Honkai Star Rail Arlan Build [Cones, Relics, & Team Comps]

Arlan's build in Honkai Star Rail offers the most DPS in the field but only if you pair right light cones, relics & team comps..

Arlan’s build in Honkai Star Rail offers a unique skill set that makes him a valuable asset. His build focuses on enhancing crowd control and support capabilities, leveraging high-frequency elemental damage. This build is crucial as it not only increases team survivability but also escalates overall damage output, making Daily Missions significantly more manageable.

Key Takeaways
  • Arlan is by far the best 4-star character in Honkai Star Rail specializing in lightning damage.
  • He’s known for his ability to amplify DPS based on his HP loss, providing a high-risk, high-reward gameplay experience.
  • There are various playstyles suitable for Arlan, such as “Aggressive Berserker,” “Tactical Survivor,” and “Balanced Battleman.”
  • These styles can be chosen based on the player’s preferences and Arlan’s skill set.
Best Cones for ArlanBest RelicsBest OrnamentsBest Team Composition
1. A Secret Vow (5-Star)1. Band of Sizzling Thunder (4-Set)1. Space Sealing Station (2-Set)1. Natasha (Healer)
2. On the Fall of an Aeon (4-Star)2. Musketeer of Wild Wheat (2-Set)-2. Pela (Debuffer)
3. Mutual Demise (3-Star)--3. Fire Trailblazer (Tank)

Who Is Arlan In Honkai Star Rail?

Stat Value
HP 1199
ATK 599
DEF 330
Speed 102
Taunt 125

Arlan, a dynamic character in Honkai Star Rail, is a lightning damage warrior on the Path of Destruction. His unique ability to amplify damage as he loses HP creates high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Players can strategically use and customize his build for versatile playstyles, making him a valuable addition to any team composition.

Light Cones

Light cones in Honkai Star Rail are vital as they augment Arlan’s combat potential, with each cone providing a unique ability to boost his performance. Finding the best light cone can enhance Arlan’s attack power, defense, or critical hit chance, augmenting his specific combat style.

A Secret Vow [5-Star]

A Secret Vow
  • Type: Destruction
  • Unique Ability: “Spare No Effort”
    • Increases damage dealt by 20%.
    • Adds 20% more damage to enemies with higher HP.
  • Stats:
    • HP: 463
    • ATK: 208
    • DEF: 115
  • Why It’s Ideal: Boosts Arlan’s damage output significantly and synergizes with his abilities targeting high-HP enemies.

On the Fall of an Aeon [4-Star]

On The Fall Of An Aeon
Honkai Star Rail: On The Fall Of An Aeon – Screenshot Grab: eXputer
  • Type: Destruction
  • Unique Ability: “Moth to Flames”
    • Increases wearer’s ATK by 8% per attack (stacks up to 4 times).
    • When inflicting Weakness Break, boosts damage by 12% for two turns.
  • Stats:
    • HP: 48
    • ATK: 24
    • DEF: 18
  • Why It’s Excellent: Enhances Arlan’s effectiveness with each attack, perfect for his fast, high-damage playstyle.

Mutual Demise [3-Star]

“Mutual Demise” is a 3-Star, Destruction-path Light Cone. As its power lies in the increase of the wearer’s CRIT rate based on HP conditions, specific stats such as HP, ATK, and DEF are not provided.

Element Stats
HP 38
ATK 16
  • Type: Destruction
  • Unique Ability: Increases wearer’s CRIT rate based on HP conditions.
    • When HP falls below 80%, increases CRIT rate by 12-24%, depending on the Light Cone’s level.
  • Stats:
    • HP: 38
    • ATK: 16
    • DEF: 9
  • Why It’s Effective: Capitalizes on Arlan’s tendency to operate at lower HP, amplifying his damage potential substantially.

Obtaining “Mutual Demise” from Stellar Warp adds an extra layer of strategy to Arlan’s combat style, turning potential risk into a significant damage boost through higher CRIT rates. Each light cone enhances Arlan’s combat capabilities in its unique way, allowing players to tailor their strategy to their preferred playstyle.

Best Skills

Arlan (Image Credits Exputer)

Having the best Arlan skills in Honkai Star Rail is crucial. Skill selection impacts battle performance significantly. It enhances Arlan’s damage output, crowd control, and survival chances. By choosing the right skills, you can maximize Arlan’s potential, ensuring victory even against the toughest opponents. Skills are the key to Arlan’s battlefield dominance.

Frenzied Punishment

  • Type: Blast Skill
  • Effect: Deals 230% of Arlan’s ATK as Lightning DMG to one enemy and 115% to adjacent enemies.
  • Energy Cost: 110
  • Why It’s Great: Offers high damage output with an area effect, making it effective in crowded combat situations and exploiting elemental weaknesses.

Swift Harvest

  • Type: Technique Skill
  • Effect: Deals Lightning DMG equal to 80% of Arlan’s ATK to all enemies upon entering battle.
  • Why It’s Great: Provides immediate damage upon entering battle, disrupting enemies’ attacks and offering area coverage for crowd control.

Shackle Breaker

  • Type: Single-Target Skill
  • Effect: Deals 156% of Arlan’s ATK as Lightning DMG to one enemy, consuming 15% of Arlan’s max HP. If Arlan’s HP is low, it reduces his HP to 1 post-use.
  • Why It’s Great: Offers high damage potential with a risk-reward mechanic, allowing Arlan to deal significant damage even at the cost of his own HP.

Pain And Anger

  • Type: Enhancing Talent
  • Effect: Increases Arlan’s damage based on the percentage of HP lost from his max HP, up to a maximum of 46% more damage.
  • Why It’s Great: Turns adversity into an advantage, boosting Arlan’s damage output as his HP decreases, encouraging strategic play and resilience.

These skills synergize well with Arlan’s combat style, offering a balance of high damage output, crowd control, and resilience.

Best Relic Sets For Arlan

Relic Sets form an essential part of Arlan’s combat gear. The best Relic Sets not only improve his base attributes but also offer valuable set bonuses when multiple pieces from the same set are equipped. These bonuses can significantly enhance Arlan’s combat efficiency, making him more effective in different battle scenarios.

Band of Sizzling Thunder [4-Set]

Band of Sizzling Thunder is a potent Relic Set in Honkai Star Rail, featuring four distinctive pieces: Polarized Sunglasses, Touring Bracelet, Leather Jacket With Studs, and Ankle Boots With Rivets. The set offers a significant ATK boost following skill usage.

  • Set Pieces: Polarized Sunglasses, Touring Bracelet, Leather Jacket With Studs, Ankle Boots With Rivets
  • Set Bonus: Provides a significant ATK boost (20%) for one turn after using a skill.
  • Why It’s Great: Perfectly aligns with Arlan’s aggressive playstyle, maximizing his damage output, especially after using skills like Shackle Breaker. Obtainable from trailblazing and Cavern of Corrosion, making it accessible for optimizing Arlan’s destructive potential.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat [2-Set]

Musketeer Of Wild Wheat
Musketeer Of Wild Wheat (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Set Pieces: Wild Wheat Felt Hat, Coarse Leather Gloves, Wind-Hunting Shawl, Rivets Riding Boots
  • Set Bonus: Grants a 10% ATK increase.
  • Why It’s Great: Boosts Arlan’s overall damage output, complementing his heavy-hitting playstyle. Particularly effective when combined with his aggressive skill set. Obtainable from trailblazing and Cavern of Corrosion, making it accessible for enhancing Arlan’s strengths.

As these relics can be obtained from trailblazing and challenging the Cavern of Corrosion, this set is accessible and a practical choice for building a high-damage Arlan setup. Ultimately, the Musketeer of Wild Wheat helps Arlan to perform at his best, enhancing his inherent strengths.

Arlan Best Ornaments

Planar Ornaments play a critical role in optimizing Arlan’s prowess in battles. They can improve his stats, including HP, ATK, and DEF. Having the best Ornaments means maximizing Arlan’s efficiency, be it in dealing damage, soaking up attacks, or ensuring his survival during tough encounters.

Space Sealing Station

Space Sealing Station
Space Sealing Station (Image Credits Exputer)

The Space Sealing Station stands out as the top choice for Arlan due to its significant benefits.

This Ornament set, obtained from the Simulated Universe, provides a 2-piece bonus that boosts the wearer’s ATK based on their speed. Here’s why it’s the best choice for Arlan:

  1. Flat 12% ATK increase: This baseline bonus improves Arlan’s damage output, aligning well with his role as a damage-focused character.
  2. Additional 12% ATK boost: When Arlan’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, he gains an extra ATK boost. This synergizes perfectly with his fast-paced combat style, enhancing his effectiveness in battle.

Given Arlan’s reliance on ATK to maximize his skills like Frenzied Punishment and Shackle Breaker, the boosts from the Space Sealing Station significantly amplify his damage potential. Obtaining this Ornament set involves challenging the Simulated Universe or redeeming it with an Immersifier or 40 Trailblaze after defeating an Elite/Boss.

Best Playstyle For Arlan

Your playstyle choice for Arlan is pivotal in Honkai Star Rail because it influences how he performs in battles, strategizes with his team, and utilizes his skills and stats. 

Playstyle 1: Aggressive Berserker

Arlan – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
  • Focus on upgrading Arlan’s ATK stat and equip him with light cones and planar ornaments that boost damage output.
  • Utilize his Shackle Breaker skill to dish out high lightning damage, treating HP as a resource.
  • Equip the Mutual Demise Light Cone to increase CRIT hit rate when HP falls below 80%.
  • Pair with a healer like Natasha to ensure Arlan’s survival while unleashing devastating attacks.

Playstyle 2: Tactical Survivor

  • Prioritize DEF and HP stats to maximize Arlan’s longevity in battles.
  • Take advantage of Arlan’s Pain and Anger talent, which increases damage as HP decreases.
  • Equip defensive planar ornaments like Space Sealing Station to boost ATK as SPD increases.
  • Consider pairing with a tank character like Fire Trailblazer to divert enemy attention and steadily chip away at enemy health.

Playstyle 3: Balanced Battleman

  • Strike a balance between offense and defense by equipping Arlan with a mix of ATK, DEF, and HP boosting gear.
  • Plan team composition to balance healing, tanking, and debuffing roles, ensuring Arlan’s effectiveness while minimizing the risk of defeat.
  • Consider using the Secret Vow Light Cone to enhance damage against enemies with higher HP, making Arlan a versatile warrior adaptable to various battle scenarios.

Best Team Composition

Team composition plays a crucial role in Honkai Star Rail. The right team can synergize their skills, resulting in a more efficient and effective battle strategy. With Arlan’s high damage capabilities, pairing him with supportive and debuffing units would further enhance his overall performance.

Now, let’s discuss why Natasha, Pela, and Fire Trailblazer are the best companions for Arlan.

Natasha (Healer):

  • Maintains team health throughout battles, ensuring Arlan’s sustainability.
  • Weakens enemies’ damage with Technique ability, indirectly enhancing Arlan’s survival.

Pela (Debuffer):

  • Decreases enemies’ defense, paving the way for Arlan’s heavy-hitting attacks.
  • Ultimate skill exposes enemies, making them more susceptible to Arlan’s lightning damage.
  • Talent ability restores extra energy when enemies are debuffed, allowing more frequent Ultimates.
    Pela – [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]

Fire Trailblazer (Tank):

  • Draws enemy attention and absorbs attacks, protecting Arlan from direct damage.
  • Contributes fire damage to the team’s overall output.
  • Defenses and shielding abilities complement Arlan’s need for protection.
    Trailblazer Fire

Together, this team composition enables Arlan to maximize damage output while being well-protected and sustained by Natasha and Fire Trailblazer. Pela further enhances Arlan’s damage potential by lowering enemy defenses. This balanced and synergistic team is designed to bolster Arlan’s strengths and ensure success in battles.

With this, I conclude my Arlan Honkai Star Rail build guide. While builds are absolutely necessary in winning fights, you can’t just always rely on DPS characters to carry you. That is why you must read Honkai Star Rail Himeko Build, Clara Build, and Seele Build guides & learn to rely on characters other than just the DPS ones. 


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