Honkai Star Rail Xueyi [Abilities, Skills, & Release Date]

This guide contains all the information about Xueyi, a character of Honkai Star Rail, known so far. Including her abilities and release date.

Xueyi is an upcoming character in Honkai Star Rail. She is a four-star character that seems to follow the path of Destruction. Furthermore, Xueyi wields the power of the Ice element. In this guide, I will be sharing all the information regarding Xueyi Honkai Star Rail I know so far.

Key Takeaways
  • Xueyi is a four-star character in Honkai Star Rail.
  • Xueyi belongs to Loufu, a faction of the Xianzhou Alliance.
  • She wields the power of the Ice element.
  • Xueyi follows the path of Destruction: Quantum.
  • Her abilities and skills are unknown.
  • She makes her first appearance during Dan Heng’s storyline.
  • Xueyi has yet to be introduced as a playable character in Honkai Star Rail.


Xueyi Honkai Star Rail
Xueyi [Image source: HonkaistarRail1 on Twitter]
Starting things with the basic information, Xueyi is currently not playable in Honkai Star Rail and is yet to be introduced as a playable character. However, according to Mero on Twitter, Xueyi seems to be a four-star character. She judges the Ten-Lords Commission, which controls life and death on the Luofu, a faction of the Xianzhou Alliance. 

Abilities And Skills

While moving on to her abilities and skills, Xueyi is a wielder of the Ice element, just like March 7. Her exact skills and abilities are still a mystery but according to some leaks, she seems to have the following abilities and skills:

  • Basic Attack: Using a sword, Xueyi hits her opponents with ice damage. She can also create an ice crystal with a charged attack that explodes after a while.
  • Skill: Xueyi summons a puppet that moves and attacks like her, causing ice damage to foes. The puppet can be directed by tapping the skill button again.
  • Talent: Xueyi goes to a specific place quickly and then hits the enemies with a strong slash. The attack freezes the enemies and causes ice damage.
  • Ultimate: Xueyi produces a massive ice dome that imprisons foes and causes ongoing ice damage. She can enter the dome and conduct improved assaults with her puppet.

Release Date

The exact release date of Xueyi is yet to be confirmed by miHoyo, but it won’t be long before she is added to Honkai Star Rail, as a playable character. In the “Interstellar Journey“, trailer of Honkai Star Rail, quite a few character characters were featured. All these characters were introduced to Honkai Star Rail as playable characters. 

Xueyi was also featured in the trailer “Interstellar Journey”, so it can be assumed that she will be a part of the game very soon. Apart from that, players will encounter Xueyi in the game while playing Dan Heng’s storyline. However, she won’t be playable.

Wrap Up

With the little information provided above, the guide on Xueyi Honkai Star Rail comes to an end. In this guide, I have provided all the information I know so far about Xueyi. Although the release date is still unknown, according to some sources Xueyi will be made a part of Honkai Star Rail in the near future. 

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