Honkai Star Rail Follow Up Attack [How To Do]

This follow up attack Honkai Star Rail guide lists all the characters in version 1.0 that support counterattacks & follow-up attacks.

Follow up attack Honkai Star Rail are powerful abilities possessed by various characters, triggered under unique conditions to deal additional damage or effects. These attacks can take the form of counterattacks, which occur when an enemy targets a character or specialized moves that activate based on specific events.

Understanding each character’s follow-up attack conditions and the nuances between counterattacks and other follow-up types can help players devise effective strategies, optimize team compositions, and maximize the potential of these abilities in the fast-paced battles of Honkai Star Rail.

Key Takeaways
  • Honkai Star Rail features unique follow-up attacks triggered by specific conditions.
  • Counterattacks occur when enemies target a character directly.
  • Distinguishing between these enhances team strategies.
  • The Simulated Universe and Path of Elation offer ways to boost combat through Blessings of Elation, emphasizing follow-up attacks.
  • Strategic planning is crucial for optimal follow-up results, considering team composition and timing.
  • Character Talents play a key role in triggering follow-up attacks, maximizing their potential in battle
  • Examples of characters with follow-up attacks include the following units:
    1. Herta
    2. March 7th
    3. Clara
    4. Himeko
    5. And the unreleased character Jing Yuan.

What Is Follow Up Attack In Honkai Star Rail?

Follow up attack

Follow-up attacks in Honkai Star Rail are powerful abilities owned by various characters, triggered under specific conditions to deal extra damage or effects. Understanding each character’s follow-up attack conditions helps players devise effective strategies and optimize team compositions, enhancing their performance in Honkai Star Rail’s fast-paced battles.

  • Herta, for example, will launch a follow-up attack when an enemy’s HP falls below 50% or if they are defeated.
  • In the case of March 7th, their ability to counter becomes a follow-up attack when an ally with a shield is hit.
  • Clara, on the other hand, will perform a counterattack as a follow-up when she is the target of an attack.
  • Himeko brings a different approach to follow-up attacks, with her ability triggering when three enemies are inflicted with Weakness Break.

Counterattacks Versus Follow-Up Attack


It’s important to note that counterattacks can also be considered a type of follow-up attack, despite having some differences. While specific conditions typically trigger follow-up attacks, counterattacks occur when an enemy directly targets a character. These counterattacks can deal significant damage and disrupt the flow of combat, giving players an edge in battle.

List of Characters With Follow-Up Attacks

Here are the characters that I know so far have Follow-up or counterattacks in Honkai Star Rail.

CharacterFollow-up AbilityTrigger ConditionAdvantage
HertaFollow-up attackWhen a party member reduces an enemy's HP to below 50%Useful for finishing off weakened opponents and maintaining momentum
KafkaFollow-up attackWhenever a party member uses a basic attack on an enemyAdds a consistent source of extra damage to the team's output
March 7thCounter-attackWhenever a shielded party member is attackedEffective deterrent against enemy aggression and maximizes shield-based strategies
HimekoFollow-up attackWhen a party member or Himeko herself inflicts Weakness BreakRewards players for exploiting enemy vulnerabilities and helps turn the tide of battle
Jing YuanFollow-up attackAfter his own turn, chance to use follow-up attacksAdds unpredictability to the character's playstyle
ClaraCounter-attackWhen an attacker inflicts damage on her or other party membersAbility to protect and retaliate, making her an invaluable asset to any team

Simulated Universe & Follow-Up Attack Blessings

Simulated Universe

Blessing of Elation and Follow-up Attacks:

  • Limited characters for follow-up attacks, making Blessing of Elation niche.
  • Notable blessing: Champion’s Dinner: Cat’s Cradle.
  • Transforms Ultimates into follow-up attacks.
  • Increases damage by 15%, upgradable to 55%.

Champion’s Dinner Effects:

    • Enhances enemy Toughness break, deals significant damage, stacks critical hits.
    • Eases Skill Points restoration.

Combining Blessings for Synergy:

  • Twenty-First Military Rule: 65-100% chance of recovering a Skill Point after a follow-up attack.
  • Mostly Harmful: Increases Weakness Break efficiency by 35-50%.

Other Notable Blessings:

  • Suspiria: Boosts follow-up attack damage by 26-39%.
  • Exemplary Conduct: Increases damage for each Elation Blessing, up to 6-9 times.
  • Pale Fire: Enhances critical hit rate by 26-39%.

Optimizing Teams in Simulated Universe:

  • Understanding Blessings of Elation and their interactions refines strategies.
  • Fine-tune teams for success in the captivating world of Honkai: Star Rail

What Is The Impact Of Follow Up Attacks?

Character Talents are key to triggering follow-up attacks, with each character possessing unique abilities that activate these powerful moves. By carefully studying the conditions required to trigger these follow-up attacks, players can devise strategies that take full advantage of their characters’ strengths. Understanding the relationship between specific Talents and follow-up attacks is essential for maximizing their potential in battle.

  • To fully utilize follow-up attacks, players must strategically plan their Honkai Star Rail team compositions and develop tactics that synergize well with these abilities.
  • This involves selecting characters with complementary Talents and coordinating their actions to create optimal opportunities for follow-up attacks.
  • By concentrating on the conditions and timing of follow-up attacks, players can ensure that their teams are well-prepared to exploit enemy weaknesses and secure victory in the fast-paced battles of Honkai: Star Rail.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, follow up attack Honkai Star Rail provide a strategic layer to the gameplay, allowing players to exploit enemy weaknesses and secure victory.

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