Honkai Star Rail: Dazzling Golden Watch Location

Our guide to finding the Dazzling Golden Watch Honkai Star Rail entails how to obtain this watch and how to use it to get amazing rewards.

Though not much of a usable item, finding the Dazzling Golden Watch Star Rail will get you enough credits to make the exploration worthwhile as a Trailblazer. This watch is found interacting with a suitcase on the B1 Floor of the Administrative District. Careful, you may not want to spend your Praise Of High Morals on this. Afterward, the reward can be redeemed by finding Wallace, who is an NPC.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dazzling Golden Watch In Honkai Star Rail is a valuable item; upon finding it, you get 5000 credits as a reward.
  • To find the Dazzling Golden Watch, you have to go to the B1 floor in the Administrative District to find a suitcase.
  • Open the suitcase and choose the second option in the dialogue to get access to the watch.
  • Find an NPC called Wallace to redeem your rewards

Before You Start: You have to complete the main quest, No Time for Me, My Friend in the Jarilo-VI, to be able to find the watch

What Is Dazzling Golden Watch?

Image shows Dazzling Golden Watch
Image shows Dazzling Golden Watch (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Dazzling Golden Watch Star Rail is a valuable item through which you can be rewarded 5000 credits. Although it is non-usable, you will find the method is find it interesting. It is to be noted that you have to defeat Cocolia in No Time for Me, My Friend Trailbaze Mission in the Jarilo-VI to access it

How To Find The Dazzling Golden Watch 

Image shows the briefcase where you find the Dazzling Watch
The image shows the briefcase where you find the Dazzling Watch (Picture Credits: eXputer)

To obtain the watch, you have to reach the Administrative District. Follow the steps below to find it.

  • Go to the B1 Floor in Administrative District in Jarilo VI through Fast Travel. Use the nearest Space Anchor towards the train station.
  • You will find an interaction named Luggage Pile; click on it to investigate the suitcase in the Cable Car Station’s Bridge.
  • After the instructions, choose ‘I have to open this suitcase’ after the game hints it’s a bomb.
  • You will face two options. In the case of the first option, you have to spend one Praise Of High Morals. You get an achievement by choosing this option.
  • Choose the second option, ‘It’s a bomb,‘ if you do not want to spend Praise Of High Morals.
  • Finally, the narrator stops, and you get access to the watch.
  • You also get Hurt Locker Achievement after opening the suitcase.
Important: If you want to get more Praise Of High Morals, perform good deeds like fixing a trash can or leaving behind a good review at Boulder’s Hotel.

How To Use Dazzling Golden Watch Honkai Star Rail

Image shows Wallace
Image shows Wallace (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The reward of finding this watch can be claimed by finding an NPC named Wallace through the steps below.

  • Use the fast travel to Administrative District In Jarilo VI via the Central Place Space Anchor.
  • You will find Wallace nearby the big monument at Belobog
  • Interact with Wallace and choose ‘Is This Watch Yours?’ to get your gift.
  • Although he may seem not so excited about receiving the watch, you redeem 5000 credits.


So this marks the end of our to find the Dazzling Golden Watch Star Rail. Completing side quests and finding items like these may be difficult, but they help to increase your stats and power to make progress in the Honkai Star Rail. Speaking of making progress, learn how to complete daily missions in Honkai Star Rail through our guide. Moreover, find all the key treasure map locations to unlock two valuable treasure chests.


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