Honkai Star Rail Beginner Guide [20 Tips & Tricks]

Learn about the 20 useful tips & tricks for starters in Honkai Star Rail so you can prioritize the right things & avoid wasting time.

Jumping into your adventure of Honkai Star Rail can be an exhilarating yet challenging experience for newcomers. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey through the game’s intricate mechanics, characters, and battles, a comprehensive Honkai Star Rail beginner guide is crucial. It offers valuable insights, tips, and strategies that will empower players to conquer challenges and progress effectively in the vast universe of Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Tips and Tricks Summary
  • Honkai Star Rail is a gacha game, which means if you do not keep your priorities right, you will waste more time than get a valuable outcome.
  • The 20 tips and tricks that I have listed below in this Beginner Guide will align your interests to make you fully enjoy the game with proper progress:
    • Explore maps thoroughly for hidden quests, chests, and puzzles.
    • Exploit enemy weaknesses for max damage.
    • Revisit tough enemies after leveling up.
    • Level up multiple characters to complete endgame content easily.
    • Use diverse elements to counter enemy types.
    • Balance your team with various character types.
    • Employ techniques for battle advantage.
    • Understand standard vs. event Gacha banners.
    • Master characters’ unique abilities.
    • Prioritize character progression and equipment.
    • Adapt and strategize against enemy types.
    • Complete missions for new features and rewards.
    • Engage in Calyx Challenge and Time-Limited Events.
    • Equip the best Light Cones and the best Relics for stats.
    • Ascend characters and Light Cones for potential.
    • Use Assignments for passive upgrades.
    • Prioritize Trailblaze Missions for efficiency.
    • Create a balanced starter team to manage the Element weaknesses easily.
    • Manage essential upgrade materials.
    • Complete Daily Missions for extra resources.

1. Learn Combat Basics

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Character Swapping
Character Swapping

In Honkai Star Rail, mastering combat basics is essential for every beginner. This turn-based combat system requires strategic thinking, as each character and enemy take turns performing actions. Your team consists of four characters, and during each turn, you can choose to attack opponents or support teammates. Characters have three abilities: Base Attack, Skill, and Ultimate.

  • The Base Attack generates a Skill Point, while the Skill ability, stronger than the Base Attack, costs one Skill Point.
  • As you use these abilities, your character’s Energy meter fills up, eventually allowing them to unleash their powerful Ultimate ability.
  • This can be activated whenever you deem it necessary during combat.

2. Understanding Elements & Paths

character paths Honkai Star Rail

Understanding elements and paths is a crucial step in the Beginner Guide for all newcomers to Honkai Star Rail. Each character possesses a specific element and path, which dictate their damage type and combat role. With seven unique elements, it’s essential to learn their interactions and utilize them against opponents with elemental weaknesses, maximizing your damage output in battles.

  • Seven distinct paths are available, ranging from DPS to healers.
  • Building a team with a diverse set of paths ensures versatility and adaptability in various combat situations.
  • For example, having a healer or support character, such as Abundance or Preservation, is crucial for keeping your team alive, while Destruction, Hunt, or Erudition characters focus on dishing out damage.

3. Build A Starter Team

Best Ice Honkai Star Rail Team Comps

As a beginner in Honkai Star Rail, assembling a well-rounded starter team is essential for a smooth gameplay experience. Begin by considering your opponents’ elemental weaknesses and selecting characters with diverse elements to capitalize on these vulnerabilities. When it comes to paths, aim for a balanced mix of roles to ensure optimal team performance.

  1. A recommended composition includes one Abundance or Preservation character, such as March 7th, to provide healing or shielding for the team.
  2. Incorporate one or more damage dealers, like Destruction, Hunt, or Erudition characters, to swiftly eliminate foes. Characters like Dan Heng or Asta can excel in these roles.
  3. Finally, add one or more Harmony or Nihility characters to enhance your team’s abilities or debuff enemies.

4. Equip Light Cones And Relics

Honkai Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Light Cones
Light Cones

In Honkai Star Rail, equipping your characters with Light Cones and Relics is crucial for enhancing their capabilities in battle. Light Cones serve as weapons, while Relics grant significant stat boosts and potent set effects. To equip these items, navigate to the character menu and select the appropriate slots.

  • Upon reaching Trailblaze Level 14, you’ll unlock Relics, further expanding your characters’ potential.
  • Prioritize leveling up and Ascending your Light Cones and Relics.
  • To do this, you’ll need to gather upgrade materials such as Character EXP, Light Cone EXP, and Relic EXP materials.

5. Level-up & Ascend Characters

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium`Understanding Equilibrium & Trailblaze Levels
Understanding Equilibrium & Trailblaze Levels

In Honkai Star Rail, leveling up and ascending your characters is vital to ensuring their effectiveness in battles. To level up a character, gather Character EXP materials through various in-game activities such as missions and challenges. As your characters reach specific level caps, you will need to perform ascension to unlock further growth potential.

  • To ascend a character, collect Trace and Ascension Materials by completing quests, participating in events, or exchanging in-game currency.
  • Ascension increases the level cap and enhances the character’s abilities.

6. Collect Important Upgrade Materials

Stellar Jade currency

You’ll need Stellar Jade for Warps, granting new characters and Light Cones. Level up with Trailblaze, Character, Light Cone, and Relic EXP materials. Collect Trace and Ascension Materials for character and Light Cone ascension to enhance abilities. Participate in daily missions, Time-Limited Events, and rewarding activities to strengthen your team for tougher challenges in Honkai Star Rail.

7. Participate In In-game Activities

Meeting With Sampo
Honkai Star Rail in-game activities (Image Credits Exputer)

Missions are an essential aspect of Honkai Star Rail, including Trailblaze Missions, Adventure Missions, Companion Missions, and Daily Missions. By completing these tasks, you will unlock new features and earn valuable resources, and that is why I believe this tip is very useful in this Beginner Guide for Honkai Star Rail .

  • Calyx Challenge, Simulated Universe, and Forgotten Hall require skill and strategy.
  • You earn Trailblaze EXP, Character EXP, Light Cone EXP, and Credits from these challenges.
  • Time-limited events offer unique character enhancements and rewards.
  • Assignments are passive missions to obtain rewards and upgrade materials.

8. Prioritize Trailblaze Missions

Talking To Julian
Playing Trailblaze Missions (Image Credits Exputer)

Trailblaze Missions serve as the primary plot quests, guiding you through Honkai Star Rail’s narrative. By completing these missions, you will gain valuable insights into the game’s lore and receive substantial rewards, such as character experience points, gear, and essential resources.

  • As you progress through Trailblaze Missions, you will unlock new features, including the Simulated Universe and the Forgotten Hall.
  • Trailblaze Missions often lead you to unlock new areas and encounter diverse enemies.

By prioritizing Trailblaze Missions, you will ensure steady progression in Honkai Star Rail and establish a strong foundation for your team, setting you up for success in the later stages of the game.

9. Focus On Daily Missions For Rewards

honkai star rail administrative district chests Chest 5
Daily Missions Honkai Star Rail

Daily Missions are designed to be achievable, providing a consistent source of income for essential currencies like Trailblaze Experience, Stellar Jade, and Credits. As you complete these tasks, you will get Activity Points, which can be claimed in the Guide menu. Reaching the 200 Activity Points threshold daily ensures a steady influx of resources needed to level up your characters and gear.

  • Daily Missions provides opportunities to test your team’s abilities and strategies.

10. Carefully Seek Out Chests & Puzzles

honkai star rail administrative district chests Café
Chests – Honkai Star Rail 

In Honkai Star Rail, exploring the world and uncovering hidden chests and puzzles enhances your gaming experience. Chests contain valuable items, including the premium currency Stellar Jade and other essential resources.

Each map shows an available treasure chest and puzzles in the top left corner. Don’t hesitate to explore off the main path; you may find a valuable chest, and the rewards are worthwhile. Completing puzzles grants experience points and other bonuses.

11. Pay Attention To Enemy Weaknesses

how to get kafka honkai star rail Caressing Moonlight
Exploit Enemy Weaknesses 

As a beginner, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various elements present in Honkai Star Rail and understand how they interact with one another. By assembling a diverse team of characters, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any elemental challenge that comes your way.

  • During the battle, keep an eye on enemy information to identify their elemental weaknesses.
  • Then, strategically deploy your characters to maximize damage output by exploiting these vulnerabilities.

12. Return To Challenging Enemies Later

Honkai Star Rail Rarely Affectionate Defeating The Automaton Direwolf
Challenging Enemy Types – Honkai Star Rail

Patience is key in Honkai Star Rail, as leveling up and obtaining better equipment are crucial for strengthening your team. Focus on completing quests, upgrading your characters, and enhancing their Light Cones and Relics to become more powerful.

  • As you progress in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll inevitably encounter formidable enemies guarding valuable loot or blocking your path.
  • These foes might appear overwhelming, especially when their names are highlighted in red, indicating a significant level difference.
  • Instead of risking defeat, it’s wise to retreat and return to these challenging adversaries after leveling up your characters and improving their gear.

13. Level Up Multiple Characters For Endgame Content

honkai star rail characters abilities
Endgame Characters [Image Capture Credit to eXputer]
To conquer Honkai Star Rail’s endgame, plan ahead as a beginner. Invest in leveling up multiple characters with diverse elements and roles. This ensures a well-rounded team for challenges like the Simulated Universe and Forgotten Hall, which need two teams of four characters.

Prioritize leveling and enhancing abilities, Light Cones, and Relics as you acquire new characters. Experiment with team compositions to discover synergies that suit your playstyle. Maintain a balance between damage dealers, supporters, and healers to maximize your team’s battle effectiveness.

14. Diversify Your Team With Different Elements

Diversified Team Comps in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail features a variety of elements, each with its unique strengths and advantages. To create an effective team, aim to include at least one character per element in your roster. This will provide you with the flexibility to adjust your team composition based on the enemies you encounter and their elemental weaknesses.

In addition to considering elemental diversity, pay attention to the different character roles, such as damage dealers, supporters, and healers. A balanced team should have a mix of these roles, ensuring that you can effectively manage both offense and defense during battles.

15. Include Various Character Types In Your Team

In Honkai Star Rail, assembling a well-balanced team is crucial for conquering the challenges that lie ahead. Including various character types in your team is a key strategy for beginners, as each character type serves a unique purpose in battles and contributes to your overall success.

  • Your team should comprise characters with distinct roles, such as damage dealers, healers, and supporters.
  • Supporters, on the other hand, provide valuable buffs and debuffs to strengthen your allies and weaken enemies.

16. Utilize Techniques Before Starting A Battle

As a beginner, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with each character’s technique and strategically use them to bolster your chances of victory. For instance, you can activate a character’s technique to provide a temporary boost to your team’s attack or defense, giving you an edge from the very start of the battle.

It’s crucial to remember that techniques have a limited number of uses before needing to recharge. Therefore, use them judiciously and plan your moves carefully to maximize their impact on the battlefield.

17. Know The Difference Between Standard & Event Gacha Banners

Standard gacha banners are always available and offer a fixed pool of characters and weapons. These banners are a reliable source for obtaining essential characters and equipment, making them an excellent option for beginners looking to build a solid foundation.

Event gacha banners, on the other hand, are time-limited and feature exclusive characters and weapons for a short duration. These banners are an excellent opportunity to acquire powerful, unique additions to your team. However, keep in mind that event banners often have lower drop rates for featured items, making them a riskier choice for players with limited resources.

18. Utilize Characters’ Unique Abilities

Characters’ abilities can be categorized into three main types: Base Attack, Skill, and Ultimate. Base Attacks generate Skill Points, while Skills consume these points for stronger attacks or support abilities. Ultimate abilities are powerful, game-changing moves that become available once a character’s Energy meter is full.

  • Take note of character Techniques, which can be used outside of battle to buff allies or debilitate enemies before engaging in combat.

19. Focus On Character Progression & Equipment

Character progression involves leveling up and Ascending your characters. To do this, you’ll need to collect various materials, such as Character EXP Materials and Ascension Materials, by completing missions and participating in in-game activities. Keep an eye on your characters’ level caps and be ready to Ascend them when necessary.

Equipment plays a vital role in boosting your characters’ stats and unlocking powerful abilities. In Honkai Star Rail, characters can equip Light Cones and Relics to enhance their combat prowess. Light Cones act as weapons, while Relics grant significant stat boosts and potent set effects. Always ensure that your characters are well-equipped, and don’t forget to enhance your gear for maximum benefits.

20. Adapt To Different Enemy Types & Weaknesses

To effectively counter enemy types, it’s essential to build a versatile team composed of characters with different elements and abilities. 

In addition to elemental weaknesses, enemies may have specific vulnerabilities to certain character abilities or status effects. Familiarize yourself with your character’s unique skills and talents, and learn how to utilize them effectively in different combat scenarios.

With this, I conclude my beginner guide, where I believe every little & useful tip or trick is listed. All of these tips and tricks helped me big time during my playthrough of Honkai Star Rail & I believe it will help you, too, if you set the priorities right. 

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