Honkai Star Rail Strale [How To Get & All Locations]

Learn how to get Strale from all the locations and how to use them in World Shop to buy relics, recipes, and other items.

Honkai Star Rail has many currencies, and one of them is Strale. This currency type, Strale, is curial as it can be used in various places, including the Store of World shop located in the Xianzhou Luofu region. 

Key Takeaways
  • Strale is a type of currency that is used to buy various items in Honkai Star Rail.
  • This currency can be used in the World Shop located in Xianzhou Loufu.
  • Strale can be obtained by completing a mission or by opening treasure chests.
  • The most Strales can be obtained by the mission of the Seven Errors Of Cycranes.
  • It is recommended to get Strales by completing missions because one treasure chest only awards 5 Strales per chest.
  • This currency can be used to get new recipes, relics, and even upgrade items as well.

What Is Strale?

Strale is one of the many types of currencies that can be used to buy items in special shops. The region where it is often found is Xianzhou Luofu. The shape of the Strale is like an arrow, or for instance, one can say like a leaf. To conclude, it is pointed from one end and curved from the other.

How To Get Strale 

As you already know that this type of currency is only found in one region; therefore, it is pretty hard to get. There are two ways through which you can obtain the Strale in Honkai Star Rail.

  1. Completing some of the missions will earn you Strale as a reward
  2. You can get your hands on some Strale by opening a few treasure chests

1. Opening Treasure Chests 

You must remember that Strale can be obtained from the treasure chests that are located in the Xianzhou Luofu region. Most of the chests located in this region will contain Stellar Jades, Trailblaze, and Strale.

Lastly, you will get only up to 5 Strale per treasure chest, which makes this a lengthy task. It is recommended to complete some missions if you want Strale the quickest way possible.

2. Completing Missions To Get Strale 

Obtaining Strale by completing the missions is the best way possible. Though it may take you some time, this will get you more than 5 Strale rewards. This way, you can have many Strales in the quickest way. There are around a total of 150 Strales available through missions, and if you complete all of them together, you can have Strale at your disposal.

Locations Of All The Strales In Honkai Star Rail

You must know the missions which, upon completion, will award you with Strales. Most of them are quite small, and you can complete them in a short time. It is recommended to do all of them together so you can have quite some Strale with you to spend in the shop.

Location #1: Central Starskiff Jetty 

This location requires you to reach Starskiff Jetty space anchor by teleporting. When you arrive, you must head in the northwestern direction.

Honkai Star Rail: How To get Strale
Helping the lady
  1. You must interact with Starskiff when you see him.
  2. While having a conversation, choose all those options that are a little apologetic.
  3. Along with this, help a lady nearby who is aiming at the wheel of coins
  4. In order to aid the lady, you must keep your aim right above the jade wheel

Following all the commands mentioned above, the mission will be completed, and you will be awarded 10 Strales. Successfully doing the mission will earn you the achievement of “Flight Cancelled.”

Location #2: Starskiff Jetty Space Anchor 

Before You Start: You must possess praise of high morals before you begin with this mission.

Honkai Star Rail: How To get Strale
Using one praise of high morals to get Strale at a cafe

This is the same location as the previous one, but it requires you to complete a different mission this time. Once you arrive at the location, glance forward to your right-hand side. You will be able to spot a café which is constructed in the open air.

  1. Travel to the café on your right side.
  2. Spot a chair that is placed in front of a desk containing some kind of scroll.
  3. You must now use 1 Praise of Morals so you can continue to read the remaining pages of the scroll.

Completing all the instructed tasks will earn you 10 Strales. This is a small mission. Therefore, the Strale awarded is a bit less.

Location #3: Earthrise Agora Space Anchor 

Teleport all the way to the Earthrise area and head straight into the Palace of Astrum.

  1. Move inside the palace and head in your left direction after taking the stairs.
  2. You must look at the desk which is located near Yanming.
  3. Then, use teleportation again to come back to the same place
  4. Now, if you inspect the desk again, you will see a treasure chest lying beside Yanming.

Your task is to open the chest, but somehow, Yanming will stop you when you come near the chest. You must devise a plan together with Xikui.

Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Greeting Xikui
  1. Meet Xikui, who is waiting near the entrance of the palace.
  2. Upon talking to her, she will agree to distract Yanming
  3. Right when Xikui distracts Yanming by giving him some work, you must approach the chest and open it

Once you open the chest, you will get 10 Strales from inside it. Take it and get out of that location quickly.

Location #4: Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor 

This location requires you to participate in a competition called Eater Championship. To take part in this competition, you need to interact with a few people.

Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Meeting the taciturn man
  1. Go near the Taciturn person and tell him that he will lose the competition for sure.
  2. Next, go to a girl nearby who is very excited about the competition and tell her that you can easily win the prize.
  3. Finally, start the competition, and you must simply choose two dialogues: one is the ‘let’s eat’ one, and the other is the ‘sip.’

Once competing in the competition, you will instantly be awarded 10 Strales. You will also get an achievement to your name, which is called “From Hero to Zero.”

Location #5: Starwatcher Avenue Space Anchor 

When you arrive at the Starwatcher area, you must travel to the building on your east. This building might look like it’s been abandoned for some time. Just enter the building to start your mission.

  1. Look for a counter above, where you will find a book
  2. Go through the book, and after that, you must write a reply to the person
  3. You must choose appropriate answers to the reply and also give a humble opinion to the writer

Once you do this, choose any map and travel to it. After doing so, return back to Starwatcher to read the reply to the letter. Once you have read, you will be given 10 Strales along with the reply.

Location #6: Jewelers Shop In Starwatcher Avenue 

Reach the same Strale location as the previous mission and travel to Jeweler’s Pagoda in Honkai Star Rail.

  1. Upon looking at the shop, you will come across a rusty Mechanical Part.
  2. Take the mechanical part and give it to the Frowning Young Man nearby
  3. He will exchange the item for an Old Tin Box
Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Interacting with a Frowning young man

You must then teleport to the Court of Tranquility space anchor, which is located in Exalting Sanctum. Once you reach there, you will locate a bookstore on your right.

  1. You must talk to the bookstore owner.
  2. After the conversation, she will exchange the old tin box with A Bottle of Draconic Tears.
  3. Go back through teleportation to Starwatcher anchor and head north
  4. Reach the café which is located in the open air, to meet Howard
  5. Hand him the Draconic Tears bottle
Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Meeting with Howard

After handing him the Draconic Tears bottle, you will be awarded 10 Stellar Jades and 10 Strale.

Location #7: Central Starskiff Jetty: The Seven Errors Of Cycranes

This is quite a long mission, but do remember that it has very high rewards as well. You will get 70 Strales by completing this mission, and on top of that, you will be awarded 8 achievements as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to complete this mission as it will give you more Strale than all the previous missions combined.


Teleport all the way to Earthrise anchor and move in a straight direction unless you spot a Cycrane. You must have a chat with him and then continue on the same path.

Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Meeting Ziqiao
  • You should look out for Ziqiao, who will be seen on your way
  • When you are done talking, he will assign a task to find the rest of the 6 missing cycranes
Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Meeting the cycrane

This will award you with the achievement “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Sloth.” You will receive 10 Strales as a reward.


This mission starts when you arrive at Earthrise anchor and continue your way in the east direction. Stop when you meet a Cycrance.

  1. Talk to the Cycrance, and you will be tasked to play a little game of hide and seek with it.
  2. You will be provided with a map that will mark a location
  3. Do remember that the map won’t be of much use as the Cycrance won’t be located at that particular location.

Therefore, the mission will award you with 10 Strales and an achievement of “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Envy.”


  1. Arrive at the same location as Earthrise anchor and then move north to spot a Grocery shop.
  2. You will be tasked to play a quiz
  3. Answer all the questions, as they are pretty simple

This will get you another 10 Strales and achievement of “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Gluttony”.

Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Taking a mission from a cycrane


You must visit the Court of Tranquility anchor for this location. Just move north until you find another Cycrane.

  1. When you spot the cycrane, do see that the cycrane is labeled as ‘Stonker’.
  2. If it does, then interact with it.
  3. You will be asked a question about Strale, and the answer to that question will be 5 Strale.

This will end the mission by awarding you with 10 Strales and an achievement of “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Pride“.


  1. You have to visit Cloudford for this mission and go to the Trove of Verdure.
  2. This time you must find a cycrane that has the tag ‘Evil Dragon’.
  3. The cycrane will collapse to the ground after it finishes talking.
  4. The cycrane will ask for help
  5. You have to solve a puzzle in order to aid the Cycrane

After you solve the puzzle, the mission will end, awarding you with 10 Strales and achievement of “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Greed“.


You must travel all the way to Cloudford and thus move in the southern direction. Furthermore, you should continue unless you spot Cycrane. This mission only requires you to listen to the instructions and follow it.

  1. Just go along with Cycrane to a particular location
  2. You will have to defeat any enemies that come your way

Finally, you will be awarded 10 Strales and “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Lust” achievement.


Evidently, this mission takes place in Stargazer Navalia. All you are required to do is interact with Cycrane in that area to kill some enemies to complete the mission.

Your rewards will be 10 Strales and “The Seven Errors of Cycranes: Wrath” achievement.

Location #8: Court of Tranquility 

When you arrive in the Tranquility zone, continue straight unless you find a vase that is already broken. You must clear out the mess and take care of it. In addition, this can be done by spending 5 bags of trash on it to cover all the broken items.

You will be awarded the following:

Honkai Star Rail How To Get Strale
Using praise of high morals

Finally, you must visit this same location after a new day rises. Visit the place where the vase was broken and spend one of your praise of high morals on it. If you opt not to take the gift, then you will receive 10 more Strales and an achievement of “Far From the Madding Crowd.”

How To Use Strales 

Furthermore, you know that Strale is a currency in Honkai Star Rail; it can be spent:

  • To buy new recipes
  • Even upgrade any kind of item.
  • Buy Shadow of Preservation for 250 Strales to get a higher Eidolon level for Trailblazer.
  • You can even get your hands on relics as well.

All these purchases can be made in the World shop located at Jeweler’s Pagoda located in Xianzhou Loufu. Spending Strales in the world shop can be quite beneficial because if you spend a specific amount of Strales, you will get some good rewards as well.

Cost of StraleRewards
750 Strales50x Stellar Jade, 4x Adventure Log and 4x Lost Gold Fragment
590 Strales1x Past and Future, 4x Adventure Log and 4x Lost Gold Fragment Item
380 Strales1x Star Rail Pass, 4x Adventure Log and 4x Lost Gold Fragment
60 Strales50x Stellar Jade, 4x Adventure Log and 4x Lost Gold Fragment Item
180 Strales1x Star Rail Pass, 4x Adventure Log and 4x Lost Gold Fragment


Strale is a type of currency that can be later used in the world shop to buy various items in Honkai Star Rail. You can get these Strales from rewards for completing missions or by opening treasure chests. Strales are mostly found in the location of Xianzhou Luofu. You can get new recipes, relics, and other items, such as upgrades from Strales. If you spend a specific amount of Strales, then you can get some rewards as well. 


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