star rail Caressing Moonlight
Caressing Moonlight Attack

At the initial level, Kafka’s basic attack is known as Midnight Tumult. This attack inflicts lightning damage equal to 50% of her ATK to a single targeted enemy. One of Kafka’s abilities, known as “Caressing Moonlight,” inflicts lightning damage to a single target enemy equal to 80% of her ATK. In addition, it also deals lightning damage equal to 30% of her ATK to any enemies that are positioned adjacent to the main target.

  • Kafka’s DoT effect deals instant damage equal to 80% of the initial DoT damage on the targeted enemy.
  • Twilight Trill, Kafka’s ultimate ability, deals lightning damage (48% of her ATK) and has a 100% chance to shock enemies, dealing immediate damage equal to 80% of their current DoT damage.
  • Shocked enemies endure the condition for two turns, receiving Lightning DoT damage (75% of Kafka’s ATK) at the start of each turn. The skill costs 120 energy.
  • “Gentle but Cruel” activates when an ally attacks with Basic ATK, allowing Kafka to execute an immediate lightning damage attack on the same enemy.
  • Shocked enemies receive Lightning DoT damage equal to 50% of Kafka’s ATK at the start of each turns.


I hope you learned from this guide how to get Kafka Honkai Star Rail that all you can do to get Kafka is just wait because you cannot get her right now, sadly. Consider reading the Plot and All Elements guides to learn more about the lovable Kafka and Honkai: Star Rail! 

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