Honkai Star Rail: Himeko Build [Cones, Relics & Team Comps]

Learn about Honkai Star Rail Himeko build & get the best Light Cones, Relics, Ornament sets, team comps and Eidolons!

Honkai Star Rail features Himeko, who has been revived and brought from Honkai Impact 3rd. She is an excellent unit for making the best build. Therefore, a detailed walkthrough of some of Honkai Star Rail Himeko‘s best Light Cones, relic sets, ornament sets, and her overall playstyle and team comps might be important to cover for players! 

Important: Himeko can be obtained from both the Standard Banner as well as the event banner upon losing a 50/50. 
Key Takeaways
  • Himeko is a five-star Fire character, and she belongs to the Erudition
  • She is a multi-target DPS capable of taking down larger groups of enemies. 
  • She has 142 HP, 102 ATK, 59 DEF, and 96 SPD at a base level. 
  • Characters like Pela, Hook, Asta, Bronya, Serval, Tinyun, Fire MC, Bailu, and Natasha can work in a team comp with her.
  • The best Eidolons for her are her E1 and E2. 

Honkai Star Rail Himeko Build

Here is an overview of all elements that make a perfect Himeko build in Honkai Star Rail. 

Light ConesRelicsTracesEidolonsBest Team Composition
Night On The Milky WayFiresmith of Lava ForgingIncomplete CombustionE1Himeko, Pela, Bronya, Bailu
Before DawnMusketeer of Wild WheatSawblade TuningE2Himeko, Hook, Natasha, Pela
Today Is Another Peaceful DaySpace Sealing StationMolten DetonationE3Himeko, Asta, Serval, Natasha
The Seriousness Of BreakfastInert SalsottoHeavenly FlareE4Himeko, Bronya, Tingyun, Bailu
Geniuses' Repose-Victory RushE5Himeko, Asta, Hook, Fire MC
The Birth Of The Self--E6-


Himeko (Image Credits Exputer)
Level 1 Stats Value 
ATK 102
Level 80 Stats Value 
ATK 756

First things first, let’s take a look at an overview of Honkai Star Rail HimekoHimeko is one of the best five-star character in Honkai Star Raik of the Fire element and belongs to the Erudition Path

  • As she belongs to the Erudition Path, she can carry out insane amounts of Multi-target damage and insanely good AoE damage that can shred opponents to pieces and not let any be left. 
Himeko Path
Himeko Path (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As an AoE DPS, she is ranked as an S-tiered character in Honkai Star Rail, which makes her a must-have in your Honkai Star Rail Himeko Team. 
  • She can support your journey in progressing through the main content in Honkai Star Rail, which includes that of the main plot, as well as more difficult content such as the Simulated Universe or even the Forgotten Halls and the Memory of Chaos. 
  • She can handle larger groups of enemies since her multi-targeting allows her to hit more than one enemy at once, allowing her to dominate them. 

Best Light Cones 

Moving on, the next thing that needs to be discussed is Honkai Star Rail Himeko’s Best Light Cones, which includes the following options. 

  • Night On The Milky Way 
  • Before Dawn 
  • Today Is Another Peaceful Day 
  • The Seriousness Of Breakfast 
  • Geniuses’ Repose
  • The Birth Of The Self

Night On The Milky Way 

Night On The Milky Way
Night On The Milky Way (Image Credits Exputer)

First, one of her best Lightcones is her best in the slot, the Night On The Milky Way. 

  • It is a five-star Lightcone that is specifically made for Himeko, and can be bought from the Store for Embers and can be warped too. 
  • With its ability, for every opponent on the field, it can increase the wearer’s overall attack by 9%, with up to five stacks. 
  • Other than that, whenever an opponent has been inflicted with Weakness Break, the wearer’s damage gets bumped up by 30% for one turn. 
Level 1 Stats Value 
ATK 26
Level 80 Stats Value 
ATK 582


The Light Cone can also be superimposed and listed as follows. 

Superimpositions Effects 
1For each enemy on the field, the attack gets increased by 9%, and it the opponent is inflicted with Weakness Break, then the damage dealt is increased by 30% for one turn. 
5Attack increases by 15%, and with Weakness Break, it increases by 50% for one turn. 

Before Dawn 

Before Dawn
Before Dawn (Image Credits Exputer)

Next, Before Dawn is another solid Light Cone option that might be expensive but overpowered. 

  • Using the ability increases the overall crit damage by 36% and enhances the skill and ultimate damage by 18%. 
  • Anytime you use your skill or ultimate, you get Somnus Corpus, with which, after using a follow-up attack, the Somnus Corpus gets consumed, and the follow-up attack damage output gets buffed up by 48%. 
Level 1 Stats Value 
ATK 26
Level 80 Stats Value 
ATK 582


Let’s take a look at the superimposition for the Light Cone. 

Superimpositions Effects 
1Crit damage increases by 36%, the skill and ultimate gets enhanced by 18%, and the follow-up attack increases by 48%. 
5Crit damage gets enhanced by 60%, the skill and ultimate damage get enhanced by 30%, and the follow-up attack gets buffed by 80%. 

Geniuses’ Repose 

Geniuses' Repose
Geniuses’ Repose (Image Credits Exputer)

The first four-star Light Cone option can be used for Honkai Star Rail Himeko. 

  • The overall attack gets enhanced by 16%, and whenever the enemy gets annihilated, the crit damage gets enhanced by 24% for three turns. 
Level 1 Stats Value 
ATK 21
Level 80 Stats Value 
ATK 476


As far as its superimposition are concerned, they are listed below. 

Superimpositions Effects 
1The attack is increased by 16%; the crit damage increases by 24% for three turns. 
5The attack gets buffed by 32%. The crit damage gets buffed by 48% for three turns.

Today Is Another Peaceful Day 

Today Is Another Peaceful Day
Today Is Another Peaceful Day (Image Credits Exputer)

The next four-star option is Today Is Another Peaceful Day, through which, after entering combat, the damage gets buffed up based on their max energy, and the damage gets increased by 0.20% per energy point up to 160 energy. 

Level 1 Stats Value 
ATK 24
Level 80 Stats Value 
ATK 529


With the superimposition, they are as follows.

Superimpositions Effects 
1After entering combat mode, the damage increases by 0.20% per energy point. 
5After entering a battle, the damage gets buffed up by 0.40% per energy point. 

Best Relics

When it comes to the Best Honkai Star Rail Himeko Relics, they will be split into relics as well as ornament sets. 

  • Firesmith Of Lava Forging 
  • Musketeer Of Wild Wheat 
  • Space Sealing Station 
  • Inert Salsotto 

Firesmith Of Lava Forging 

Firesmith Of Lava Forging
Firesmith Of Lava Forging (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first sets is Firesmith Of Lava Forging, and one thing that should be made clear is that the gold relics cannot be obtained until you reach Trailblaze Level 40. 

  • The 2 piece set enhances the fire damage by 10%. 
  • The four-piece set increases the overall skill’s damage by 12%, and after the ultimate is used, it increases the fire damage by 12% for the next attack. 

Musketeer Of Wild Wheat 

Musketeer Of Wild Wheat
Musketeer Of Wild Wheat (Image Credits Exputer)

Secondly, the Musketeer Of Wild Wheat offers a general increase to the overall attack, as shown below. 

  • The 2 piece set offers an increase of 12% to the attack. 
  • The 4-piece set increases the speed by 6% while the basic attack damage increases by 10%. 

Space Sealing Station 

Space Sealing Station
Space Sealing Station (Image Credits Exputer)

Another ornament set that can be used for Honkai Star Rail Himekois the Space Sealing Station, which can be acquired from the Simulated Universe World 3. 

  • The 2 piece set increases the overall attack by 12%, and whenever the speed crosses 120 or more, the attack gets enhanced by a further 12%. 

Inert Salsotto 

Inert Salsotto
Inert Salsotto (Image Credits Exputer)

Lastly, the Inert Salsotto ornament set can be acquired using the Simulated Universe World 6. 

  • The 2-piece set offers an increase in the crit rate by 8%, and if the crit hit rate reaches 50% or more, then the ultimate and follow-up attack damage gets increased by another 50%. 


Traces (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next thing that can be looked at are the Traces for Himeko, which includes her techniques, basic attacks, her skills, and Honkai Star Rail Himeko Ult

  • Incomplete Combustion (Technique): After using the technique, it creates a dimension that will last for 15 seconds, and after entering combat, there is a 100% chance to enhance the fire damage that is dealt to enemies by 10% for a total of 2 turns. 
  • Sawblade Tuning (Basic Attack): Himeko can deal fire damage equal to 50% of her base attack to one opponent. 
  • Molten Detonation (Skill): She can deal fire damage equal to 100% of her base attack to one enemy and deal fire damage equal to 40% to enemies that are close by. 
  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate): Fire damage equivalent to 138% of her base attack is dealt to all opponents, and she also regenerates 5 energy for every opponent she kills. 
  • Victory Rush (Talent): If an enemy gets affected by the Weakness Break, she gains one charge point. If she is fully charged, anytime an ally carries out an attack, Himeko will perform a follow-up attack and make enemies take in fire damage equal to 70% of her base attack. 

Her minor traces are listed below: 

  • Starfire: After using an attack, there will be a 50% base chance that she can inflict Burn on her opponents for two turns, and whenever the enemies are inflicted with Burn, they take Fire DoT. 
  • Magma: Her skill can deal 20% more damage to opponents inflicted with Burn. 
  • Benchmark: If her HP is more than or equal to 80%, her crit rate increases by 50%. 

Team Comps 

Moving on, quite a few Honkai Star Rail Himeko Team Comps can work with her, and since she is a multi-target DPS, she needs characters that will increase her overall damage output and ones that can buff her. 

Team Comps    
1Himeko Pela Bronya Bailu
2Himeko Hook Natasha Pela 
3Himeko AstaServal Natasha 
4Himeko Bronya Tingyun Bailu 
5Himeko Asta Hook Fire MC


Eidolons (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, while getting Eidolons can get extremely expensive, for whoever can whale out and wants to get Himeko Eidolons, the best Eidolons to go for are her E1 and E2. 

  • E1: After using Victory Rush, her speed increases by 20% for two turns. 
  • E2: She can deal 15% more damage than opponents whose HP percentage is less than or equal to 50%. 
  • E3: Her skill level gets increased by 2 and goes to a max of level 15, while her basic attack gets increased by 1. 
  • E4: Anytime her skill inflicts Weakness Break on an opponent, she gets one additional charge stack. 
  • E5: Her ultimate skill increases by 2, and her talent level bumps by 2. 
  • E6: The ultimate deals damage two extra times, each of which will deal damage equal to 50% to a random opponent. 


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about Honkai Star Rail Himeko, so let’s wrap up this guide! Alongside that, you might want to check out the Honkai Star Rail Administrative District Chests guide, which details where the chests are located! With that, the Honkai Star Rail Ancient Coins guide will entail their location and uses!

For newer players, the Honkai Star Rail How To Reroll guide goes into detail about creating new accounts and getting the best character, and becoming strong from the start!

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