Honkai Star Rail: Administrative District Chests Locations

Locate all Honkai star rail administrative district chests in Jarilo-VI to boost Trailblaze Level and enhance the gameplay experience.

As you advance in the plot of Honkai Star Rail, you’ll eventually arrive at a planet known as Jarilo-VI. Within the Administrative District, you’ll be assigned the task of locating various treasure chests. These chests are dispersed throughout the district and hold valuable rewards such as Stellar Jades, Credits, EXP, and additional items. I will help you find all 10 Honkai Star Rail administrative district chests locations guide!

Key Takeaways
  • The Administrative District is a hub for players to explore, complete quests, and gather essential information about the new region in the Honkai: Star Rail.
  • As players traverse the Administrative District, they will encounter a variety of NPCs, merchants, and other elements that make the area feel alive and bustling.
  • The district features different areas that players can explore and interact with, as well as treasure chests containing valuable items and resources.
  • There are ten treasure chests located throughout the Administrative District that players can collect to increase their Trailblaze Level and acquire various useful items to help them progress in the Honkai: Star Rail.

Treasure Chest Locations

Chest 1:

  • Teleport to the Goethe Hotel: Start by teleporting to the Goethe Hotel in the Administrative District in Jarilo-VI.
  • The hotel serves as a central location and a starting point for finding the treasure chests in the area.
  • Turn about: Turn around 180 degrees after teleporting to the Goethe Hotel to face the opposite way.
  • Locate the chest: In front of you, next to the fence, you’ll see the first treasure chest.
honkai star rail administrative district chestsGoethe hotel
Goethe Hotel

Chest 2: From the first chest, head to the café across the road. You’ll notice the chest in the café’s corner right away.

honkai star rail administrative district chests Café

Chest 3: Turn your back on the wall where you obtained the second treasure to reveal a staircase in front of you. 

Honkai Star Rail administrative district all chest location Chest 3
Chest 3

Chest 4: Continue down the same steps, but this time turn left.. The chest will be positioned next to the blue automobile a bit further along.

honkai star rail administrative district chests Chest 4
Chest 4

Chest 5:  Take the way to your left, begin sprinting, and turn left at the first opportunity, which is very next to NPC Dominic.

honkai star rail administrative district chestsChest 5
Chest 5

Chest 6: Turn your back on the fifth chest, and you’ll notice a lengthy flight of stairs leading to a massive structure. Proceed to those steps, and at the bottom, on the left side, you will locate your next chest.

Chest 7: After obtaining the sixth chest, proceed around the building to your right and begin jogging; you will then notice a stairway leading down. Follow the stairs until you reach the seventh chest, which is located close to the guard.

Chest 8: You will see steps in front of you if you turn your back on the guard. After climbing those steps, your chest will be hidden behind the advertisements on the wall directly in front of you.

Chest 9: Turn around and rush towards the blue phone booth without walking down the steps where you took the eighth chest. You will discover your ninth chest.

Chest 10: The tenth chest is accessible from the seventh chest’s location, but you must have progressed in the narrative to get there. By visiting and collecting all Honkai Star Rail administrative district chest locations, players can increase their Trailblaze Level and acquire various useful items to help them progress in Honkai: Star Rail.

Benefits Of Collecting Chests

  1. Valuable resources and items: Treasure chests in the Administrative District can provide players with valuable resources, such as Stellar Jade, Shields, Travel Encounters, Sparse Aether, and Credits.
    • These resources can be used to upgrade characters, weapons, and equipment, improving your overall gameplay experience.
  2. Trailblaze Level progression: Collecting chests in the Administrative District can contribute to increasing your Trailblaze Level, which is essential for unlocking new content, quests, and challenges within Honkai: Star Rail.
    • A higher Trailblaze Level can also grant access to better rewards and opportunities.
  3. Exploration rewards: Exploring the Administrative District to locate treasure chests encourages players to engage with Honkai: Star Rail world more deeply.
    • This exploration can lead to discovering hidden areas, NPCs with unique dialogue or quests, and other easter eggs within Honkai: Star Rail.
  4. Enhancing gameplay experience: By collecting the treasure chests, players can improve their characters and equipment, making combat and exploration more enjoyable and efficient.
    • This can be particularly helpful when facing challenging battles or when exploring higher-level areas of Honkai: Star Rail.

That’s it from my side. I hope now you know all the 10 Chest locations from this Honkai Star Rail administrative district chests guide! Check out our take on The Faint Star Honkai Star Rail Quest and Hook Quest!


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