Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions [How To Complete]

Make a schedule to complete the daily missions easily in Honkai Star Rail!

To get the desired characters in Honkai Star Rail, players will have to grind so that they can have enough resources. The grinding includes Daily Missions, dispatching characters on missions, and exploring the world.  There is more to the daily missions, which is why I decided to create a Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions guide for players who are having a hard time completing them.

Key Takeaways
  • There are several daily missions to do in Honkai Star Rail.
  • The daily Honkai Star Rail missions include daily training, assignments, nameless honor, spending trailblaze power, and exploration.
  • None of the daily missions takes much time except for explorations.
  • As exploration takes time, I recommend doing it with friends as then it will be fun to do.
  • You should never miss the daily missions in Honkai Star Rail, as they reset every 24 hours and gives some good rewards.
  • Sending characters on assignment wouldn’t mean that you won’t be able to use them in combat or in the world.

Daily Training

Daily Training

The Daily Training can give +500 Activities, and they are refreshed every 24 hours. The daily objectives given are not that hard to complete, as they are mostly about defeating 20 monsters, completing a run of the Simulated Universe, or taking a photo. By completing the quests, the 500 points will give several rewards, which include 60 Stellar Jade.

The free Stellar Jades are worth doing daily, and it doesn’t even take much time, so you must never skip them, as I also try to complete them as soon as possible.

Assignments In Honkai Star Rail


Assignments are the easiest things I could find to do as Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions. This doesn’t even require me to go to the place and do anything by myself. All players need to do will be to send characters on expeditions which range from 4-20 hours.

With that said, the rewards vary from the time. If you send the character on a 4 hours expedition, the reward will be significantly less than the 20 hours expedition. So, I recommend sending the character on the 20-hour time as you will get more items based on which one you use to send the character on. 

If you are worrying that you won’t be able to those characters, then you don’t have to, as those characters will be available for combat. Moreover, some characters from certain can also increase the rewards for completing the mission. So, make sure to collect the rewards on a daily basis and send them on the missions again.

Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor’s quests also refresh every 24 hours, so whenever you’re doing the daily training, you would complete these with them simultaneously. Completing the daily training is also one of the quests in the Nameless Honor, so make sure to complete those first, then look at the other quests.

The missions will be the same every day, so you do not need to look at them anymore as you have memorized them. The Nameless Honor missions you have to complete every day are Spending 150 Trailblaze Power, Completing One Assignment, Logging In, and Completing the Daily Training.

There are also weekly missions that you can do anytime during the week, as doing them in one cannot be possible. They contain clearing Calyx and the Caverns of Corrosion, spending 1,000 Trailblaze Power, and Completing one Simulated Universe run.

Spending Trailblaze Power

Trailblaze Power

Spending Trailblaze Power daily is also one of Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions. Knowing how to spend your Trailblaze Power is crucial, so you must manage them according to your needs, as they are only fully replenished in 18 hours. You can either farm the Relics or use them on Calyx Buds, as it is totally up to you. Spending Trailblaze power daily will also complete one of the missions of the Nameless Honor.

Moreover, spending the Trailblaze Power on a daily basis allowed me to upgrade my characters which helped me in combat. Consider spending Trailblaze as a daily task to do.



While this might not seem like a daily task to many players, I consider exploration a daily task to be done in Honkai Star Rail. Exploring the world and finding chests, and solving puzzles should be done on a daily basis as this way, I get more resources, and I won’t have to explore in the end, as that would really be a drag.

Exploring as you progress with the story is better than exploring in the end. So, make sure to find some new spots and hidden chests. You should also do the same with your friends as it is really fun. 

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