Honkai Star Rail: All Guide Paradox Choices

Learn how to complete the Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail, which offers players multiple choices that lead to different endings.

Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail is an Adventure Mission enhanced with multiple choices that ultimately lead to different endings. This adds an exciting layer of unpredictability and replayability to the game.

Before You Start: Complete Asta’s Companion Mission “You Already Know Me” and wait for Arlan’s message about a stolen videotape to get the Guide Paradox.
Key Takeaways

Guide Paradox is an Adventure Mission with three choices that lead to different endings.

  • To unlock the mission, players must respond to Arlan‘s message requesting assistance with the elderly researchers on the Herta Space Station.
  • Players must find three videotapes in the Supply Zone to obtain Sheila’s Character Script.
  • Players must confront Gunn with the information and choose one of three options: tell Sheila the truth, fix her cognition, or destroy her.
  • Each choice leads to a different ending: bad, good, or neutral.

Paradox Honkai Star Rail

quest Guide Paradox
Guide Paradox quest – [Image by eXputer]
To unlock the Guide Paradox in Honkai Star Rail, players must respond to Arlan’s message requesting assistance with the elderly researchers on the Herta Space Station. These researchers have shown a preference for the player’s aid over the station’s Security Department, leading to their request for help.

Quest Walkthrough

Esther Video Tapes Giving to
Giving Video Tapes to Esther – [Image by eXputer]
If you don’t receive the message from Arlan about the elderly researchers, keep doing Adventure Missions in the Herta Space Station until you receive it. Players have reported receiving the message at different times.

  • Receive instructions from Esther in the Master Control zone regarding videotapes.
  • Locate three videotapes in the Supply Zone following map navigation.
  • Experience blackout upon obtaining tapes and wake up in the Medical Bay.
  • Joanne explains the situation and escorts you to meet Sheila.
  • Sheila requests retrieval of her memory fragment near the Electrical Room Space Anchor in the Supply Zone.
  • Obtain Sheila’s Character Script from the monitor on the far right.
  • Confront Gunn with gathered information and listen to his explanation.
  • Gunn assigns tasks involving Sheila’s commands.
  • Choose one of three options leading to different endings and confirm choice with Gunn.
  • Speak with Joanne to learn the outcome.
  • Return to Esther in the Herta Space Station to conclude the mission.

Paradox Choices

Choices Honkai Star Rail Paradox
Honkai Star Rail Paradox Choices – [Image by eXputer]
Guide Paradox offers players three possible choices with different endings. These are:

“Please tell Sheila the truth”

  • Result: This choice leads to the bad ending of the Guide Paradox, where Sheila’s cognitive module becomes overloaded and damaged due to the information overload.

“Please ‘fix’ Sheila’s cognition”

  • Result: Choosing to fix Sheila’s cognition will lead players to a good ending of Guide Paradox. Although Sheila will never know the truth about her past, she can live a happy life without the burden of that knowledge.

“Please destroy Sheila”

  • Result: This choice leads to the neutral ending of Guide Paradox. Joanne will remark on the unfortunate loss of such a perfect creation, but there won’t be any negative reaction.

Guide Paradox in Honkai Star Rail is an Adventure Mission that offers three possible choices with different endings. Now, it’s up to you whether you want Sheila’s destruction, her fixation, or her to know the truth.

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