Honkai Star Rail Trash Cans: Locations & Rewards

Explore the Trash Can Quest in Honkai Star Rail: find 25 cans, solve riddles, and obtain unique rewards including 'Pleasant-Looking Trash

The Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Quest allows players to interact with the trash cans to solve riddles. Players must observe and count the cans, uncovering hidden rewards. Follow my guide as I have listed all 25 trash cans locations so that you can collect valuable in-game items.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 25 trash cans in Honkai Star Rail.
  • The trash can avatar location is random.
  • 19 trash cans in the Yarilo-VI Administrative District (Overworld) and 6 trash cans in Kamnegrad.
  • Rewards for finding trash cans include:
    1. Trash can picture
    2. Praise for High Morality
    3. Ancient coins
    4. Jim Roger Bread Soda
    5. Garbage and Pleasant-looking garbage
    6. Various books

What Is Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Quest?

Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Quest [Image Credit: eXputer]
In Honkai Star Rail, players are treated to an intriguing side quest called the Trash Can Belobog Quest. To start this quest, players need to find a talking dumpster in Boulder Town, located in Belobog City. This hidden quest involves answering two questions about trash cans in the area.

Question For Players In Trash Can Quest

The quest comprises two questions that will test the player’s observation skills and familiarity with the game’s environment. 

  1. The first question asks players to determine the total number of trash cans in Belobog.
  2. The second question focuses on the number of trash cans within Boulder Town, a small area within Belobog City. Players should once again consider the counting rules mentioned earlier.

Answers To Questions

  • It’s important to note that side-by-side trash cans count as one, and unreachable trash cans are excluded from the count.
  • The correct answer for this query is 20 trash cans.
  • The correct answer to this question is five cylindrical trash cans.

Reward Upon Successful Answers 

Upon providing the correct answers, players receive the “Pleasant-Looking Trash” item, a consumable golden trash bag that instantly recovers four Technique Points for the team. Although this quest may not be the most challenging, it adds an engaging layer of exploration and observation to the game. 

Locations Of Trash Cans In Honkai Star Rail

location of trash cans [Image Credit: eXputer]
In Honkai Star Rail, players will find themselves on a quest to locate and count trash cans within Belobog City. The talking dumpster in the Boulder Town area serves as the starting point for this puzzling journey. 

Trash Can  Location Description
1 Near spatial anchor in Golden Theatre area
2 Hidden behind billboards near Golden Theatre
3 Between the theater entrance and lattice fence, near Tamila
4 In the recreation area with benches near Golden Theater
5 Near stairs leading from Golden Theater to Central Square
6 Next to Bookseller, by the fence after going upstairs from Tank #5
7 Next to the northern passage to Qliphoth Fort, near benches
8 Behind a billboard, near Bookseller
9 Near stairs to Kamnegrad passage
10 Opposite Tank #9, next to the parking lot
11 Near the sewer passage, the path down is blocked by columns
12 Same location as Tank #11, on the other side of the path
13 Near stairs leading to Hotel Goethe
14 Left of Hotel Goethe entrance, near the grate
15 Near stairs to Hotel Goethe, near Writer Amo, and Vending Machine
16 On the other side of the street from Tank #15, near the anchor and exit to the restricted area
17 Near workshop Serval, along shop windows from Hotel Goethe teleport
18 Between benches, next to the Store in Administrative District
19 Near workshop Serval and passage to Qliphoth Fort
20 At the entrance to mines in Kamnegrad
21 Around the corner, in the Snack Kiosk area in Kamnegrad
22 In the crowded square of Kamnegrad, near the Underdark store and Grand Hotel Goethe
23 At crossroads between a fight club and a hotel in Kamnegrad
24 At the entrance to the fight club in Kamnegrad
25 Next to anchor Natasha’s Clinic in Kamnegrad

In Honkai Star Rail, the Trash Can Quest is an amusing side quest that leads players to explore Belobog, counting trash cans to answer two questions posed by a talking dumpster. For more information about this exciting you can visit these guides: Honkai Star Rail Hidden Quests List, best Healers, Best 4 Stars Characters, and Best 5 Stars Characters.


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