Honkai Star Rail: Origami Crane Locations & Rewards

This ultimate guide is about how to find Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane locations, unlocking the terminal and getting the rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Origami Crane Quest requires players to delve into the Supply Zone and keep their eyes peeled for the elusive Origami Cranes. With our guidance, you’ll be well on your way to uncovering all four locations and reaping the rewards that await, such as Hertareum and Credits, to help you on your journey.

Key Takeaways
  • Here are all the steps required for you to complete the Origami quest in Honkai Star Rail:
    1. Start the quest in the Electrical Room of the Supply Zone.
    2. No map markers are provided, so you need to rely on keen observation.
    3. Players need to find four hidden Origami Cranes in the Supply Room.
    4. Origami Cranes appear as indigo spheres with cranes inside.
    5. The password-protected computer reveals crane locations.
    6. Players can use Hertareum to potentially gain Stellar Jades.
    7. You will need to investigate screens and answer security questions to progress.
    8. Explore Herta Space Station for more surprises and challenges

What Is Origami Crane Quest In Honkai Star Rail? 

Honkai Star Rail’s Origami Crane Quest is a secret mission where players locate four hidden Origami Cranes in the Supply Zone’s Electrical Room. The quest involves keen observation, password deciphering, and terminal interaction. Successful completion rewards players with Hertareum and Credits, enhancing their game experience.

Locate a child and a large terminal nearby, and interact with the screens to explore their contents. You’ll need to crack the terminal’s password, but don’t worry if you have to hustle.

How To Find All Origami Crane Locations

Origami Crane Locations
Origami Crane Locations

These elusive Origami Cranes are hidden throughout the Supply Room, and finding them won’t be an easy task. Map markers or hints to guide you, but this step-by-step guide will help you locate each Origami Crane in Honkai Star Rail.

Near The Electrical Room Exit

Near the Electrical Room Exit

Check the left and right corners of the Electrical Room near the exit. Keep an eye out for an indigo sphere containing an Origami Crane in each corner.

Behind The Tall Column

Behind the Tall Column

Next, investigate the left corner near the Electrical Room’s door. You’ll discover an indigo sphere hidden behind a tall column.

Beyond The Treasure Chest

Beyond the Treasure Chest

In the corner close to the terminal, you’ll find a treasure chest seemingly blocking your path. Navigate around it to locate the third Origami Crane in another corner of the room.

Outside The Electrical Room

Outside the Electrical Room

This Origami Crane is a bit tricky as it’s located just outside the Electrical Room. Step outside and glance to your left to spot a beautiful plant with an indigo orb resting on top.

Recovering The Password 

Recovering the Password

Once you have located the specific Origami Crane containing the computer’s password (1233321234567), return to the terminal in the Supply Zone. Enter the password by selecting the first option (1233211234567), and you’ll unlock the computer.

Unlocking The Terminal And Claiming Your Reward

Unlocking the Terminal and Claiming Your Reward

After collecting all the Origami Cranes, return to the terminal and input the password you’ve uncovered. Once the terminal is unlocked, you’ll receive rewards, such as 20 Hertareum and 5000 Credits, to help you on your journey through Honkai Star Rail.

Remember, while this quest doesn’t grant an achievement or extra Stellar Jades, it’s a fun and challenging diversion that adds depth to your Honkai Star Rail experience.


In Honkai Star Rail, players can uncover a secret Origami Crane by interacting with a terminal, players will embark on a scavenger hunt to find four hidden Origami Cranes throughout the game. for more information, you should visit Honkai Star Rail Best Characters, All Treasure Chest Locations, Praise of High Morals, and How To Reach Equilibrium Level 2.


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