Honkai Star Rail: How To Reach Equilibrium Level 2

Learn the procedure on getting to Equilibrium Level 2 in Honkai Star Rail, as well as detailing the benefits that come with it.

Honkai Star Rail’s Equilibrium Level 2 marks one of your first in-game progression checkpoints. It’s one of the Universal Equilibrium quests that, once completed, raises your world level, letting you face stronger opponents but get better rewards in return. As such, this is a crucial quest that you should preferably do as soon as it’s available in your logs.

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Before You Start: It’s worth noting that you can only progress your Equilibrium Level from 1 to 2 once you receive the quest in your logs after reaching Trailblazer Level 30.
Key Takeaways
  • Players need to reach Trailblazer Level 30 and get the ‘Trial of the Equilibrium: Part Two‘ in their quest log in order to boost their Equilibrium Level from 1 to 2.
  • The Trial of the Equilibrium quest portal can be found just as they enter the Corridor of the Fading Echoes.
  • Once inside the portal, players need to face a Level 39 Guardian followed by a Level 39 Stormbringer encounter.
  • After tackling both enemies, the trial will be completed, and players will receive several items along with a bump in their Equilibrium Level.
  • Much like Genshin Impact, Equilibrium Levels increase the general difficulty of the enemies in your world, with their levels generally increasing but simultaneously dropping better loot once killed.
  • As such, with the recent world-level jump, players can now:
    1. Mainly face harder enemy groups that drop much better loot.
    2. Upgrade their characters and items like Light Cones to Level 50.
    3. Access Stagnant Shadow events for even more rare items and rewards.
    4. Unlock and partake in several new quests scattered across the map.
    5. Have a Max Technique Point counter of 5 instead of 4.
  • However, it’s important to note that leveling up Equilibrium is irreversible, and players cannot undo it once the Trial’s been completed.

How To Reach Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level 2?

  • Like with Equilibrium Level 1, you can reach Equilibrium Level 2 after completing the Trial of the Equilibrium quest. Specifically, it’s the second part of Honkai Star Rail.
  • To do that, you’ll need to head onto the Corridor of the Fading Echoes, and starting from the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone, you can find the Trial’s portal to your right beyond the narrow pathway indicated by the orange star icon.
trial portal
Trial of the Equilibrium portal (Image Credits: eXputer)

Now, as you venture into the Trial with your best characters and Light Cones, you’ll encounter the first enemy battle led by a Level 39 Guardian atop the staircase in front.

    • Once that battle concludes, you can proceed ahead until you face the Level 39 Stormbringer, which is arguably a little less difficult than the previous Guardian battle.
    • After killing the Stormbringer, players will immediately see the Trial’s completion screen, followed by some rewards, which include:
      1. 45x Stellar Jade
      2. 3x Condensed Aether
      3. 3x Adventure Log
      4. 5000x Credits

Finally, they’ll be teleported outside the Trial, with their Equilibrium advanced to Level 2, and the Stagnant Shadow Teleportation activated.

equilibrium challenge
Trial of the Equilibrium successfully completed (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

How Does Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level 2 Affect The World?

Other than making enemies more difficult and making drop rates more generous, progressing to Equilibrium Level 2 also allows you to build your characters further. You can level up your gear and characters with better loot and use them to challenge stronger foes.

  • The upgradability benefits include a new soft cap for ascending characters and Light Cones to Level 50 from Level 40.
  • This means players now have the option to use their resources to boost their top-tier characters and attachments to make a reliable and extremely powerful team comp in Honkai Star Rail.
  • And as mentioned, the “Stagnant Shadow” events are now also accessible, allowing for further character and Light Cone Ascension with more materials.
  • In terms of in-game progression, reaching Equilibrium Level 20 unlocks several new quests that you can view in your quest log and activate to explore the world further on.
  • Besides that, the max technique points are also increased from 4 to 5, allowing me another instance of skill application at a time.
Technique Point Increase
Max Technique Point Increased from 4 to 5 (Image Captured by eXputer)
    • One noteworthy thing to mention, however, is that, unlike Genshin Impact, players can’t drop their Equilibrium or world to a lower level in Honkai Star Rail to balance out any difficulty kinks.
    • As such, it’s important to have a properly built team with maxed-out items before progressing any further.
    • Fortunately, the Equilibrium Level jump from 1 to 2 isn’t as nearly as intimidating as the others yet to come, so managing hordes of enemies will still feel manageable.
Important: The new soft cap for the Trailblazer is now Level 40, meaning that you can attempt the Trial of the Equilibrium Part 3 and get to the third stage of your Equilibrium Level once you reach that soft cap.

Other Honkai Star Rail Tips

That wraps up the guide on reaching and explaining Honkai Star Rail’s Equilibrium Level 2. As seen, upgrading the world level via boosting Equilibrium is probably one of the most important quests in the entire game. It introduces a necessary difficulty bump into the environment but encourages players to take on stronger foes to get even better rewards. And since it’s an irreversible event, most players, including the ones in this Subreddit Post, are arguing over when to raise their Equilibrium Level from 1 to 2.

With the added difficulty, strengthen your characters even more by learning how to get relics in Honkai Star Rail. For gaining further insight into Honkai’s intricate and fresh combat mechanics, check out the guide on the game’s Effect Hit Rate. And if you want to build the best possible team, consider reading up on the best DPS characters and melt through enemy HP!


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