Honkai Star Rail Cyrille [Story Explained]

Learn who's Cyrille and what's her back story in the game.

Not a main character, Cyrille is the eighth Supreme Guardian of Belabog, often referred to as “Cyrille the Fool.” Manipulated by Minister Stefan Marque, her reign was marked by turmoil and discontent. Despite her tragic end, she is reborn in human form, devoid of memories, and finds herself trapped within armillary box puzzles. It is within the Vessel of Mediocrity Adventure Mission that players, as the Trailblazer, must rescue Cyrille and help her find peace by uncovering the truth of her past.

Key Takeaways
  • Cyrille in Honkai Star Rail is the eighth Supreme Guardian of Belabog.
  • Nicknamed “Cyrille the Fool,” she was manipulated by Minister Stefan Marque.
  • Her 14-year reign as Supreme Guardian ended when Rebels plotted her demise.
  • Cyrille transforms into her human form with no memory and gets trapped in armillary box puzzles.
  • The Trailblazer later saves her, providing peace and a resolution to her story

Who was Cyrille?

Born in a remote suburb of the Belobog Overworld, Cyrille was the eighth Supreme Guardian of Belabog. She became popular with the nickname “Cyrille the Fool” as she was an unworthy Guardian who played at the hands of Minister Stefan Marque. 

Cyrille talking to Tailblazzers
Cyrille talking to Tailblazzer (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Relationship Of Cyrille With Her Sister

Cyrille and her sister, Cyrilla, shared a short-lived but loving and trusting relationship. Despite being only a year apart, Cyrilla always cared for Cyrille. However, there was a significant contrast between them.

Cyrilla excelled in intellect from a young age, mastering Language, Math, and Logic. In contrast, Cyrille had a less exciting childhood and couldn’t match her sister’s intelligence. Cyrilla’s remarkable abilities led her to become the Supreme Guardian of Belobog after passing the public service exam at just 11 years old.

The Role of Minister Stephan Marque 

Cyrille and her sister were orphans who received visits from government officials known as the Architects, including Minister Stephan Marque, responsible for Internal Affairs. Minister Marque showed affection for Cyrille, which earned her trust. He encouraged her to keep a diary, which she happily did, mostly documenting his life.

When Cyrilla was to become the Supreme Guardian at Qlipoth Fort, Cyrille was saddened. Stephan comforted her and promised to keep her sister close, drawing Cyrille closer to him emotionally.

Cyrille’s Ascend To The Throne

As Cyrilla was about to move to Qlipoth Fort, she mysteriously disappeared, despite days of searching. The Architects lost hope in finding her and naming her the next Supreme Guardian.

In response, Minister Stephan Marque hastened the selection process, advocating for Cyrille, Cyrilla’s sister, as the heir. He argued that Cyrille possessed the same talent as Cyrilla and emphasized the need to prevent instability in Belobog. The Architects eventually accepted this proposal, making Cyrille the new Supreme Guardian.

The Reign of Cyrille 

During Cyrille’s reign, Minister Stefan Marque and his associates gained significant power and enforced strict, unpopular laws, earning Cyrille the nickname “Cyrille the Fool.” The people grew dissatisfied with her leadership.

The Architects discovered that Cyrille lacked her sister’s talent and was socially incompetent. However, they were powerless against Stefan and his control over Belobog. Cyrille remained loyal to Stefan and never questioned him, allowing him to manipulate her for his own agenda. He continued to assure her that he was searching for her missing sister.

The End Of The Reign

  • After a decade as Supreme Guardian, Cyrille faced rebellion from Architects tired of her rule.
  • Rebels gained control of the Silvermane Guards’ captain, a key figure, to execute their plan.
  • Cyrille was lured to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone for a military exercise.
  • Stephan Marquez, her associate, was missing, and a fake patrol captured Cyrille, placing her in an arsenal chest.
  • Rebels threw the chest from a cliff, making her death appear accidental.
  • Cyrille’s strong emotions, fueled by the Fragmentum, transformed into Echoes, leading to her resurrection without memories.
  • She remained trapped in armillary box puzzles until the Trailblazer could save her and restore peace.
  • The search for Minister Stefan Marque in Belobog proved futile, marking the end of Cyrille and the Minister’s reign

The Role of Cyrille in the Vessel of Mediocrity

The ‘Vessel of Mediocrity’ is an adventure mission on the Overworld of Belobog in Honkai: Star Rail. In this mission, the Trailblazer will try to rescue and assist Cyrille in order to unravel the main cause behind her corrupted memories and unexplained overnight transformation by solving the box puzzles. 


So here comes an end to my guide, where I have covered the whole story of Cyrille Honkai Star Rail. Although she doesn’t play a huge role in the plot, her story is extremely exciting for the fans. Her ups and downs have got fans talking about her story. With that said, you would want to check out Honkai Star Rail Hinkel, Equilibrium Level, and All Guide Paradox Choices guides before you leave, as these guides give you more information about this game. 


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