Honkai Star Rail: Survival Wisdom [Treasure Map Location]

The Survival Wisdom quest in Honkai Star Rail rewards the palyer with a Treasure Map that gives them a ton of Goodies.

Honkai Star Rail has a ton of quests for the players. To further entertain and, at times, to help players level up, the game has a ton of side quests too. The Survival Wisdom Honkai Star Rail quest is one of the Side Quests that takes us to an interesting character.

Key Takeaways
  • Survival Wisdom is one of the Side Quests in Honkai Star Rail.
  • In the quest, players have to meet with Sampo at the Great Mine in Jarilo-VI.
  • Sampo will ask the player to collect a total of three pieces of Mining Equipment.
  • Upon persuasion, he will agree to ask you to collect only two pieces of Mining Equipment.
  • The Thermal-Powered Mechanical Mining Pick is located right beside Sampo.
  • A customized Pink Safety Helmet is inside the mines, and you will have to fight Arrogant Vagrant to get it.
  • When returned to Sampo, he will give the player a Treasure Map as a reward, which he uses to trick the player into collecting the third Mining Equipment.
  • Upon confronting Sampo, he finally gives the Real Treasure Map with real treasure.
  • The rewards for the quest make it worth completing, as it helps get Trailblaze EXP too.

What Is Survival Wisdom Quest?

Survival Wisdom is a side quest in Honkai Star Rail that involves meeting Sampo at the Great Mine in Jarilo-VI. Players must collect two pieces of mining equipment: a Thermal-Powered Mechanical Mining Pick and a Customized Pink Safety Helmet. After completing the quest, players are rewarded with Trailblaze EXP, Stellar Jade, and other valuable items.

Once you have met Sampo, you can start with the quest. He will ask you to collect some mining tools for him. He will ask you to find a total of three Mining equipment, but you can argue with him and get the number down to two.

Map of the quest Survival Wisdom
Survival wisdom Honkai Star Rail treasure location quest. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Finding Mining Equipment

Okay, so you must find a Pickaxe and a Mining Helmet. The Pickaxe can be seen right beside you. Once you have talked with Sampo, look to your left, and you will see a Golden shiny spot on a rack with pickaxes. Investigate, and you will get the Thermal-Powered Mechanical Mining Pick. That is the first item.

Pickaxe location survival wisdom honkai star rail.
The Pickaxe is located beside Sampo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now for the Mining Helmet, you will have to get to a farther location. For that, turn left and keep heading ahead. You will get into the Mining area with a few Vagrant Thugs if you haven’t explored the area before. You can either deal with them then and there or skip past them. I suggest that you skip past them, as it will save a ton of time.

Keep heading ahead by following the tracks, and you will come across an Arrogant Vagrant that is wearing an odd Helmet. Confront him and ask him to return the Helmet. For that, he will start a fight. In the Battle, you will have to fight three enemies. The Vagrant, Automaton Beetle, and Automaton Hound. If you have higher-level Characters, then defeating them won’t be a problem. Once you have dealt with them, you will get the Customized Pink Safety Helmet back.

Returning The Mining Equipment

Now you will have to go back to Sampo. You will have to give him both the mining equipment you found. He will reward you with a Survival Wisdom Honkai Star Rail map treasure. Ask him about the treasure map, and he will ensure that it is a legit treasure map.

Fake Treasure Map.
The ‘Fake’ Treasure Map given by Sampo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
If you want to check out the map, for that, you will have to click on the inventory tab. There, go to the Missions tab, and you will find the Treasure Map there. You can open it up if you want another go on the map. Anyways, once you have acquired, you can move on to look for the Treasure.

Fast Travel point.
The Overlook Fast Travel point. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now to get the treasure, you will have to teleport to the Overlook Fast Travel. From there, head down and then turn left. Then a few steps ahead, you will see some tents to your left. Head there and look for a shiny yellow point. Investigate at that point, and you will get Anti-Dust Mask. If you haven’t realized by now, Sampo gave you a fake survival wisdom Honkai Star Rail map treasure to get the 3rd last item for him. Now, as you’ve been wronged, I suggest you return to Sampo. Believe me, and you will get rewarded properly.

IMPORTANT: Don’t get disappointed, as you will get the Real Treasure Map in a while.

Now Fast Travel back to the Main Mine Shaft, and you will note that Sampo is not alone. He is talking with someone. Upon closer inspection, you will note that it is Peak. The peak was the one that was missing his Mining Equipment. Talk with Sampo and show your displeasure, and he will then, after a few dialogues, give you the real Treasure Map.

Finding Real Treasure

Once you have the Real Treasure Map, you will get a bunch of rewards that we’ll discuss in a while. So, like before, head into your inventory and check out the Treasure Map in the Missions Tab. Opening it will show its location. You can head there to get your hands on the real treasure.

Real treasure map survival wisdom honkai star rail.
The Real Treasure Map given by Sampo. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now Fast Travel back to the Overlook Fast Travel point. Head down, and then you will have to turn Left. Keep following the tracks until you get to the end of the path. That is where you will find the treasure. Go a little bit ahead of the wall, and you will get the option to investigate. Upon investigation, it will reveal a Pressure Treasure chest. Open it up, and that will give you the real treasure.

Treasure chest reward.
Reward from the Precious Treasure chest. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Considering the rewards that I received with the Precious Treasure chest, the character will say to forget Sampo for tricking us. I hope that we meet with Sampo again; even though he is a somewhat shady character, he rewards us well in the end.


Okay, so you will get two different rewards with the quest. The first one is when you return the Anti-Dust Mask. When you return it to him, he will give you the following rewards.

  • 250x Trailblaze EXP
  • 40x Stellar Jade
  • 1x Real Treasure Map
  • 3x Condensed Aether
  • 100x Shield
  • 12000x Credit
quest rewards survival wisdom.
Rewards from the survival wisdom honkai star rail treasure location. [Image Credit: eXputer]
But, with the Precious Treasure chest, you will get more rewards. Here is what you will get with the Precious Treasure chest.

  • 30x Trailblaze EXP
  • 30x Stellar Jade
  • 1x Thiefl’s Myriad-Faced
  • 1x Thief’s Steel
  • 80x Shield.

These are all of the rewards, and by considering the value of the rewards, I’d say it is a Quest that you should definitely consider finishing.

Getting Survival Wisdom Quest

The Survival Wisdom Honkai Star Rail quest will automatically start as you are completing the main questline. After you have solved Svarog’s issue, you will have to wait before you can continue with the questline. During that time, Sampo will message you on your phone saying that he needs your help. Head over to him, and he will give you the quest.

Starting the Survival Wisdom quest.
Starting the quest for Survival Wisdom. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Final Words

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