Honkai Star Rail Herta’s Store: Light Cones & Bonds

Learn about the limited Light Cones found in Herta's Store & get them for an increased character stats early in Honkai Star Rail.

Herta’s Store is a unique feature within Honkai Star Rail, serving as a vital resource for acquiring high-level equipment and character enhancements. This in-game store allows players to purchase powerful 5-Star Light Cones, each catering to different character paths, along with other crucial resources like Superimposers and Star Rail Passes. By optimizing the usage of these items, players can significantly enhance their combat capabilities, making Herta’s Store a critical component.

Key Takeaways
  • The Herta Store is an item store in the Simulated Universe through which you can get 5-Star Light Cones.
  • There are about three 5-Star Light Cones that can buy from the store.
  • One is the “OnThe Fall Of An Aeon” light cone of the Destruction Path.
  • Another is the “Texture Of Memories” for the Preservation of pathed characters in-game. 
  • The last one is “Cruising The Stellar Sea” for the characters with Hunt Path.
  • Each one of the light cones costs 8 Herta Bonds.
  • Star Rail Pass and Superimposers can also be bought from Herta’s Store for a cheaper price.
  • Superimposers help upgrade the statistics of the rare light cones in Herta’s Store.

What Is Herta’s Store In Honkai Star Rail?

Herta’s Store In Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail: Herta’s Store – Image Captured by us

As you progress, you eventually gain access to Herta’s Store. Basically, once you gain enough Trailblazers and then get the questline to explore the Simulated Universe, you will get access to the store. The Simulated Universe can be found in the Master Control Zone of Her Space Station. The Honkai Star Rail Herta’s Store does not have that many items for you to buy but has five extremely important ones.

Three of them are these lightcones; one is a Superimposer, and lastly, a Star Rail Pass. These five things have their own inner-game currency pricing. The Herta’s Store lightcones are 5-star ranked, meaning literally the rarest of lightcones. Buying each item at a specific point in Honkai Star Rail is important, especially when you have progressed far enough to collect at least 12 Herta Bonds.

What Light Cones Do You Get From Herta’s Store? 

Light Cones In Gacha
Honkai Star Rail: Light Cones– Image Captured by us

You can level up light cones up to 80 levels. Leveling up each time will improve the statistical ability of each light cone. The upgrade can be done to the base statistics like Attack Percentages or Damage Percentages. These lightcones are divided into three sections as of now; The 3-star cones, the 4-star cones, and of course, the 5-star cones. In Herta’s Store, there are about three of these 5-star cones that can be set with characters.

You will get these Lightcones:

  1. On The Fall Of An Aeon
  2. Texture Of Memories 
  3. Cruising The Stellar Sea

1. On The Fall Of An Aeon

On The Fall Of An Aeon In Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail: On The Fall Of An Aeon – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

This is one of the three light cones you encounter within Herta’s Store. It is a five-star Light cone and a pretty popular one at that. This Light Cone card has a Destruction path meaning all the Destruction characters are going to get pretty buffer up during their fights! Also, this card is super rare because it can only be bought in Herta’s Store. Its abilities aren’t that outrageous, but when superimposed, it can deal insane damage combos.

After superimposition, the Attack Percentage rises to about 65 %, which is pretty elite in late games. This amount of damage is what makes this cone so deadly and worth buying. As each cone can get leveled up to 80 Max, the statistics for this cone go off the charts. If you have Clara or Hook, you should definitely invest in this Light Cone. There are very few Destruction Characters as of now too.

2. Texture Of Memories 

Texture Of Memories In Store
Honkai Star Rail: Texture Of Memories – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

This is the second Light Cone out of the three, and it is also a bit more unique than most 5-star Light Cones. This Light Cone is only paired with the Preservation Pathed Characters, which is great since there are so many of them. If your primary focus is Survivability during matchups, then this Light Cone is it for you. You can only get a singular copy of the Texture Of Memories like every single Light Cone in Herta’s Store.

Important: Do not buy this if you already have or are going to buy the “We Are Wildfire Light Cone” as it is a high-damaging light cone.

3. Cruising The Stellar Sea

Cruising The Stellar Sea In Herta's Store
Honkai Star Rail: Cruising The Stellar Sea – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Okay, so now it is time for the Honkai Star Rail Herta’s Store Best Light Cone of all Light Cones. That is the “Cruising The Stellar Sea,” which is the favorite purchase among various players. Now this Light Cone is a Hunt Path Light Cone and is the best Hunt Path Light cone in the Honkai Star Rail Herta’s Store. Basically, the Light Cone provides you with a Crit buff which is the most important statistic in the game. 

The Recommended Hunt character used alongside “Cruising The Stellar Sea” is Dan Heng. This hunt character is very easily accessible because you’ll be able to get it at the start of Honkai Star Rail. You can call it an S-Tier hunt character, and it is very compatible with the Light Cone. This character will strongly support “Cruising The Stellar Sea” Light Cone because of its amazing wind element and well because it is a 4-star character which is rare.

What Is Superimposer? 

Superimposer In Store
Honkai Star Rail: Superimposer – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Many different types of Light Cones are present in the simulated universe of Honkai Star Rail. Each of them needs a sort of upgrade in order to become more helpful or deadly in battles. Each Light Cone has its own specific percentage of a statistic in its abilities. These percentages can be buffed by using the Superimposer, as each time you upgrade a Light Cone, the percentage goes higher. It is an essential part of the Honkai Star Rail experience.

Now Herta’s Store has a stock of 12 Superimposer, and that too custom-made. These Super-Imposer are specifically made for the Light Cones found in Herta’s Store. Normally when you Superimpose a Light Cone, they need a copy of itself. But since there is only a single copy of the Light Cones in Herta’s Store, you need these Custom made Superimposers to buff them up. 

  • You need about Four Super-Imposer to fully upgrade a Light Cone’s abilities, as there are 12 Super-Imposers in Herta’s Store.
  • All three light cones in the store can be maxed out.
  • Now, for example, if you Super Impose the “On The Fall Of An Aeon” light cone to the max, its ATK percentage rises from 8% to 16%. That is literally doubling up the statistic of the Light Cone, which is why investing in the Super-Imposers is so damn crucial. 

Star Rail Pass From Herta’s Store

Star Rail Pass In Store
Honkai Star Rail: Star Rail Pass – [Image credit: eXputer]
These Star Rail passes are extremely important and valuable currency for the Gacha Systems. These items are a  bit rare when you try to find them in the early game, so the developers added these to Herta’s Store. Basically, what they do is let you pull on different banners. These banners can help you provide many different characters. You also unlock many useful Light Cones that can be applied to your favorite 5-starred characters.

Now there are plenty of different ways you can actually get these rare tickets. You can focus on completing different types of quests and getting them as a reward.

  • You can tackle the Stimulated Universe or pay attention to new events going on in Honkai StarRail.
  • But if you are new to the game and you hurriedly want to have new and the best characters, then you may as well buy them from Herta’s Store.
  • Each Star Rail pass will be sold to you for the price of two Herta Bonds.
Important: It is suggested that you rather earn Star Rail passes rather than buy them one at a time.

What Are Herta Bonds?

Herta Bonds In Store
Honkai Star Rail: Herta Bonds – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

These are the super important currency of the Gacha System of Honkai Star Rail. Herta Bonds are the currency through you which you buy each item from Herta’s Store. Each of the three rare 5-star Light Cones from the Herta Store can be bought if you have enough Herta Bonds. You can buy the needed Super Imposers and Star Rail passes, too, if you want.

  • The only other way of getting these Herta Bonds is by going through the weekly challenges in Honkai Star Rail.
  • It is an extremely long process to get a single Herta Bond, but it is the only probable way.
  • Plus, completing the six worlds in the simulated universe is also a lengthy process.
  • Therefore this weekly reward of a herta bond is your best shot. 

Wrap Up

This was everything you needed to know about Herta’s Store. Getting the different Light Cones from the store can be a bit difficult, but if you find the right characters for them, it will be worth it. If you want to know about the different Adminstrative District Chest Locations, we got you! We can also help you find the locations of different Ancient Coins


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