Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Door [Guide]

Unlock the secrets of Honkai Star Rail's Triple Authentication Door and conquer cosmic adversaries—all while keeping your wit about you.

The Hertia Space Station houses a unique and secure door known as the Triple Authentication Door, which ensures an extra level of protection compared to standard doors. As the name “Triple Authentication” implies, this particular door necessitates three separate authentication methods to grant access in Honkai Star Rail.

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  • The Triple Authentication door is located at the Hertia Space Station, in the base zone of Honkai Star Rail.
  • To unlock the corridor leading to the door, complete the ‘Road To Revival’ side quest by talking to Arlan and Abraham.
  • Three authentication cards are required to open the door:
    1. The first card can be found in a treasure chest after defeating the Blaze Out Of Space during the ‘Road To Revival’ quest.
    2. The second card can be obtained by talking to the man with luxurious hair in the Master Control Zone after completing the ‘Road To Revival’ quest.
    3. The third card is acquired by solving a puzzle in the storage zone.
  • Inside the Triple Authentication Door, you will face a challenging battle against a group of Voidrangers.
  • Rewards for completing the challenge include the “Seventeen’s Map” achievement and a 4-Star Light Cone called “The Seriousness of Breakfast,” which is particularly effective for Path of Erudition characters.

Important: The character names and relevant data provided here are based on the European server. There may be discrepancies in names or other details if you are playing on a different server.

Locating Triple Authentication Door In Honkai Star Rail

location of Triple Authentication door
Location of Triple Authentication door [Image by eXputer]
In Honkai Star Rail, the Triple Authentication door is located in the Hertia Space Station, in the Base Zone. Engaging with the door’s controller will prompt a friendly system hint, informing players that they must first acquire three authentication cards to gain access. 

It is worth noting that, at first, the corridor leading to the Triple Authentication door may seem inaccessible. Some players, including myself, initially faced challenges in determining how to reach the corridor, even though unlocking the door itself proved to be relatively less challenging.

Road To Honkai Star Rail Revival Side Quest

Road To Revival Quest
Look out for these NPCs for the Road To Revival Mission [image by eXputer]
To successfully unlock the corridor and access the secrets behind the triple authentication door, you will need to complete the ‘Road To Revival‘ side quest.

For that, follow these steps:

  • Start by visiting Arlan, who can be found at the Hartia Space Station in the Master Control Zone. Chatting with him will activate the ‘Road to Revival’ quest.
  • Next, make your way to the Base Zone. Just outside the right corridor, you will come across a researcher dressed in purple named Abraham.
  • Strike up a conversation with the researcher to learn about a problem occurring within the corridor and how I can help resolve it.
  • Venturing into the corridor, find a void ranger waiting at the end.
  • Entering the room behind the void ranger, you will encounter a Blaze Out Of Space ready for battle.
  • Engage in combat and defeat the Blaze Out Of Space to claim a treasure trove of rewards.
  • With the battle won, return to the researcher and interact with him to progress in the ‘Road to Revival’ quest.

At this point, I had sufficient access to the Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication door, but I encourage you to complete the quest for your peace of mind. 

Unlocking The Door

In order to discover the secrets hidden behind the Triple Authentication door, it’s not enough to simply locate it. As an eager explorer, you must first embark on a quest to gather three authentication cards dispersed throughout the vast Hertia Space Station. Only after collecting these precious cards will you finally be granted permission to unveil the mysteries concealed within the sealed door.

First Card

The initial card that you’re looking for can be discovered within the Treasure chest after you successfully conquer the fearsome Blaze Out of Space. This thrilling encounter takes place near the conclusion of the captivating Road of Revival side quest.

  • As mentioned previously, to begin this exhilarating mission, you’ll need to engage in a conversation with Arlan in the Master Control Zone.
  • Following this, strike up a dialogue with Abraham in the Base Zone, who will then grant you access to the right corridor.

As you navigate your way through this straightforward passageway, you’ll eventually reach the showdown with the formidable boss, Blaze Out of Space. Once you’ve managed to triumph over this challenging adversary, you’ll be rewarded with the first card, which is essential for unlocking the elusive Triple Authentication door.


Method of Getting the second authentication card
Obtaining the second authentication card [image by eXputer]
Players can acquire the second card by engaging in a friendly conversation with the man with luxurious hair. This man can be located in the Master Control Zone, conveniently close to the teleportation zone. One distinguishing feature to help you spot him is his stylish bob haircut.

  • However, it’s important to note that he only makes an appearance after you’ve completed the Road to Revival quest.
  • So, make sure to finish that quest before seeking him out.
  • Upon finding this charming character, be prepared to demonstrate some patience.
  • He will only present you with the second authentication card after you’ve chatted with him a total of five times.
  • Though it may seem a bit excessive, remember that persistence pays off, and engaging in these conversations will ultimately bring you closer to your goal.

Third Authentication Card

Getting the third card
Obtaining the third authentication card [image by us]
Obtaining the third card to unlock the triple authentication gate can be quite challenging. In the storage zone, you’ll find a special room with a puzzle that must be solved to acquire the card.

I’ve outlined the steps below while maintaining the essential details:

  1. Begin by heading to the storage zone on the first floor using the elevator.
  2. Locate the large container-like area on the map and unlock the gate with the help of the controller.
  3. To tackle the puzzle, I started by going left and bypassing the orange bridge, where I encountered some enemies to defeat.
  4. As I progressed, I made sure to interact with each controller I came across and face any enemies that stood in our way. I kept an eye out for the controller concealed behind the boxes and found it easily.
  5. Upon reaching the final controller, I activated the blue bridge, which led me directly to the special room.
obtaining the third authentication card
Collecting the third authentication card [image by us]
Once I arrived at the room, I noticed a keycard just outside, gleaming like other collectible items in Honkai Star Rail. Now grab the authentication card, and don’t forget to claim the treasure inside the room as well. 

Upon successfully gathering all three required cards, the Trailblazer will be kindly notified with a message indicating that they should make their way to the usual spot. This spot can be found within the northern section of the Base Zone and is, in fact, the Triple Authentication gate.

Inside The Triple Authentication Door

inside the third authentication room
Inside the third authentication room [image by us]
Having overcome the challenges of unlocking the corridor and gathering all three cards, I was filled with anticipation about the treasures that awaited me inside the room. Imagine my surprise when, instead of shiny treasures, I was greeted by a formidable group of Voidrangers!

These adversaries proved to be quite the challenge, forcing me to retreat during our first encounter. Be prepared, as this battle consists of a two-stage group fight, with each stage presenting its own unique difficulties.


special item in the triple authentication zone
A special item in the triple authentication door [image credits: eXputer[
Once you’ve successfully dealt with the adversaries, feel free to explore the room and discover the various rewards awaiting you.

There are a few key items to pay attention to:

  • A collection of notes and books scattered around the room, including a letter from Asta. These items will grant you the achievement of “Seventeen’s Map.”
  • A sizable high-rarity chest is located at the back of the room.

Upon opening the chest, you will receive a 4-Star Light Cone called “The Seriousness of Breakfast.”

This Light Cone is particularly effective when equipped by Path of Erudition characters, offering the following benefits:

  • A consistent 12% damage boost to the character wielding it.
  • An additional 8% increase in ATK for each enemy you defeat.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll obtain more copies of this Light Cone as you progress through the main story scenario. With this in mind, you may want to consider Superimposing it to enhance its effects further, making your character even more powerful. 

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