Honkai Star Rail: Best 5 Stars Characters [Hands-On Guide]

I spent 8+ months playing and here are my recommendations for the best 5-Star characters for combat!

The Honkai Star Rail Best 5 Stars represent the pinnacle of power and versatility, boasting exceptional AoE, unparalleled DPS characters in Honkai Star Rail, and adaptive playstyles, making them the most sought-after & the best characters in the game. Each 5-star character brings a unique set of abilities and synergies to the table, similar to the best 4 stars, catering to the best team compositions and strategies. However, not all 5 Stars Trailblazers are created equal, as showcased by the Honkai Star Rail tier list.

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Key Takeaways
  • There are 14 confirmed 5-star units in Honkai Star Rail.
  • To help you prioritize, I have compiled a list of the top 10 best 5-star characters that you should definitely have in your team.
  • In my opinion, I think Gepard is one of the best 5-Star characters due to his versatility and being a great all-rounder unit.

Honkai Star Rail 5 Stars Characters Comparison Table

CharacterHPDEFATKSPDTauntBest For
Seele93136364011575Single-target quantum DPS.
Welt1125509620102100Break Support
Trailblazer Physical1203460620100125Early-game DPS
Himeko10474367569675Fire standard dps.
Bailu131948556298100Standard healer
Jing Yuan11644856989975Lightning AoE dps.
Trailblazer Fire124160660195150Fire Defense.
Bronya124153358299100Team-wide Support
Clara124148573790125Physical AoE
Gepard139765454392150Ice defense.


The Best Single-Target Quantum DPS.

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Seele is a 5-star quantum element character known for her high damage output and unique stealth capabilities. Her skill set focuses on dealing substantial damage while enhancing her speed and utilizing her buffed state.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 931
DEF 363
ATK 640
SPD 115

Best Skills

  • Thwack
  • Sheathed Blade
  • Butterfly Flurry
  • Resurgence
  • Phantom Illusion

The pros and cons for using Seele in my opinion are as follows: 

  • High damage output.
  • Stealth capability.
  • Speed boost and buffed state.
  • Extra actions upon defeating enemies.
  • Reliant on the buffed state for maximum effectiveness.
  • Requires careful positioning and timing to maximize stealth advantage.


The Best Imaginary Weakness Break Support.

Welt is a 5-star imaginary element character who specializes in crowd control and damage dealing. He excels at slowing and imprisoning enemies, disrupting their actions, and delivering powerful area-of-effect damage.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1125
DEF 509
ATK 620
SPD 102

Best Skills

  • Gravity Suppression
  • Edge of the Void
  • Synthetic Black Hole
  • Time Distortion
  • Gravitational Imprisonment

The pros and cons for using Welt in my experience are listed below: 

  • Strong crowd control capabilities.
  • Deals damage to multiple enemies.
  • Can slow and imprison enemies, disrupting their actions.
  • Effective area-of-effect damage through Ultimate.

Trailblazer Physical

The Best Early-Game DPS.
Trailblazer Physical

Trailblazer Physical is a 5 Stars character known for her versatile and powerful Physical attacks. She can deal massive damage to single targets or groups of enemies while healing allies and capitalizing on enemy weaknesses.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1203
DEF 460
ATK 620
SPD 100

Best Skills

  • Farewell Hit
  • RIP Home Run
  • Stardust Ace
  • Perfect Pickoff
  • Immortal Third Strike

The pros and cons for using the Physical Trailblazer are below: 

  • Versatile damage dealer for single targets and groups.
  • Boosts ATK when inflicting Weakness Break.
  • Provides healing support for allies.
  • Effective against enemies with Physical Weakness.
  • Reliant on proper enemy targeting and positioning for max DPS.
  • Requires skillful management of Ultimate modes.


The Best Fire Standard DPS.

Himeko is a 5-star fire damage specialist with powerful attacks and unique battlefield control. She excels at breaking enemy weaknesses and amplifying Fire damage through her skills and Eidolon abilities.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1047
DEF 436
ATK 756
SPD 96

Best Skills

  • Sawblade Tuning
  • Molten Detonation
  • Heavenly Flare
  • Victory Rush
  • Incomplete Combustion

After using Himeko, these are her advantages and disadvantages in my experience: 

  • Strong Fire damage dealer.
  • Effective at breaking enemy weaknesses.
  • Unique battlefield control through Burning Zones.
  • Energy regeneration through Ultimate. 
  • Relies on Fire damage, which may not be effective against certain enemies.
  • Requires strategic timing and positioning to maximize damage potential.


The Best Standard Healer.

Bailu is a 5-star lightning-element support character with exceptional healing and buffing capabilities. She excels at sustaining the team’s health and enhancing their damage output through her unique skills and Eidolon abilities.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1319
DEF 485
ATK 562
SPD 98

Best Skills

  • Diagnostic Kick
  • Singing Among Clouds
  • Felicitous Thunderleap
  • Gourdful of Elixir
  • Saunter in the Rain

The pros and cons for using Bailu are mentioned here:

  • Excellent healing capabilities.
  • Provides damage enhancement through healing.
  • Bailu can revive allies once per battle.
  • Unique Invigoration mechanic.
  • Lacks direct damage-dealing potential.
  • Relies on maintaining Invigoration status for optimal support.

Jing Yuan

The Best Lightning AoE DPS.
Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is a 5 Stars Lightning-element damage dealer renowned for controlling the Lightning element and powerful summon, Lightning-Lord. He specializes in dealing massive AoE and single-target damage through a combination of his abilities and Lightning-Lord’s attacks. 

Jing Yuan has not been released in Honkai Star Rail, but his stats were impressive in the Beta version. I have included him in the top ten 5-star characters list.  

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1164
DEF 485
ATK 698
SPD 99

Best Skills

  • Lux Ignis
  • Rifting Zenith
  • Prana Extirpated
  • Spirit Invocation

In order to use Jing Yuan, I believe that players should know his pros and cons:

  • Strong AoE and single-target damage.
  • Unique summon mechanic with Lightning-Lord.
  • Synergy between abilities and Eidolon levels.
  • Energy regeneration through Eidolon abilities.
  • Relies on Lightning-Lord for optimal damage.
  • Vulnerable when affected by Crowd Control debuffs.

Trailblazer Fire

The Best Fire Defense Unit.
Trailblazer Fire

Trailblazer Fire is a 5-star fire-element tank character known for his excellent defense capabilities and Magma Will stacking mechanic. This character excels at absorbing damage and providing shields for allies while dishing out Fire damage to enemies.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1241
DEF 606
ATK 601
SPD 95

Best Skills

  • Ice-Breaking Light
  • Ever-Burning Amber
  • Flaming Lance Behind Enemy Lines
  • Treasure of the Architects

The pros and cons for using the Fire Trailblazer are as below: 

  • High survivability and defense.
  • Provides shields to allies.
  • Magma Will stacking mechanic adds versatility and damage potential.
  • Deals Fire damage based on DEF.
  • Limited damage output compared to other damage-focused characters.
  • Relies on Magma Will stacks for optimal performance.


The Best Team-Wide Support.

Bronya as a Wind character is a 5 Stars Wind-element support character known for her ability to enhance ally performance and manipulate action order. This character excels at increasing the damage output of teammates while providing debuff removal and follow-up attacks.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1241
DEF 533
ATK 582
SPD 99

Best Skills

  • Windrider Bullet
  • Combat Redeployment
  • The Belobog March
  • Leading the Way
  • Banner of Command

The pros and cons for Bronya are mentioned below: 

  • Excellent support capabilities.
  • Can manipulate action order.
  • Dispels debuffs and provides damage boosts.
  • Follow-up attacks with Wind damage.
  • Limited direct damage output.
  • Relies on team synergy for optimal performance.


The Best Ealry-Game Physical AoE DPS.

Clara is a 5-star damage dealer and tank, utilizing her connection to Svarog to deal with powerful counterattacks and protect allies. She excels at drawing enemy attention, reducing incoming damage, and punishing enemies who target her.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1241
DEF 485
ATK 737
SPD 90

Best Skills

  • I Want to Help
  • Svarog Watches Over You
  • Promise, Not Command
  • Because We’re Family
  • A Small Price for Victory

To use Clara as a Physical DPS, I think that her pros and cons should be known first: 

  • Excellent tanking capabilities.
  • Powerful counterattacks through Svarog’s abilities.
  • AOE damage with Skill.
  • Damage reduction and increased chance of being targeted.
  • Reliant on proper timing and positioning.
  • Less effective if not targeted by enemies.


The Best Cryo Defense Support.

Gepard is a 5 Stars Ice damage dealer and defender known for his potent freezing abilities and shielding prowess. He excels at controlling the battlefield, protecting allies, and disrupting enemy strategies.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1397
DEF 654
ATK 543
SPD 92

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Best Skills

  • Fist of Conviction
  • Daunting Strike
  • Enduring Bulwark
  • Unyielding Will
  • Comradery

The pros and cons for Gepard are listed here: 

  • Effective crowd control through freezing enemies.
  • Provides strong team-wide Shields with Ultimate and Technique.
  • Survivability with Unyielding Will Talent.
  • Additional Ice damage against Frozen enemies.
  • Reliant on Freeze status to maximize damage output.
  • Limited to single-target damage with Skill.

My Thoughts On The Best 5-Stars 

After spending 8+ months playing Honkai Star Rail, I believe that Jing Yuan, as well as Seele, are the best 5-star characters as I can take advantage of Seele’s great Quantum single-target damage, meanwhile, Jing Yuan can murder enemies with his AoE damage. 

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